Cologne redirects here. For the fragrance available in the real world, see Pokémon cologne.

A Scent (Japanese: かおり Fragrance), also known as a Cologne Scent, is a type of item exclusive to Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. They are stored in a Cologne Case. A Scent can be used to give a Pokémon a Cologne Massage, which reduces a Shadow Pokémon's Heart Gauge.

Types of cologne

Item Multiplier
Joy Scent
Excite Scent
Vivid Scent


A Scent can be used to give a Pokémon a Cologne Massage, which if performed on a Shadow Pokémon opens its Heart Gauge. Scents can also be used on other Pokémon, but have no effect.

The effectiveness depends on the Scent used and the Pokémon's nature, and differ between Pokémon Colosseum and XD. The values listed below for how much Scents open a Pokémon's Heart Gauge are for the Joy Scent: the Excite Scent opens a Pokémon's Heart Gauge twice as much, and the Vivid Scent three times as much.

Nature Colo. XD
Hardy 100 90
Lonely 200 130
Brave 75 80
Adamant 75 80
Naughty 75 70
Bold 50 100
Docile 100 120
Relaxed 150 100
Impish 75 80
Lax 150 110
Timid 150 120
Hasty 150 100
Serious 75 90
Jolly 150 90
Naive 100 80
Modest 100 110
Mild 200 120
Quiet 100 100
Bashful 200 130
Rash 150 120
Calm 150 110
Gentle 150 100
Sassy 100 70
Careful 150 110
Quirky 75 90

In other languages

Language Title
  French Parfum
  German Essenz
  Italian Olio
  Spanish Aroma

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