Crown Tundra

This article is about the location in the Galar region. For the expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield, see The Crown Tundra.

Crown Tundra カンムリせつげん
Crown Snowfield
Crown Tundra artwork.png
Artwork of the Crown Tundra from Pokémon Sword and Shield
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The Crown Tundra, (Japanese: カンムリせつげん Crown Snowfield), historically known as the Crown Plains, is a snow-swept realm in the Galar region featured in The Crown Tundra expansion. It is located south of Postwick.

Design concept

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The Crown Tundra is based on Scotland.[1] The landmass is rotated 180° together with the Galar region itself, compared to real-world Great Britain. Therefore, the Crown Tundra is the southernmost part of Galar while Scotland is the northernmost country of the United Kingdom.

The design of the Crown Tundra is heavily inspired by the history and landscape of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland.[2] The Crown Shrine is based on the Edinburgh Castle. Freezington, the area's gateway and major settlement, resembles typical villages found in the Scottish Highlands.



Although the Crown Tundra mainly hails, particularly in the northern area, the weather varies between areas, and each area changes weather when the date changes. The weather determines which wild Pokémon can appear, and it may cause certain weather conditions and terrain to appear in battle. Sandstorm is the only kind of weather not present on the Crown Tundra. Special dates listed below are known dates where the entire region will be forced to have the exact same weather condition.

Icon Weather Common Pokémon Effect in battle Prerequisite Special dates
  Clear (はれ) Normal, Grass, Flying April 30th
December 31st
  Cloudy (くもり) Fighting, Poison, Dark March 31st
October 31st
  Rain (あめ) Water, Bug Rain
  Thunderstorm (豪雨(ごうう)) Water, Electric, Dragon Rain, Electric Terrain
  Snow (ゆき) Ice Hail June 30th
September 30th
  Blizzard (吹雪(ふぶき)) Ice, Steel Hail Visit Hammerlocke January 31st
February 28th
February 29th
August 31st
November 30th
  Harsh sunlight (ひでり) Fire, Ground Harsh sunlight May 31st
  Fog ((きり)) Psychic, Ghost, Fairy Misty Terrain July 31st


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Notable locations

An overview of the Crown Tundra

In the anime

Crown Tundra in the anime

Main series

The Crown Tundra first appeared in The Homecoming Crown!. While Ash, Goh, and Chloe traveled there to inspect reports of an unknown Pokémon being sighted in the area, Lillie and her family located her missing father Mohn there. The two groups ended up meeting at a remote house, where Mohn had been living ever since a Shiny Nihilego had rescued him from Ultra Deep Sea, believing the Ultra Beast to be Lillie. Once Mohn's real memories had been restored, he reunited with his family and invited Nihilego to come with them.

In Chasing to the Finish!, Goh revisited the Crown Tundra in order to participate in his last Project Mew Trial Mission at the Split-Decision Ruins. On the site, he was joined by Gary, and they succeeded in completing the mission by catching Regieleki and Regidrago.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings

The Crown Tundra appeared in The Gathering of Stars, where Peony and Peonia were traversing through it aboard a train.

In the manga

Crown Tundra in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield arc

The Crown Tundra was first mentioned in PASS30. Following the disappearance of Henry and the Rusted Sword and Shield after the battle against Eternatus, Casey was able to figure out that one of the artifacts had wound up at the Crown Tundra, though she was unsure if Henry was there too or at the Isle of Armor.

Hop, Bede, and Marnie subsequently headed to the Crown Tundra in order to try to find the Rusted Sword and Shield. Upon arriving, they met a man named Peony, and took his daughter Peonia's place in investigating the local legends while conducting their own search on the side. During one of these expeditions, an encounter with the Galarian Legendary birds resulted in Hop winding up on the Isle of Armor and Marnie to wind up on Route 6. Soon afterwards, Henry arrived on the Crown Tundra with Galarian Moltres and joined Peony's expedition team in Hop's place, while Marnie's place was taken by Peonia, who had changed her mind about joining the team.

The expedition team ended up helping Calyrex, a Pokémon revered in the local legends as the King of Bountiful Harvests, to reunite with its steed, Spectrier. At the same time, the Darkest Day started again and Henry managed to find the Rusted Sword. Having already found the Rusted Shield on the Isle of Armor, he contacted Casey's group and told them to meet him in Slumbering Weald.

In other languages

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Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 王冠雪原 Wòhnggūn Syutyùhn
Mandarin 王冠雪原 Wángguān Xuěyuán
  French Couronneige
  German Kronen-Schneelande
  Italian Landa Corona
  Korean 왕관설원 Wanggwan Seorwon
  Polish Koronna Tundra
Portuguese   Brazil Tundra Coroada
  Portugal Tundra da Coroa
  Russian Корона Снежной Земли Korona Snezhnoy Zemli*
Горная тундра Gornaya tundra*
  Spanish Nieves de la Corona



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