If you were looking for the female player character from Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!, see Mint (TCG GB).
If you were looking for the sleep-curing berry from Generation II, see Mint Berry.

A mint (Japanese: ミント mint) is a type of item introduced in Generation VIII that changes the effect of a Pokémon's Nature on its stats.


When used from the Bag on a Pokémon, it changes the effect of a Pokémon's Nature on its stats to that of the Nature corresponding to the mint used. Its actual Nature, however, is unchanged, so its disliked flavor, Toxel's evolution into Toxtricity, Natures of wild Pokémon encountered using Synchronize, and Nature that would be inherited from breeding will remain the same.


Mints can be purchased at the Battle Tower for 50 BP. They are also awarded at random each time the player achieves a higher rank for the first time in the Battle Tower.

Mints can also be found scattered around the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra as randomly spawned overworld items each day.

As there is no functional difference between the five "neutral" Natures, mints for the Hardy, Docile, Bashful, and Quirky Natures do not exist.

List of Mints

Name Increased stat Decreased stat
  Lonely Mint Attack Defense
  Adamant Mint Attack Sp. Attack
  Naughty Mint Attack Sp. Defense
  Brave Mint Attack Speed
  Bold Mint Defense Attack
  Impish Mint Defense Sp. Attack
  Lax Mint Defense Sp. Defense
  Relaxed Mint Defense Speed
  Modest Mint Sp. Attack Attack
  Mild Mint Sp. Attack Defense
  Rash Mint Sp. Attack Sp. Defense
  Quiet Mint Sp. Attack Speed
  Calm Mint Sp. Defense Attack
  Gentle Mint Sp. Defense Defense
  Careful Mint Sp. Defense Sp. Attack
  Sassy Mint Sp. Defense Speed
  Timid Mint Speed Attack
  Hasty Mint Speed Defense
  Jolly Mint Speed Sp. Attack
  Naive Mint Speed Sp. Defense
  Serious Mint

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 薄荷 Bohkhòh
Mandarin 薄荷 Bòhé
  French Aromate
  German Minze
  Italian Menta
  Korean 민트 Mint
  Spanish Menta

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