Path of No Return

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Path of No Return
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Path of No Return かえらずの
Land of No Return
Path of No Return PMDGTI.png
Basic info
Floors: 99
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: {{{monsterhouses}}}
Main type: None
Boss: None
Recruiting: No
Items: 0
Money: No
Starting level: 5
Team members: 1

Path of No Return (Japanese: かえらずの Land of No Return) is a playable dungeon the player goes through in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. It has 99 floors and no boss. This dungeon is accessible after completing the main storyline and after the player character has returned to Paradise. The player's Pokémon's level is reset to level five for this dungeon. The player's Pokémon will lose HP as they walk if their belly is empty. Partner Pokémon are not allowed to be brought. Poké and items cannot be brought into the dungeon. Poké and items will all be lost if the player is defeated in this dungeon.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Patrat B1-B3 3-4 Unrecruitable
  Azurill B1-B4 3-5 Unrecruitable
  Tympole B1-B4 3-5 Unrecruitable
  Lillipup B1-B6 3-6 Unrecruitable
  Cryogonal B1-B11 3-9 Unrecruitable
  Wooper B5-B9 6-8 Unrecruitable
  Panpour B5-B11 6-9 Unrecruitable
  Pansage B5-B11 6-9 Unrecruitable
  Golett B5-B11 6-9 Unrecruitable
  Rufflet B5-B11 6-9 Unrecruitable
  Snivy B7-B11 8-9 Unrecruitable
  Roggenrola B7-B11 8-9 Unrecruitable
  Archen B7-B11 8-9 Unrecruitable
  Gothita B7-B11 8-9 Unrecruitable
  Eevee B12-B16 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Pichu B12-B16 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Tepig B12-B17 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Munna B12-B17 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Woobat B12-B17 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Audino B12-B17 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Petilil B12-B17 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Joltik B12-B17 10-11 Unrecruitable
  Blitzle B17-B20 11-13 Unrecruitable
  Glameow B18-B21 12-13 Unrecruitable
  Croagunk B18-B21 12-13 Unrecruitable
  Pikachu B18-B22 12-14 Unrecruitable
  Axew B18-B22 12-14 Unrecruitable
  Druddigon B18-B22 12-14 Unrecruitable
  Deino B18-B22 12-14 Unrecruitable
  Umbreon B23-B27 14-16 Unrecruitable
  Bagon B23-B27 14-16 Unrecruitable
  Oshawott B23-B27 14-16 Unrecruitable
  Timburr B23-B27 14-16 Unrecruitable
  Venipede B23-B27 14-16 Unrecruitable
  Dwebble B23-B27 14-16 Unrecruitable
  Leafeon B28-B31 16 Unrecruitable
  Herdier B28-B31 16 Unrecruitable
  Vaporeon B28-B32 16-17 Unrecruitable
  Cottonee B28-B34 16-17 Unrecruitable
  Quagsire B32-B39 20 Unrecruitable
  Cranidos B32-B39, B53-B58 17-18, 20-21 Unrecruitable
  Simisage B32-B39 17-18 Unrecruitable
  Mienfoo B32-B39 17-18 Unrecruitable
  Swadloon B35-B39 20 Unrecruitable
  Servine B37-B44 17-18 Unrecruitable
  Marill B40-B46 18-19 Unrecruitable
  Pignite B40-B46 18-19 Unrecruitable
  Simipour B40-B46 18-19 Unrecruitable
  Swoobat B40-B46 18-19 Unrecruitable
  Lilligant B40-B46 18-19 Unrecruitable
  Pawniard B43-B48 18-19 Unrecruitable
  Espeon B47-B52 19-20 Unrecruitable
  Dewott B47-B52 19-20 Unrecruitable
  Musharna B47-B52, B83-B88 19-20, 23-24 Unrecruitable
  Foongus B47-B52, B87-B92 19-20, 24-25 Unrecruitable
  Flareon B49-B55 19-20 Unrecruitable
  Scraggy B49-B55 19-20 Unrecruitable
  Boldore B52-B58 25 Unrecruitable
  Wingull B53-B58 20-21 Unrecruitable
  Ducklett B53-B58 20-21 Unrecruitable
  Larvesta B53-B58 20-21 Unrecruitable
  Raichu B53-B59 20-21 Unrecruitable
  Tirtouga B55-B61 20-21 Unrecruitable
  Watchog B57-B62 21 Unrecruitable
  Leavanny B59-B65 21 Unrecruitable
  Zorua B59-B65 21 Unrecruitable
  Klink B59-B65 21 Unrecruitable
  Jolteon B60-B65 21 Unrecruitable
  Zebstrika B61-B65 27 Unrecruitable
  Azumarill B65-B70 21-22 Unrecruitable
  Emolga B66-B71 22 Unrecruitable
  Vullaby B66-B71 22 Unrecruitable
  Pansear B67-B72 22 Unrecruitable
  Sandile B72-B75 22-23 Unrecruitable
  Glaceon B73-B79 22-23 Unrecruitable
  Piloswine B74-B75, B83-B84,
B90-B91, B98
33 Unrecruitable
  Minccino B76-B81 23 Unrecruitable
  Cubchoo B76-B81 23 Unrecruitable
  Gurdurr B77-B83 25 Unrecruitable
  Gigalith B78-B84 25 Unrecruitable
  Zoroark B79-B85 30 Unrecruitable
  Drilbur B83-B89 23-24 Unrecruitable
  Whirlipede B86-B92 24-25 Unrecruitable
  Whimsicott B87-B93 24-25 Unrecruitable
  Litwick B89-B95 24-25 Unrecruitable
  Mamoswine B90-B98 34 Unrecruitable
  Rampardos B92-B98 30 Unrecruitable
  Pelipper B93-B98 25 Unrecruitable
  Shelgon B93-B98 30 Unrecruitable
  Simisear B93-B98 25 Unrecruitable
  Palpitoad B93-B98 25 Unrecruitable
  Scolipede B93-B98 30 Unrecruitable
  Krokorok B93-B98 29 Unrecruitable


Item Floors
  108-230 Poké B1-B99F
  5 Iron Thorn B1-B99F
  5 Gravelerock B1-B99F
  5 Stick B1-B99F
  Apple B1-B99F
  Big Apple B1-B99F
  Cheri Berry B1-B99F
  Oran Berry B1-B99F
  Rawst Berry B1-B99F
  Scanner Orb B1-B99F
  Foe-Hold Orb B1-B99F
  Luminous Orb B1-B99F
  Foe-Seal Orb B1-B99F
  Totter Orb B1-B99F
  Rainy Orb B1-B99F
  Escape Orb B1-B99F
  Petrify Orb B1-B99F
  Nullify Orb B1-B99F
  Radar Orb B1-B99F
  Evasion Orb B1-B99F
  Violent Seed B1-B99F
  Pure Seed B1-B99F
  Life Seed B1-B99F
  Reviver Seed B1-B99F
  Stun Seed B1-B99F
  Heal Seed B1-B99F
  Vile Seed B1-B99F
  Joy Seed B1-B99F
  Warp Seed B1-B99F
  Blinker Seed B1-B99F
  Blast Seed B1-B99F
  Eyedrop Seed B1-B99F
  Power Band B1-B99F
  Twist Band B1-B99F
  Zinc Band B1-B99F
  Joy Ribbon B1-B99F
  Pecha Scarf B1-B99F
  Heal Ribbon B1-B99F
  Defense Scarf B1-B99F
  Max Elixir B1-B99F
  Scope Lens B1-B99F
  Insomniscope B1-B99F
  Goggle Specs B1-B99F
  X-Ray Specs B1-B99F

In other languages

Language Title
  French Terre sans Retour
  German Land ohne Wiederkehr
  Italian Terra Senza Ritorno
  Spanish Tierra sin Retorno

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