Catch Combo

A Catch Combo (Japanese: れんぞくゲット Consecutive Catch) is a chaining mechanic in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! that awards players for consecutively capturing the same Pokémon species. After capturing two or more Pokémon of the same species in the row, the game will start keeping track of the Catch Combo, which is displayed in the upper-left corner during a wild Pokémon encounter and after a successful capture. A Catch Combo is broken if one of the following occurs:

  • A wild Pokémon flees
  • Pokémon of a different species is caught (including one of the same evolutionary family)
  • Exiting the game
A Shiny Diglett caught using a Catch Combo chain

Catch Combo chains are not broken if the player runs away from a wild Pokémon, by going to a new route or city, and the Catch Combo effects can still be seen in a new location. However, if a Pokémon of a different species is captured, the effects are not carried over. Captures made in the GO Park complex contribute to the chain, but do not affect the Pokémon contained within, as their stats are mostly pre-determined upon being transferred from Pokémon GO.


Having a high Catch Combo yields a variety of rewards for the player. These include:

  • Greater experience gained after capture
  • Better capture rewards (e.g. higher candy yields)
  • Guaranteed perfect IVs [1]
  • An additive boost to the spawn rate of the currently chained species by having the chance to replace an existing spawn (ex. a species with a 1% spawn rate at a Catch Combo of 31+ would have a 50.5% spawn chance) [2]
  • Increased chance of rare spawns[3]
  • Increased chance of Huge/Tiny Pokémon, which can be furthered using Lures, adding an additional +1 roll for extreme size[4]
  • Increased chance of Shiny Pokémon[5], which can be furthered using Lures and a Shiny Charm
Chain length Exp. Bonus Perfect IVs Chained Species
spawn boost
Rare spawn
Extreme Size
Shiny chance
Standard      + 
0 ×1 0 0% 0.5% ×1 1/4096 2/4096 3/4096 4/4096
1 ×1.1 5% ×2
2-5 0.75%
6-10 1 15% 1% ×3
11-20 ×1.5 2 30% 50% ×4 4/4096 5/4096 6/4096 7/4096
21-30 ×2 3 40% ×5 8/4096 9/4096 10/4096 11/4096
31-40 ×2.5 4 50% ×6 12/4096 13/4096 14/4096 15/4096
41+ ×3

Notably, the increased shiny chance from a Catch Combo only applies to the next member of the chained species to spawn[6], meaning if a player were to cease catching the chained species after arriving at a chain of 31, and idle in the overworld, they would experience shiny rates equivalent to a chain length of 0 (except for the first member of the chained species to spawn immediately after the 31st catch). For optimal shiny rates, the player would have to continue their catch combo even after reaching a catch combo of 31.


In other languages

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Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 連續捕獲
Mandarin 連續捕獲 / 连续捕获 Liánxù Bǔhuò
  French Combo Capture
  German Fangserie
  Italian Combo cattura
  Korean 연속 잡기 Yeonsog Catch
  Spanish Racha de capturas

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