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A Scarf (Japanese: バンダナ bandanna) is a type of held item introduced in Generation III. They boost the condition of a Pokémon. In the games, they are unobtainable in Generations V and VII.

List of Scarves

Scarf Condition
# Name
260   Red Scarf Cool
261   Blue Scarf Beautiful
262   Pink Scarf Cute
263   Green Scarf Clever
264   Yellow Scarf Tough

In the games


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Does the percentage boost in Sinnoh apply to the base condition or the final score? Is there an upper limit that the boost cannot exceed in DPPt?

In a Contest, Contest Spectacular, Super Contest, or Super Contest Show, if a Pokémon is holding a Scarf whose corresponding condition matches the contest's condition, that condition will be boosted. In Contests and Contest Spectaculars, this boost is a flat increase of 20; in Super Contests and Super Contest Shows, it is a percentage increase of 10%. In Contests and Super Contests (but not Contest Spectaculars or Super Contest Shows), if the Scarf's corresponding condition instead matches either one of the contest's secondary conditions, that condition will be boosted by half of the aforementioned amounts.

In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, a condition that is boosted by a Scarf cannot go above 255.


In Hoenn and Sinnoh, there are NPCs who will give away a Scarf if shown a Pokémon with at least 200 in the Scarf's corresponding condition. They will only give away each type of Scarf once. In Hoenn, this NPC is the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman in Slateport City. In Sinnoh, it is the Scarf Guy in Pastoria City.

In FireRed, LeafGreen, Orre, HeartGold, SoulSilver and Kalos the Scarves are only obtainable via trade.


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Blue Scarf Green Scarf Pink Scarf Red Scarf Yellow Scarf

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Ruby & Sapphire arc

Before competing in the Master Rank, Ruby was given five scarves that he used to enhance Nana's Coolness, Kiki's Cuteness, Mumu's Toughness, Feefee's Beauty and Fofo's Smartness, leading all of them to win the Contest and fulfilling Ruby's part of the 80-day challenge.


In other languages

Language Title
  French Foulard
  German Schal
  Italian Fascia
  Korean 밴드 Band
  Spanish Pañuelo

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