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Candy (Japanese: アメ Candy) is a type of currency introduced in Pokémon GO and a type of item in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! and Pokémon Sword and Shield.


In the core series games

Typically speaking, a Candy is an item that, when consumed by a Pokémon, permanently increases certain attributes. The Rare Candy, introduced in Generation I, is used to increase a Pokémon's level by one. It was the only Candy up until Generation VII.

In Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

In Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, there are three types of Candy: stat-based Candy, species-based Candy, and Rare Candy, which appear as a type of item stored in the Candy Jar. Candy can be used to increase a Pokémon's AVs, except the Rare Candy, which instead boosts a Pokémon's level.

Stat-based Candy

Stat-based candy can be used by any Pokémon to raise the AV of a specific stat, depending on the kind of Candy. They come in three sizes: regular, L and XL. They are more commonly found than species-specific Candy, as multiple of these Candies are often required to raise a single AV point. As a Pokémon's AV increases for a stat, it will require more and larger Candy to further increase the same stat by one AV. Regular-sized Candy can only raise a stat up to 50 AVs. L-sized Candy can go up to 100 AVs, but require the Pokémon to be at least level 30. XL-sized Candy can reach the maximum 200 AVs, but only work for level 60 and up.

Stat Candy
HP Health Candy Health Candy Health Candy L Health Candy L Health Candy XL Health Candy XL
Attack Mighty Candy Mighty Candy Mighty Candy L Mighty Candy L Mighty Candy XL Mighty Candy XL
Defense Tough Candy Tough Candy Tough Candy L Tough Candy L Tough Candy XL Tough Candy XL
Special Attack Smart Candy Smart Candy Smart Candy L Smart Candy L Smart Candy XL Smart Candy XL
Special Defense Courage Candy Courage Candy Courage Candy L Courage Candy L Courage Candy XL Courage Candy XL
Speed Quick Candy Quick Candy Quick Candy L Quick Candy L Quick Candy XL Quick Candy XL
Min Level Lv 30+ Lv 60+
Max AVs 50 100 200

The following lists how many Candy it takes to incrementally increase a Pokémon's AV to a certain value, depending on the Candy's size.

AVs Regular L XL
1 - 10 1 1 1
11 - 14 2 1 1
15 - 17 3 1 1
18 - 20 4 1 1
21 - 22 5 1 1
23 - 24 6 1 1
25 - 26 7 1 1
27 - 28 8 1 1
29 - 30 9 1 1
31 10 1 1
32 - 33 11 1 1
34 12 1 1
35 - 36 13 1 1
37 14 1 1
38 15 1 1
39 - 40 16 1 1
41 - 42 17 1 1
43 - 45 18 1 1
46 - 47 19 1 1
48 - 50 20 1 1
51 - 57 2 1
58 - 75 3 1
76 - 100 4 1
101 - 153 2
154 - 158 3
159 - 164 4
165 - 169 5
170 - 174 6
175 - 179 7
180 - 183 8
184 - 187 9
188 - 192 10
193 - 196 11
197 - 200 12

Species-based Candy

Species-based Candy can only be used by Pokémon of its corresponding evolutionary family. Bulbasaur Candy, for example, can only be used by Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur. When one is used, it will increase all stats by one AV point, up until all stats hit the maximum 200 AVs, and has no level requirements. Unlike in Pokémon GO, species-specific Candy do not play a role in evolution. Additionally, unlike Pokémon GO since the introduction of Tyrogue, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan have separate Candy.

Candy Japanese Compatible Pokémon Finite methods
Bag Candy Green Sprite.png Bulbasaur Candy フシギダネのアメ BulbasaurIvysaurVenusaur
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Charmander Candy ヒトカゲのアメ CharmanderCharmeleonCharizard
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Squirtle Candy ゼニガメのアメ SquirtleWartortleBlastoise
Bag Candy Green Sprite.png Caterpie Candy キャタピーのアメ CaterpieMetapodButterfree
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Weedle Candy ビードルのアメ WeedleKakunaBeedrill
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Pidgey Candy ポッポのアメ PidgeyPidgeottoPidgeot
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Rattata Candy コラッタのアメ RattataRattataRaticateRaticate
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Spearow Candy オニスズメのアメ SpearowFearow
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Ekans Candy アーボのアメ EkansArbok
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Pikachu Candy ピカチュウのアメ PikachuRaichuRaichu Route 11 (Receive 5 for defeating Coach Trainer Will)P
Pokémon Tower (Receive 5 for defeating Coach Trainer Holly)P
Victory Road (Receive 10 for defeating Coach Trainer Alemana)P
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Sandshrew Candy サンドのアメ SandshrewSandshrewSandslashSandslash
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Nidoran♀ Candy ニドラン♀のアメ Nidoran♀NidorinaNidoqueen
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Nidoran♂ Candy ニドラン♂のアメ Nidoran♂NidorinoNidoking
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Clefairy Candy ピッピのアメ ClefairyClefable
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Vulpix Candy ロコンのアメ VulpixVulpixNinetalesNinetales
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Jigglypuff Candy プリンのアメ JigglypuffWigglytuff
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Zubat Candy ズバットのアメ ZubatGolbat
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Oddish Candy ナゾノクサのアメ OddishGloomVileplume
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Paras Candy パラスのアメ ParasParasect
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Venonat Candy コンパンのアメ VenonatVenomoth
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Diglett Candy ディグダのアメ DiglettDiglettDugtrioDugtrio
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Meowth Candy ニャースのアメ MeowthMeowthPersianPersian
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Psyduck Candy コダックのアメ PsyduckGolduck
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Mankey Candy マンキーのアメ MankeyPrimeape
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Growlithe Candy ガーディのアメ GrowlitheArcanine
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Poliwag Candy ニョロモのアメ PoliwagPoliwhirlPoliwrath
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Abra Candy ケーシィのアメ AbraKadabraAlakazam
Bag Candy Gray Sprite.png Machop Candy ワンリキーのアメ MachopMachokeMachamp
Bag Candy Green Sprite.png Bellsprout Candy マダツボミのアメ BellsproutWeepinbellVictreebel
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Tentacool Candy メノクラゲのアメ TentacoolTentacruel
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Geodude Candy イシツブテのアメ GeodudeGeodudeGravelerGravelerGolemGolem
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Ponyta Candy ポニータのアメ PonytaRapidash
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Slowpoke Candy ヤドンのアメ SlowpokeSlowbro
Bag Candy Gray Sprite.png Magnemite Candy コイルのアメ MagnemiteMagneton
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Farfetch'd Candy カモネギのアメ Farfetch'd
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Doduo Candy ドードーのアメ DoduoDodrio
Bag Candy White Sprite.png Seel Candy パウワウのアメ SeelDewgong
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Grimer Candy ベトベターのアメ GrimerGrimerMukMuk
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Shellder Candy シェルダーのアメ ShellderCloyster
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Gastly Candy ゴースのアメ GastlyHaunterGengar
Bag Candy Gray Sprite.png Onix Candy イワークのアメ Onix
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Drowzee Candy スリープのアメ DrowzeeHypno
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Krabby Candy クラブのアメ KrabbyKingler
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Voltorb Candy ビリリダマのアメ VoltorbElectrode
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Exeggcute Candy タマタマのアメ ExeggcuteExeggutorExeggutor
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Cubone Candy カラカラのアメ CuboneMarowakMarowak
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Hitmonlee Candy サワムラーのアメ Hitmonlee
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Hitmonchan Candy エビワラーのアメ Hitmonchan
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Lickitung Candy ベロリンガのアメ Lickitung
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Koffing Candy ドガースのアメ KoffingWeezing
Bag Candy Gray Sprite.png Rhyhorn Candy サイホーンのアメ RhyhornRhydon
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Chansey Candy ラッキーのアメ Chansey
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Tangela Candy モンジャラのアメ Tangela
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Kangaskhan Candy ガルーラのアメ Kangaskhan
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Horsea Candy タッツーのアメ HorseaSeadra
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Goldeen Candy トサキントのアメ GoldeenSeaking
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Staryu Candy ヒトデマンのアメ StaryuStarmie
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Mr. Mime Candy バリヤードのアメ Mr. Mime
Bag Candy Green Sprite.png Scyther Candy ストライクのアメ Scyther
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Jynx Candy ルージュラのアメ Jynx
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Electabuzz Candy エレブーのアメ Electabuzz
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Magmar Candy ブーバーのアメ Magmar
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Pinsir Candy カイロスのアメ Pinsir
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Tauros Candy ケンタロスのアメ Tauros
Bag Candy Red Sprite.png Magikarp Candy コイキングのアメ MagikarpGyarados
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Lapras Candy ラプラスのアメ Lapras
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Ditto Candy メタモンのアメ Ditto
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Eevee Candy イーブイのアメ EeveeVaporeonJolteonFlareon Route 11 (Receive 5 for defeating Coach Trainer Will)E
Pokémon Tower (Receive 5 for defeating Coach Trainer Holly)E
Victory Road (Receive 10 for defeating Coach Trainer Alemana)E
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Porygon Candy ポリゴンのアメ Porygon
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Omanyte Candy オムナイトのアメ OmanyteOmastar
Bag Candy Brown Sprite.png Kabuto Candy カブトのアメ KabutoKabutops
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Aerodactyl Candy プテラのアメ Aerodactyl
Bag Candy Black Sprite.png Snorlax Candy カビゴンのアメ Snorlax
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Articuno Candy フリーザーのアメ Articuno
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Zapdos Candy サンダーのアメ Zapdos
Bag Candy Yellow Sprite.png Moltres Candy ファイヤーのアメ Moltres
Bag Candy Blue Sprite.png Dratini Candy ミニリュウのアメ DratiniDragonairDragonite
Bag Candy Purple Sprite.png Mewtwo Candy ミュウツーのアメ Mewtwo
Bag Candy Pink Sprite.png Mew Candy ミュウのアメ Mew
Bag Candy Gray Sprite.png Meltan Candy メルタンのアメ MeltanMelmetal


Candy is most commonly obtained through catching wild Pokémon or transferring Pokémon to Professor Oak. The type of Candy obtained depends on the species caught or transferred. The stat-based Candies that can be rewarded correspond directly with the species' effort values yield in other core series game. For example, if a Pokémon like Growlithe would yield EVs in Attack in those games, it may award Mighty Candies (of any size) if caught in Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. Pokémon that would yield EVs for multiple stats, like Seadra which gives both Defense and Special Attack EVs, may award Tough Candies, Smart Candies, or both.

See also: List of Pokémon by effort value yield

Catching a wild Pokémon may sometimes award player a random number of Candy. The higher the player's Catch Combo, the more likely that higher quantities and larger Candies will be awarded. A player may start earning regular-sized Candy after catching 30 Pokémon; Candy L can be earned after catching 60 Pokémon, and Candy XL can be earned after catching 90. Players may start earning species-specific candy after catching a total of 120 Pokémon.

For every Pokémon transferred, Professor Oak will award the player one stat-based Candy based off whichever Candy it may yield when caught in the wild.

Species-based Candy can repeatedly be obtained by:

  • Catching compatible Pokémon (chance of obtaining increases with Catch Combo)
  • Transfer 50 compatible Pokémon of the same species to Professor Oak
  • Stroll Pokémon with Poké Ball Plus (up to two Candies per every 5,000 Exp. gained)
    • One Candy for strolling Pokémon and one Candy for walking Pokémon in game, if any

Note that as a result of the various acquisition methods, species-specific Candy for Legendary and Mythical Pokémon can only be obtained through one or more of the following methods:

  • Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres: Repeatedly catch through wild sky rare encounters, transfer multiple from GO and send to Professor Oak, or stroll with the Poké Ball Plus
  • Mewtwo: Transfer multiple from GO and send to Professor Oak, or stroll with the Poké Ball Plus. With no external devices, the only way to obtain one or more Mewtwo Candy would be to trade over numerous Mewtwo from separate save files before sending all of them to Professor Oak.
  • Meltan: Transfer multiple from GO and send to Professor Oak, or stroll with the Poké Ball Plus
  • Mew: Stroll with the Poké Ball Plus only

In Pokémon Sword and Shield

In Sword and Shield, along with Rare Candies, two other types of Candy are available: Exp. Candy and Dynamax Candy.

Exp. Candy

An Exp. Candy, depending on its size, increases a Pokémon's experience by a flat amount.

Name Exp. yield
Exp. Candy XS Exp. Candy XS 100
Exp. Candy S Exp. Candy S 800
Exp. Candy M Exp. Candy M 3,000
Exp. Candy L Exp. Candy L 10,000
Exp. Candy XL Exp. Candy XL 30,000

For comparison, given the average and most common experience group:

  • An Exp. Candy XS would bring a level 1 Pokémon up to level 4, a level 5 Pokémon up to level 6, and a level 99 Pokémon about 0.3% of the way to level 100.
  • An Exp. Candy S would bring a level 1 Pokémon up to level 9, a level 15 Pokémon up to level 16, and a level 99 Pokémon about 3% of the way to level 100.
  • An Exp. Candy M would bring a level 1 Pokémon up to level 14, a level 31 Pokémon up to level 32, and a level 99 Pokémon about 10% of the way to level 100.
  • An Exp. Candy L would bring a level 1 Pokémon up to level 21, a level 57 Pokémon up to level 58, and a level 99 Pokémon about 34% of the way to level 100.
  • An Exp. Candy XL would bring a level 1 Pokémon up to level 31, and a level 99 Pokémon up to level 100.

The number of Exp. Candies XL needed to bring a level 1 Pokémon to level 100 depends on the experience group the Pokémon is in:

  • Erratic: 20
  • Fast: 27
  • Medium Fast: 34
  • Medium Slow: 36
  • Slow: 42
  • Fluctuating: 55

Dynamax Candy

Main article: Dynamax Candy

A Dynamax Candy increases a Pokémon's Dynamax Level by one, which increases the amount of HP it gains upon Dynamaxing. Dynamax Candies can be obtained as rewards for winning Max Raid Battles.

In Pokémon GO

Generic artwork of Candy in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO, each evolutionary family has its own kind of Candy, usually named after the lowest stage of each evolutionary family, which can only be used on members of that family. For example, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur all require Bulbasaur Candy to Power Up. The Nidoran♀ and Nidoran♂ evolutionary families have separate Candies. Each Candy has its own color scheme based on the Pokémon it is named after. Prior to the addition of Generation II Pokémon, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan had their own Candies, which were later converted into Tyrogue Candy.

In June 2017, the Rare Candy was introduced as a wildcard Candy. It's a rainbow-colored Candy that, when used on a Pokémon, turns into the Candy of that evolutionary family.


There are several ways to earn Candy, each method yielding Candy for the affected Pokémon:

Method Candy
Catching Pokémon
Unevolved Pokémon GO Slowpoke Candy.png3
Second-stage Pokémon GO Slowpoke Candy.png5
Third-stage Pokémon GO Slowpoke Candy.png10
Using a Pinap Berry ×2
Hatching Eggs
Hatch a 2 km Egg GO Slowpoke Candy.png5 - 10
Hatch a 5 km Egg GO Slowpoke Candy.png10 - 21
Hatch a 7 km Egg GO Slowpoke Candy.png10 - 21
Hatch a 10 km Egg GO Slowpoke Candy.png16 - 32
Trading Pokémon
Obtained <10 km apart GO Slowpoke Candy.png1
Obtained ≥10 km and <100 km apart GO Slowpoke Candy.png2
Obtained ≥100 km apart GO Slowpoke Candy.png3
Transfer Pokémon to Professor Willow GO Slowpoke Candy.png1
Transfer Pokémon to Let's Go, Pikachu! or Let's Go, Eevee! GO Slowpoke Candy.png1
Evolve a Pokémon GO Slowpoke Candy.png1
Walk a Buddy Pokémon a certain distance (1, 3, 5, or 20 km) GO Slowpoke Candy.png1
Feed a Berry to a Gym defender (randomly awarded) GO Slowpoke Candy.png1

Prior to February 16, 2017, all Pokémon gave GO Slowpoke Candy.png3 when captured.

Pokémon that can evolve from Baby Pokémon, except Togetic and Lucario, are considered to be unevolved Pokémon, so only award GO Slowpoke Candy.png3 when caught, and their evolved forms only award GO Slowpoke Candy.png5 when caught.


Main article: List of Pokémon by evolution family in Pokémon GO

Candy is required for Pokémon to evolve. The cost in candy to evolve a Pokémon is typically based on its number of evolution stages, but with some exceptions:

  • Two-stage lines usually require GO Slowpoke Candy.png50.
  • Three-stage lines require GO Slowpoke Candy.png25 for the first evolution and GO Slowpoke Candy.png100 for the second.
  • Baby Pokémon require GO Slowpoke Candy.png25 to evolve for the first evolution and GO Slowpoke Candy.png50 for the second, if any.
    • Marill only requires GO Slowpoke Candy.png25 to evolve.
    • All two-stage Baby Pokémon introduced in Generation IV require GO Slowpoke Candy.png50 to evolve.
  • Regardless of the above, all Pokémon that evolve using a Sinnoh Stone require GO Slowpoke Candy.png100 to evolve.
  • Regardless of the above, Pokémon introduced in Generation V that are eligible for trade Evolution cost GO Slowpoke Candy.png50 to evolve into the middle stage, if any, and GO Slowpoke Candy.png200 to evolve into the final stage, if not traded.

Generation II evolutions which require a Sun Stone or evolution item in the core series games also require that same item in Pokémon GO (in addition to Candy). Most Pokémon with cross-generational evolutions introduced in Generation IV require a Sinnoh Stone and GO Slowpoke Candy.png100 to evolve. For evolutionary families introduced prior to Generation V, other Evolution stones (including the Ice Stone) are not required in Pokémon GO. The Unova Stone is required for all Unova-based evolutions that require some Evolution stone, except for Cottonee and Petilil, which require a Sun Stone instead.

In past updates, two-stage Pokémon that cost GO Slowpoke Candy.png50 to evolve have their cost reduced to GO Slowpoke Candy.png25 whenever a cross-generational third-stage is added, like with Zubat and Duskull. Snorunt's evolution cost was increased when Froslass became available, due to it requiring a Sinnoh Stone to evolve into Froslass (and all Sinnoh Stone evolutions cost GO Slowpoke Candy.png100), the cost to evolve into Glalie was increased to match.

Purified Pokémon require 10% less Candy to evolve, with costs rounded down. For instance, a Purified Rattata, which would normally cost Rattata Candy25 to evolve, would instead only require Rattata Candy22.

Power Up

Main article: Power Up → Levels

Powering Up Pokémon costs both Stardust and Candy. The cost to Power Up increases with the Power Up level. If a Pokémon were to be Powered Up from level 1 all the way to the maximum level 40, it would require GO Slowpoke Candy.png304 total (not including any used for evolution).

Shadow Pokémon require 3× Candy and Stardust to Power Up at all levels. Once purified, they require 10% less Candy and Stardust to Power Up than normal (with decimals of 0.5 or lower rounded down).

New Attack

Main article: Move → Pokémon GO

The player can spend Stardust and Candy to teach a Pokémon a second Charged Attack. The cost varies on the Pokémon species and largely corresponds with the distance needed to walk for a Buddy Pokémon to find a Candy, but with some exceptions for starter Pokémon and baby Pokémon. In addition, Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Magikarp, Ditto, Wynaut, Wobbuffet, Smeargle, Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Taillow, Feebas, Beldum, Kricketot, and Combee cannot learn a second Charged Attack.

Shadow Pokémon require 3× Candy and Stardust to learn a second Charged Attack. Once purified, they require 20% less Candy and Stardust to learn a new Charged Attack than normal.

Stardust Candy Pokémon
GO Stardust icon.png10,000 GO Slowpoke Candy.png25 Pokémon with 1 km Buddy distance
Starter Pokémon
Baby Pokémon
GO Stardust icon.png50,000 GO Slowpoke Candy.png50 Pokémon with 3 km Buddy distance
(except starter and baby Pokémon)
GO Stardust icon.png75,000 GO Slowpoke Candy.png75 Pokémon with 5 km Buddy distance
(except starter and baby Pokémon)
GO Stardust icon.png100,000 GO Slowpoke Candy.png100 Pokémon with 20 km Buddy distance


Purifying a Shadow Pokémon requires both Stardust and Candy, with the amount required proportional to the Shadow Pokémon's Buddy distance.


Evolution Shards
  • In pre-release screenshots of Pokémon GO, Evolution Shards (Japanese: 進化のカケラ Evolution Shards) take the role of Candy, being earned by catching multiple instances of the same Pokémon and being used to evolve Pokémon. They did not have unique names or designs for each evolutionary family.
  • The maximum possible amount of candy that can potentially be used on a single Pokémon in GO is Meltan Candy804 on Melmetal, which include:
    • Meltan Candy304 to Power Up from level 1 to level 40
    • Meltan Candy400 to evolve
    • Meltan Candy100 to teach a second Charged Attack

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 糖果 Tòhnggwó
Mandarin 糖果 Tángguǒ
France Flag.png French Bonbon
Germany Flag.png German Bonbon
Italy Flag.png Italian Caramelle
South Korea Flag.png Korean 사탕 Satang
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Doce
Spain Flag.png Spanish Caramelo
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Kẹo

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