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The Shaymin Village (Japanese: シェイミのさと Shaymin Village) is a village that is only available in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. There are only seven residents (six once the venture up Sky Peak is completed and a Shaymin is recruited) of Shaymin Village, all of which are Shaymin. It can only be accessed after an event at Spinda's Café, and afterwards it can be accessed as players normally would access dungeons. Above it are ten summit passes and nine resting stations, the top being the Sky Peak Summit. This can be accessed at the north end of the village. There is also a Shaymin near the Kangaskhan statue who will give out a Gracidea flower every time the player visits the Shaymin Village. However, the player must complete a job or dungeon for the Shaymin to give another Gracidea, meaning only one Gracidea can be obtained in each in-game day. This Gracidea can be used on Shaymin inside a dungeon to change it to its Sky Forme, which has twice the walking speed of its Land Forme. Shaymin reverts to its Land Forme after finishing a dungeon or fainting.

Shaymin Village

Team Frontier, Spinda's exploration team, can be found here before venturing up the mountain, amongst many other customers of Spinda's Cafe. Players can utilize the Drifblim gondola service located near the entrance to Sky Peak to travel between the village and Sky Peak's 2nd, 4th and 6th Station Clearings for free once they have arrived at the respective clearings. There is also an Assembly Post next to the northern exit.

If the player has a Sky Gift, which can be found in the Sky Peak Mountain Path, the Pelipper in the southwest area of the town can send them off to the player's friends using Shaymin's Delivery Service. In turn they will send the player one back, which can be received at Spinda's Cafe.

Once the player has visited Sky Peak Summit at least once, the second time the player reaches the summit, Shaymin will ask to join the player's party.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Village Shaymin
  German Shaymin-Dorf
  Italian Villaggio Shaymin
  Spanish Aldea Shaymin

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