Gurdurr (Gates to Infinity)

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ドテッコツ Dotekkotsu
Hazy Pass cliffside PMDGTI.png
Gurdurr in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location Paradise Center
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Gurdurr is a character in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Gurdurr's crew prepares land for building and also builds on the land at the cost of Poké and materials.


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Prior to the start of the game, Gurdurr began work as a hard-working carpenter, who was joined by the Timburr brothers who were inspired and awed by Gurdurr's work. Despite acquiring an injury one day that prevented him from performing as well as he could, Gurdurr continued to work hard. However, his confidence in his ability as a carpenter became shattered when a client asked him to build a house. Out of malicious intent, the client criticized their work harshly and tore down the constructed house. This incident shattered any pride or confidence he had left in his work and instead turns to a life of crime rather than honing his building skills again.

When the player and partner first encounter Gurdurr at the beginning of the game, he cons them into bringing him blue gems from Stony Cave. He tells them that he will make their house for them, but instead hires Scraggy, a thief who steals the gems off the player and thus forcing them to get more gems. However their plot is discovered when the player and partner follow Scraggy into Hazy Pass. Teamed up with the Timburr brothers who do not enjoy their boss's life of crime, the player and partner defeat Gurdurr. Inspired by the their desire in wanting him to build their house despite knowing about his injury, Gurdurr apologizes for his crime and builds a house for the player. Afterwards at Pokémon Paradise, Gurdurr will provide services which allow the player to prepare new land in Pokémon Paradise, build new facilities or redecorate the house and the facilities.

Gurdurr, along with the Timburr brothers and Virizion, also help protect the player and partner who had become outmatched while trying to defend Dunsparce and Emolga at Desolate Canyon.


Before his injury and the incident with the malicious client, Gurdurr used to be more cheerful and had much more confidence in his work. Much like most of the residents of Post Town, he followed the notion of a "dog eat dog" world and lacked the will to trust anyone. Gurdurr did not mind swindling others to do his dirty work if it was for his personal gain.

That changes, however, when the player and partner arrive at Post Town. After being defeated twice at Hazy Pass, Gurdurr is flabbergasted that, despite cheating the player and partner out of their house, the player and partner still insist that he and the Timburr brothers build their house. The partner even tells Gurdurr that they don't necessarily need a fancy home that has no heart put into it. With this, Gurdurr finally agrees to work on their home.

Following the building of the player and partner's home, Gurdurr changes to what he used to be in the past: confident in his work and doing his absolute best, much to the delight of the Timburr brothers.

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  • When the player is first in the inn:
"What do you two want?"
"Hey? What's this? You got some kinda job for me?"
"... ... ..."
"... ... ... ... ... ..."
"All right. I'll do it."
"Yeah, really. I'm a carpenter, ain't I? We craftsmen stick to our word."
"Naw. Don't need any  . I want you to bring me somethin' else instead. There's this place nearby called Stony Cave. Go all the way to the deepest part and get me some of the gems you'll find there."
"Yeah, that's right. They're blue stones, got it? We're gonna need materials to build you that house. I'll need those blue gems to swap for building supplies at the lumberyard. You'll spot the gems if you go far enough into Stony Cave. Uh, lemme see... Yeah, about five little stones should do it, I'd say. If you go and get me some gems, I can trade 'em for whatever you need. Then we can build you your little house."
  • When the player returns to the inn:
"Oh! You got 'em? The blue gems?"
"We did! There were some pretty fierce enemies in that cave, but we still did it! Good for you. Well, a promise is a promise. I'll build you that house of yours."
"Well, once you give me the gems, that is..."
"What is it?"
"Bwahahahahaha!!! You're messing with me, right? You never even went to get them, did you? Then I guess I can't build you any house, now can I?"
"Where are they, then? Hmph...I guess you'd better just go get some more. Good luck."
  • In Hazy Pass:
"Sorry for the wait."
"Don't be like that. I've gotta be careful to make sure I'm not followed either. It takes a lot of work to keep up this kinda scam, y'know? Yow haven't lost your touch, though, huh? Still quite the skillful little thief. So...where's the cash?"
"Hmph! Who are you calling greedy? Those blue gems will pay you back big time if you sell them in the west. Compared to that, the   you pay me is... a drop in the bucket, eh?"
"I'm gonna have those two fools bring me some more gems. I'll be counting on the usual amount when they do."
"That's right. After all, they're still dumb enough to believe I'll build them a house. At this rate, I'll be able to send them after more gems for the rest of their lives."
"You want me to cry? Over something like that? Hah! You the great Scraggy, who pulls off way meaner schemes in the west!"
"Bwa--bwa... Bwahahahahahahaha!!!"
"What?! You two!"
"Hmph. Anyone who expects honesty in this world is a fool. That's what you get for trusting me. Dream big and you lose big. It's your own fault for getting tricked."
"You don't have a bit of sense between the two of you, do you?"
  • After being defeated:
"You--! I'm not gonna lose here! I'm not gonna lose to you fools! GURDUUURRRRRR!!! Come on!"
"You two... Why're you... You didn't... You wouldn't--! So! You two are the ones who sold me out! The backstabbers appear at last! It was YOUR meddling! GRAAAAAHHHHH!!! GURDUUURRRRRR!!!"
"What?! You little... You think you can defy me, huh?!"
"Work like we used to... You... You guys oughta know better than anyone... There's no way that can happen! GRAAAAAAHHHHH!!! GURDUUURRRRRR!!!"
"It's time you guys learned already... You can' can't just go back to the way things used to be."
  • At the end of Hazy Pass:
"..Hmph! ...So it's good, huh?"
"What? You two again..."
"So you're still angry, are you? Fine. Let's do this."
"GURDUUURRRRRR!!! I can't build houses anymore. Even if I wanted to build something, I ain't got the strength. But... ...for some reason I've still got plenty of strength left for fighting! Good-for-nothing power that can't create a thing!"
"I'll show you what real rage looks like! You'd better be ready!"
  • If the player is defeated and comes back:
"So you're here again, are you? It's nothing to me if you're still mad. But... If you're still lookin' for a fight... ...I'll give you one you won't walk away from again! Come on!"
  • When defeated:
"Ngh... Are you... Are you...satisfied now? It doesn't matter how much you rage against it... No matter how much you hate it... Some things can't be changed. This world we live;s all about who's doing the lying and who's being lied to. Honest folks just look like fools. In a world like this, you're the ones who get blamed for being tricked. So you can't get mad at me. It's just the way this rotten world works."
"Wh-what?! But I was such a jerk to you! You still want my help? You want me to work with you? To build your home?"
"Y-you... Bwahahahahahahaha!!! I're some kinda prize fools, aren't you! Don't you even realize I've been lying to you this whole time?! I've got no hope left... Not for this world! Not for my craft! Look at this scar, why don't you? Thanks to this stupid injury, my body won't even do what I want it to do anymore! I can't build anything! Build you a house! Ha! I can't make nothin' but junk anymore! You get it now? You're asking an old washout who can't build anything decent... build your house!"
"Y-you two..."
"You did what?"
"Y-you two..."
"Ugh... Gwaaaaaah!"
"<partner>... <player>... I'll do it. I' your house."
"Yeah. I'll put everything I've got into it. But... But not now... Right now I... I just need to cry for a bit..."
  • When the house is done:
"Urgh! Sorry it's so bad. I'm afraid this is the best I can do right now."
  • When Virizion appears:
"Ah! My lovely Virizion!"
"Ah... B-be my guest..."
"Please say you'll stay forever here in Post Town, my lovely Virizion!"
  • When the player is in the inn:
"Bwahahaaa! She turned him down!"
"Trying to get the lovely Virizion to be your friend and getting crushed in return... It's like a gauntlet we've all gotta run... It's practically become a town tradition! When it comes right down to it... If we didn't laugh it off every time she turns one of us down...we'd bbe done for! Bwaaahaaahaaaaaah! Bwaaahaaahaaaaaah!"
  • Afterwards:
  • At Desolate Canyon:
"Hey, Pawniard Brothers! <partner> and <player> are my precious customers, y'hear?"
  • After winning:
"Our lovely Virizion told us. She said Dunsparce was in trouble."
"Yes, my lovely Virizion?"
  • In Virizion's flashback:
"What! Dunsparce is--?! Got it! Then I'm going, too!"
"Hold on. You know, my lovely Virizion... You may act like you don't trust anyone or anything in this rotten world... But <player> and <partner> alone are... Well, don't you underestimate them."
"I used to be the same as you once... I didn't have any faith left in the world. But unlike you, my lovely, I... ...I crossed the line and did bad things to other Pokémon. Until quite recently, in fact. But... Meeting <player> and <partner>... It changed the way I thought about things. Every time I see those two, I think... This world...isn't worth giving up on yet."
"H-hmph! Did I say some thing like that?"

Moves used

Hazy Pass
Boosts: +80 HP (first battle),
+180 HP (second battle)
Desolate Canyon
Fighting Unknown
Held item:
Gurdurr Lv.10
Low Kick
Fighting Physical
Normal Physical
Fighting Unknown
Held item:
Gurdurr Lv.12
Low Kick
Fighting Physical
Normal Physical


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