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The Transfer Pak

The Transfer Pak (Japanese: 64GBパック 64GB Pack) is a peripheral for the Nintendo 64 that allows for the transfer of data between the console and Game Boy or Game Boy Color cartridges. The device came as a pack-in with the first Pokémon Stadium title, although it could also be purchased separately. It is plugged into the back of the Nintendo 64 controller. With the Transfer Pak, Pokémon and items from Game Boy games can be uploaded into the Stadium games for storage at the Laboratory, or to be used in battles and mini-games. It also allows trading Pokémon (two Transfer Paks required) and allows the playing of Game Boy Pokémon games on a TV using the Game Boy Tower feature.

Data for Pokémon Crystal is contained in Pokémon Stadium 2, but can only be unlocked when connecting a Pokémon Crystal cartridge via the Transfer Pak.



Pokémon Stadium (Japanese) and Pokémon Stadium (English) are compatible with all Generation I core series games. Pokémon Stadium 2 is compatible with all Generation I and Generation II core series games. The American and European versions of the Stadium and core series games are compatible with each other, but not with Japanese games. The Japanese versions of the Stadium games and the core series games are compatible with each other. The Korean versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver are not compatible with any Stadium game.



  • Pokémon Stadium (Japanese) can at least recognize the correct versions of incompatible non-Japanese Generation I games and display their colors at the beginning of the game. The other Stadium games are unable to visibly display the correct version of any incompatible games.

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