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This article is about the the type of item. For feature in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, see Wonder Mail.

Mail (Japanese: メール Mail), in terms of the Pokémon world, is a held item given to a Pokémon that contains a message written by the Trainer. This message can then be given to other Trainers by trading Pokémon. The mail system has been tweaked slightly since its introduction in Generation II, using the more restrictive easy chat system in Generation III, then refining the system in Generation IV. Mail was removed from Generation VI onwards.

Pokémon holding mail cannot be placed in the PC or released. The message written on mail is lost if returned to the Bag. Storing it on the PC prevents the mail's message from being lost.

In battle, having a Pokémon hold a Mail item prevents both the foe and the user from successfully using Trick or Switcheroo. Mail cannot be thrown with Fling, given with Bestow, or stolen with Thief or Covet.


Generation II

Mail in Generation II contains 32 spaces, 16 spaces across two rows, in which a message can be entered. Unlike in future versions, the message is not restricted to certain words, allowing Trainers to place any message that they desire in the mail.

Mail backgrounds

In Pokémon Stadium 2

In Pokémon Stadium 2, Mail can be edited using the C-buttons to control the cursor.

Generation III

Mail in Generation III contains nine spaces, four rows of two spaces with a fifth row containing one space, in which a message can be entered. Unlike Generation II, the message is restricted to certain pre-defined words. The only words that can be added to the list of words are ones obtained from the Hipster in Mauville City. This function may have been introduced to prevent players from sending profane messages.

Pokémon with Mail cannot be traded to Pokémon Colosseum or XD because Mail does not exist in those games.

Mail from Generation II is not present in the Generation III games.

Mail backgrounds

Generation IV

Mail in Generation IV contains three spaces in which a message can be entered. Like Generation III, the message is restricted to certain words pre-programmed into the game, but is now also restricted to certain message structures. This facilitates translating the message between game languages automatically. The only words that can be added to the list of words are ones obtained from the old man in Snowpoint City or on Route 16.

In the Generation IV games, the player's Bag has a separate pocket for Mail.

Mail from previous generations is not present in the Generation IV games.

Mail backgrounds

Generation V

Types of Mail without "BridgeMail" in their names have limited the easy chat system further—they still contain spaces to insert words, but the entire phrase to be filled out cannot be changed. "BridgeMail" works the same way as all Generation IV mail.

Mail has now been moved back into the general items pocket of the Bag rather than having its own pocket.

Mail from previous generations is not present in the Generation V games, making Generation IV Mail the only holdable items from Generation IV to no longer exist in the data of the Generation V games.

Mail backgrounds

In the manga

Mails in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In Weavile Wobbles But It Won't Fall Down, Mail was seen being sold at the Safari Zone Gate.


  • If attempting to trade in the Virtual Console versions of the Generation II games while a Pokémon is holding mail in the party, a message will appear on the touch screen before the game saves saying "Your Pokémon is holding Mail", and asking not to send inappropriate content.
  • When the Portrait Mail is given to an Unown in one of the Generation II games, it always displays the letter A instead of the actual letter of the Unown.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 郵件 Yàuhgín
Mandarin 郵件 / 邮件 Yóujiàn
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Post*
French Canada Flag.png Canada Courrier*
France Flag.png Europe Lettre
Germany Flag.png German Briefe
Italy Flag.png Italian Messaggio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 메일 Mail
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Papel de carta
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Correio*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Carta