Pokémon Paradise

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The Pokémon Paradise (Japanese: ポケモンパラダイス Pokémon Paradise), commonly referred to as simply Paradise (Japanese: パラダイス Paradise), is a location near Post Town in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, established by the partner Pokémon.

Artwork of an area with facilities in Pokémon Paradise

The location becomes accessible after completing the first dungeon. Initially, it only contains the Passerby Post and a signboard. This is also where all of the recruited Pokémon stay, with the exception of Virizion, Emolga, Dunsparce, Umbreon and Espeon, Keldeo, and Hydreigon, who stay in Post Town. As the story progresses, the player will be able to expand land, play mini-games, rank up and place facilities.

Paradise Rank

Main article: Rank (Mystery Dungeon) → Paradise Rank

The Paradise Rank is increased by earning Paradise Points which are earned by completing job requests. The player can start earning Paradise Points after Gurdurr opens up shop. Increasing this rank will give the player access to more facilities, increase the bag size limit and gives the player a variety of items and materials.


Passerby Post

Passerby Post

Available when Pokémon Paradise becomes accessible. This is where the player can deposit Reviver Seeds, which can save other fainted players through StreetPass, instead of manually rescuing them like in previous games.

Up to 20 Reviver Seeds can be placed in the mailbox at a time, and 1 seed will be consumed automatically if a player with a rescue request is encountered through StreetPass.

Additionally, every 5 StreetPass tags collected (regardless of whether the StreetPassed players needed rescue) will reward the player with a Reviver Seed.


Built by Gurdurr after defeating him in Hazy Pass. This is where the player and partner Pokémon wake up the next morning after a mission, where the game usually asks to save. Other than that, it serves no significant purpose. After a certain amount of progression into the game, the house can be redecorated by Gurdurr.

Request/Bulletin Board

After completing Hazy Pass for the first time, Quagsire will show the player the Request Board. Requests and various missions are posted here. It updates with new jobs after returning from a dungeon.

Challenge Request/Bulletin Board

After completing a job request after Victini having opened up his shop, this board will appear here. One job request later it will be available for use. Generally, harder jobs will be posted here. Only one Pokémon can go on a mission here. However, when accessed through Local Wireless in Companion Mode up to three other players can join.

Request Gates

The right-side request gate, opened

After completing Hazy Pass for the first time, a gate will have been built on the right side of the Paradise Center. It opens up after talking to Azumarill for a job. When it's open, the player is unable to leave Paradise Center. It can be closed by canceling the job request.

After Victini has opened up his shop, a second gate will appear on the left side of the Paradise Center. It functions exactly the same as the first gate except it only works for challenge jobs.

Deposit Box

Deposit Box
Main article: Deposit Box

Available after completing Hazy Pass for the first time, Quagsire will place a box like the one in Post Town. It replaces the functions of Kangaskhan Storage and Felicity/Duskull Bank. This box is also placed next to the Kecleon Shop. Like in the original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, items are collective and are grouped based on item type rather than being individual items. Materials and Treasure Chests are stored separately.

Utilities only available in Companion Mode

Due to Post Town being off limits in Companion Mode, these shops are moved to Paradise instead and are found at the center of the plaza. Cinccino and Rampardos are talking to each other.

Glorious Gold

Glorious Gold
Main article: Glorious Gold

Run by Cofagrigus, here the player can exchange Gold Bars for Poké ( 555) or rare items.

Gift Shop

Gift Shop
Main article: Gift Shop

Run by Cinccino, here the player can buy gifts that can be given to enemy Pokémon in dungeons to recruit them.

Box Buster

Box Buster

Run by Rampardos, here the player can open Treasure Boxes for 150 Poké.


Request Counter

The Request Counter

After completing Hazy Pass for the first time, Azumarill will be here to accept mission requests and open the Request Gate. Job notes can be stored, accepted, canceled and deleted here. The job list can also be viewed from the main menu. Unlike in previous Mystery Dungeon games, the player can only go on one mission at a time even if they are located in the same dungeon.

Quagsire Assembly

Quagsire Assembly

After completing Hazy Pass for the first time, Quagsire will open up shop here, selling items like Kecleon's Shop. After completing Desolate Canyon, he replaces the function of the Chimecho Assembly in the previous games, removing and adding members of the team for dungeon exploration. A list of recruited Pokémon with the stats and other information can be found here. Recruited Pokémon can also be released here.

Scraggy's Savvy Moves

Scraggy's Savvy Moves

Unlocked after completing Desolate Canyon for the first time. Acting as the Move Deleter and Move Reminder for this game, Scraggy changes the Pokémon's moves.

Gurdurr Crew

Gurdurr Crew
Main article: Gurdurr Crew

Unlocked after completing another job request after obtaining a Sturdy Vine for Gurdurr. Gurdurr, using materials, will prepare new land in Pokémon Paradise, build new facilities or redecorate the house and the facilities. There are eight areas that can be prepared and designed into four different designs. The chosen design can also be changed afterwards.

V-wave related

The V-Wave is a weather-like effect associated with type. For each in-game day, the V-wave will have a specific type, and Pokémon or their moves corresponding to the day's type are powered up.

Each day's V-wave is guaranteed to have the following three effects (highlighted in yellow in-game):

Standard effects
Name Details
Power up! Increases the damage done by the affected Pokémon.
Experience Points Up! More Exp. points are gathered by the affected Pokémon.
PP Energy Saver! Occasionally doesn't deduct PP used by the affected Pokémon.

Additionally, the V-wave will have two random effects from the following list each day:

Random daily effects
Name Details
Critical-Hit Rate Up! Increases the Critical Hit Ratio of the affected Pokémon.
Shop Discounts! Items bought by the affected Pokémon at Kecleon Shops in the dungeons are cheaper.
Easier Team Attacks! Team attacks are achieved faster.
Recovery Up! HP recovered by affected Pokémon is higher.
Move Growth Up! Moves of the affected Pokémon upgrade faster.
Accuracy Up! The accuracy of the affected Pokémon is increased.
More Frequent Move Effects! The affected Pokémon's moves with a secondary effect(s) have a higher chance of the effect activating.


After completing a number of job requests, Quagsire will place the V-Wavecast signboard. This is is a weather forecast that shows the V-wave type and its associated effects for the current day, as well as for the following 10 days.

After Victini arrives, the signboard will be removed, and Victini will provide the V-Wavecast instead.


The V-Wheel

The V-Wheel is a shop managed by Victini. The wheel can be spun once per in-game day, for a chance to change the day's V-wave to a chosen type.

In order to win this opportunity, the wheel must land on an icon of Victini's face, out of five total spaces on the wheel.

Spinning the wheel costs  Poké, and the cost varies depending on how many Victini icons the player wishes to have on the wheel:

Icons  Cost
1 icon 0
2 icons 1,000
3 icons 2,500
4 icons 5,000
5 icons 7,777

When the game is won, the V-Wave for the day can be changed into any type the player chooses. To assist with this, the menu displays the type effectiveness of the choices, and marks the best-choice types based on the moves of the Pokémon currently on the team.


Berries and Seeds

Like the title suggests, this shop sells berries and seeds. It also buys berries and seeds at 1.5× the normal price. If the normal price is an odd number, the higher price will be rounded down.

Prize Palace

Prize Palace
Upgraded Prize Palace
Instant Tickets

This part of the shop replaces the Recycle Shop from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. Prize Tickets are acquired through other means, such as the Sunken Treasure and Swap Shop facilities, except for Prism Tickets which aren't available in the game. Unlike Silver and Gold Rank unlocking Silver and Gold Tickets, respectively, the first and second upgrade of the shop unlock the ability to use these.

Scratch Tickets

For the price of  100, the player can get a scratch ticket. This utilizes the Touch Screen. Scratching off two symbols wins a regular prize and three stars wins a better prize. There are six spaces, four of which contain symbols.

Random Tickets

For the price of  100 each, a maximum of ten Mini Random Tickets can be bought daily. The results announcing a win or a loss are released the following day.

Detour Guide

Detour Guide

Run by Woobat, this facility allows the player to toggle a notification which informs the player if they arrive on a floor with a detour in dungeons. After the first upgrade, a Detour List will appear in the menu which lists all the detours for dungeons that the player has previously visited as well as the method of entry. After the second upgrade, the shop will begin selling the keys used for detours for  1650.

Swap Shop

Items in the Deposit Box can be traded here for other items. Items can also be obtained here in return for "various". For example, one of four different items need to be traded in order to obtain one Prize Ticket.

Item list
Items to receive Items to give away
  Oran Berry   Plain Seed ×2
  Max Elixir   Oran Berry ×3
  Heal Seed   Rawst Berry ×2   Pecha Berry ×2

  Cheri Berry ×2   Chesto Berry ×2

  Rawst Berry   Chesto Berry ×2
  Pecha Berry   Rawst Berry ×2
  Cheri Berry   Pecha Berry ×2
  Chesto Berry   Cheri Berry ×2
  Evasion Orb   Slow Orb ×2
  Quick Orb   Evasion Orb ×2
  Slow Orb   Quick Orb ×2
  All Power-Up Orb   Evasion Orb ×2

  Quick Orb ×2   Slow Orb ×2

  Prize Ticket Various ×4

Elite Boutique

As the description suggests, items can be bought here for higher and lower prices than at other shops. The selection of items changes daily. Upon upgrading, rarer items can be bought here. After a certain amount of days have passed, the shop will hold a sale for a few days after which the shop owner will leave and the facility closes. The only thing left to do after this is to remove it.

Oodles of Orbs

Like the title suggests, this shop sells orbs. It also buys orbs at 1.5× the normal price. If the normal price is an odd number, the higher price will be rounded down.


Pansage running a field

Berries and Seeds specific to each field can be planted here. After a few days, the player can harvest more of the specific berry or seed. However, the player can occasionally find other items instead of the planted one.


Watchog running a dojo

Moves specific to each dojo can be trained here, increasing power, PP and accuracy. Daily,  100 can be charged to train moves. Alternatively a manual can be used as many times a day as desired. This facility is always attended by a Pokémon corresponding to the dojo type. In Post Town, a Travelling Sales-mon opens up a temporary dojo for a few days that hasn't been built yet.


Sunken Treasure

Run by Starmie, this is a mini-game where the player collects black, blue and red treasure chests by tilting the 3DS. Touching a Chinchou or a rock deducts one treasure chest starting with black chests. Unlike Treasure Boxes, they are opened upon obtaining. The game can be played daily.

Beartic Slide

Beartic Slide

Run by Beartic, this is a mini-game where the player flicks pucks on the Touch Screen into a hole on the upper screen. Beartic charges  100 per game, with a time limit of one minute.

Three types of pucks appear in the mini-game, each worth a different amount of points when they are scored into the hole:

  • Big: 50 points
  • Medium: 30 points
  • Small: 10 points

Additionally, power-up chips can appear. Each lasts for 10 seconds, and offers one of the following effects:

  • Double the points
  • Continuous big pucks
  • Bigger hole

Ten high score records are kept. Prizes include various items in exchange for 1,000, 2,000 and 2,500 points. Prizes differ after won.

Diggers' Den

Run by Drilbur, who has a random chance of showing up in Paradise, this facility allows the player to fund Drilbur's excavation. Drilbur will bring back varying amounts of   each day until he finds a dungeon underground. The player can choose to have Drilbur dig 10, 50, or 100 feet at a time, paying  100,  500, or  1000 respectively. The dungeons found in the Diggers' Den cannot be accessed any other way and are called Treasure Trove. The number of variations of the Treasure Trove is believed to be four, depending on which type of land Drilbur excavates.

Music Paradise

Music Paradise

Run by Meloetta, all the background music tracks in-game including the DLC tracks can be played here, similar to Sky Jukebox of Explorers of Sky. Meloetta will only appear once the Bittercold is defeated. The music will keep playing while in Pokémon Paradise.

As the player increases their Paradise Rank, more music will become available to play in Pokémon Paradise. Some songs can only be obtained through purchasing a DLC dungeon, these songs in the DLC packs are all from previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon installments (except for the Adventure Squad games). There are also some tracks that cannot be obtained, but appear in the game's code (and the unused DLC code).

There is a total of 102 tracks (or 126, if all DLC is purchased) during normal gameplay. However, there are 9 extra tracks in Music Paradise that are hidden and can't be obtained by any means. Also, there are 75 unused DLC tracks that cannot be obtained without hacking. Additionally, there are 24 duplicates of dlc025 (from dlc026 to dlc050), and 46 duplicates of dlc051 (from dlc052 to dlc094, and dlc097 to dlc100). Including unused and hidden tracks, there is a total of 111 (or 211, if counting all DLC tracks).

Normal Tracks
# Track Rank required
1 Main Menu
2 I Look Like a Pokémon!
3 Our First Meeting
4 Ragged Mountain
5 Great Job!
6 Pokémon Paradise
7 Come on in to Post Town!
8 The Carpenter of Post Town
9 Stony Cave
10 That Is Odd...
11 Hazy Pass
12 The Voice in the Dreams
13 The Coming Danger
14 Battling the Boss
15 Despair: Light Arrangement
16 Despair: Super Light
17 Hope: Light Arrangement 2
18 Hazy Pass (Highlands)
19 Hope: Light Arrangement 1
20 Stompstump Peak
21 A Mysterious World
22 What's Wrong with Everyone?
23 Desolate Canyon Hyper
24 The Coming Danger: Arrangement Hyper
25 Pokémon Friends Hyper
26 Stirrings of Hope Hyper
27 Stirrings of Hope: March Hyper
28 Pokémon Paradise: Reprise Hyper
29 V-Wheeeeeel!!! Hyper
30 Kecleon Shop Hyper
31 Stop, Thief! Hyper
32 Icy Sanctum: Arrangement 1 Hyper
33 Inflora Forest Hyper
34 Touched by Kindness Hyper
35 Good Night Hyper
36 Mysteries Within Hyper
37 Pokémon Friends: Arrangement Hyper
38 Crags of Lament Hyper
39 Within the Crags of Lament Hyper
40 Dreams and Hopes Hyper
41 Icy Sanctum: Arrangement 2 Hyper
42 Magnagate Hyper
43 A Friend's Decision Hyper
44 Telluric Path Master
45 Icy Sanctum Master
46 Great Glacier Master
47 Glacial Underpass Master
48 Glacier Palace Master
49 Glacier Palace (Reaches) Master
50 Mysteries Within: Arrangement 1 Master
51 Sympathy and Sincerity Master
52 Kilionea Road Master
53 It's a Monster House! Master
54 Forest of Shadows Master
55 Hiding in the Shadows Master
56 In the Dark Master
57 Daybreak Ridge Master
58 Daybreak Ridge (Highlands) Master
59 Hydreigon's Ambush! Master
60 Ochre Quarry Master
61 Withered Savanna Master
62 Holehills Master
63 The Trap Is Set Master
64 The Heroes of Holehills Master
65 Scorching Desert Royal
66 Confronting Kyurem Royal
67 Despair: Heavy Arrangement Royal
68 Mysteries Within: Arrangement 2 Royal
69 Hope: Light Arrangement 3 Royal
70 Tyrian Maze Royal
71 Tyrian Maze (Inner Chamber) Royal
72 Glacier Palace (Eastern Spire) Royal
73 Glacier Palace (Western Spire) Royal
74 Glacier Palace (Great Spire) Royal
75 Guardian of Fate Royal
76 Clash with Kyurem! Royal
77 Despair: Super Heavy Royal
78 I Can Hear It, Too... Royal
79 Voices of Support Royal
80 The Bittercold (First Battle) Royal
81 Winds of Despair Royal
82 Bring Back the Rainbows! Royal
83 The Bittercold (Second Battle) Royal
84 We're Back... And Now... Perfect
85 The Rainbows of Hope Perfect
86 Celebration of Peace Perfect
87 A Home to Remember Perfect
88 Wrapped in Light (Intro) Perfect
89 Wrapped in Light Perfect
90 One Last Look at Paradise Perfect
91 Even If You Forget Me Perfect
92 The Frism Perfect
93 The End Perfect
94 Battling Legends Perfect
95 Unlimited Dungeon 1 Perfect
96 Unlimited Dungeon 2 Perfect
97 Unlimited Dungeon 3 Perfect
98 Illusory Ragged Mountain Perfect
99 Illusory Holehills Perfect
100 Illusory Hazy Pass Perfect
101 Sunken Treasure Perfect
102 Beartic Slide Perfect
103 Main Theme* Unobtainable
104 Title Theme* Unobtainable
105 Pokémon Paradise: Final* Unobtainable
106 An Eerie Chill* Unobtainable
107 To the Pokémon World* Unobtainable
108 Into the Fray!* Unobtainable
109 The End (Intro)* Unobtainable
110 Epilogue* Unobtainable
111  Despair Theme* Unobtainable*
Downloadable Content Tracks
# Track Requirement Origin
DLC 001 Mt. Steel Purchase Poké Forest DLC MDB
DLC 002 Battle with Rayquaza Purchase Poké Forest DLC MDB
DLC 003 A New Adventure Purchase Ivy Park DLC MDB
DLC 004 Time to Say Good-Bye... Purchase Ivy Park DLC MDB
DLC 005 Makuhita Dojo Purchase Scalchop Beach DLC MDB
DLC 006 The Escape Purchase Scalchop Beach DLC MDB
DLC 007 Thunderwave Cave Purchase Pika Land DLC MDB
DLC 008 The End: Rescue Team Purchase Pika Land DLC MDB
DLC 009 Great Canyon Purchase Axe Rock DLC MDB
DLC 010 Gardevoir in a Dream Purchase Axe Rock DLC MDB
DLC 011 Mt. Blaze Purchase Mount Tepid DLC MDB
DLC 012 The Giant Star Approaches! Purchase Mount Tepid DLC MDB
DLC 013 Mt. Travail Purchase Mt. Travail DLC MDTDS
DLC 014 Wigglytuff's Guild Purchase Mt. Travail DLC MDTDS
DLC 015 Craggy Coast Purchase Skill Treasury DLC MDTDS
DLC 016 Treasure Town Purchase Skill Treasury DLC MDTDS
DLC 017 Random Dungeon 2 Purchase Kecleon Bazaar DLC MDTDS
DLC 018 The Time Gear Purchase Kecleon Bazaar DLC MDTDS
DLC 019 Apple Woods Purchase Treat Road DLC MDTDS
DLC 020 On the Beach at Dusk Purchase Treat Road DLC MDTDS
DLC 021 Hidden Land Purchase Ultimate Wilds DLC MDTDS
DLC 022 Through the Sea of Time Purchase Ultimate Wilds DLC MDTDS
DLC 023 Temporal Tower Purchase Strongest Trail DLC MDTDS
DLC 024 Dialga's Fight to the Finish! Purchase Strongest Trail DLC MDTDS
DLC 025-050 dlc025-050* Unobtainable* MDTDS
DLC 051-094 dlc051-094* Unobtainable* MDS
DLC 095 dlc095* Unobtainable* MDS
DLC 096 dlc096* Unobtainable* MDS
DLC 097-100 dlc097-100* Unobtainable* MDS


  • When checking the amount of Materials Needed, the Menu will say "Materials for Coloring Fields" when "Materials for Painting Facilities" is clicked.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Pokéden
  German Pokémon-Paradies
  Italian Poképaradiso
  Norwegian Pokémon-paradis[1]
  Spanish Paraíso Pokémon

Passerby Post

Language Title
  Japanese すれちがいポスト Passerby Post
  French Boîte StreetPass
  German Passantenpost
  Italian Posta cantatti
  Spanish Buzón de Encuentros

Scraggy's Savvy Moves

Language Title
  Japanese ズルッグわざっぐ Zuruggu Move-ggu
  French Oublier des capacités
  German Zurrokex' Attacken
  Italian Strizzamemoria
  Spanish Movimientos Scraggy

Quagsire Assembly

Language Title
  Japanese ヌオー管理所 Nuoh Management Center
  French Maraiste Management
  German Morlords Verwaltung
  Italian Ufficio di Quagsire
  Spanish Secretaría Quagsire

Request Counter

Language Title
  Japanese 依頼カウンター Request Counter
  French Comptoir
  German Azumarills Infobrett
  Italian Banco missioni
  Spanish Mostrador de Misiones


Language Title
  Japanese ルーレット V-Roulette
  French V-Roulette
  German V-Roulette
  Italian Roulette-V
  Spanish Ruleta V


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Crags of LamentTelluric PathGreat GlacierGlacial UnderpassGlacier Palace
Redland ReachesEastern SavannaKilionea RoadForest of Shadows
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Magnagate dungeon
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