Water Continent

Water Continent 水の大陸
Water Continent
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: West of the Air Continent
North of the Sea of Wonders
East of the Mist Continent
South of the Mystery Continent
Region: Mystery Dungeon world
Generations: III, VI, VIII
SMD Water Continent Map.png
Location of Water Continent in Mystery Dungeon world.
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The Water Continent (Japanese: 水の大陸 Water Continent) is a continent of the Pokémon world in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. It was fully introduced in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. There are two known settlements on the continent: Serene Village and Lively Town.

The easternmost island is featured in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, containing the dungeons Wish Cave, Joyous Tower, and Purity Forest.

In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, it is the starting continent. Most of the game's main story takes place here. The Voidlands are listed as part of the Water Continent in the dungeon list at Pelipper Island.


Super Mystery Dungeon

Key locations

English Japanese
Serene Village おだやか村
Lively Town ワイワイタウン


English Japanese
Open Pass ジョバンとうげ
Lush Forest シンリョクの森
Foreboding Forest こわそうな森
Drilbur Coal Mine モグリュー炭鉱
School Forest 学校うらの森
Glittering Mountain キララ山
Nectar Meadow カンロ草原
Poliwrath River ニョロボンリバー
Ancient Barrow いにしえの骨跡
Sheer Mountain Range キリタッタ山脈
Gentle Slope Cave なだらかな洞窟
Showdown Mountain 決戦ヶ岳
Revelation Mountain テンケイ山
Abyssal Badlands ならくの荒野
Cave of the Deep シンエン洞窟
Calm Craggy Area 静かな岩場
Reverse Mountain 地天の山
Purifying Cave じょうかの洞窟
Cave of Training 修行の洞窟
Leafy Highlands リーフ高原
Headwater Hollow 水源の空洞
Longfield Cave ロンシャン洞窟
Sunbathed Garden ひなたぼっこの庭
Serpentine Mountain Trail アヤカシ山の小道
Electric Wasteland エレキ荒野
Waterfall Basin Grotto 滝つぼの裏側
Bustling Valley にぎわいの谷
Pledge Hill ちかいの丘
Rolling Pass コロコロ峠
Maze Meadow 迷宮の草原
Thrash Dungeon あばれるダンジョン
Uprise Range あたらし山脈
Stone Field ストンフィールド
Odd Field おかしな原っぱ
Peewee Meadow ちょこっと草原

In other languages

Language Title
  French Terre de l'Eau
  German Wasserkontinent
  Italian Terra dell'Acqua
  Spanish Continente Acua

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