Dunsparce (Gates to Infinity)

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ノコッチ Nokocchi
206Dunsparce PMDGTI.png
Dunsparce in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Gender Male
Ability Serene Grace
Current location Unknown
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Dunsparce (Japanese: ノコッチ Nokocchi) is a major character in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

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Dunsparce is a supporting character throughout the game. His best friend is Emolga. He is known to be a coward but despite that, he goes off into dungeons without his friend's consent. Dunsparce first appears as a client on the request board who needs to be rescued from Stompstump Peak. The partner and partner give a crystal they found while in the dungeon to him. When Virizion arrives into town, he uses the crystal as a proposal for Virizion to be his friend. Virizion refuses, and Dunsparce flees.

Two Pawniard appear saying that they can help him become stronger when in reality they just want to rip him off of everything he's got. Dunsparce buys into their scam and they head off into the Desolate Canyon dungeon together. The player and partner follow. When they get to a clearing, Dunsparce realizes that something isn't right and tries to flee but Pawniard trap him and make demands. The player and partner arrive just in time. Pawniard, realizing that they are outmatched and outnumbered call upon two Galvantula and Venipede to back them up. When looks like it is the end for the team, Emolga, Gurdurr, Timburr, and Virizion all suddenly arrive and with their help they defeat the gang who then flees further into the canyon. It is after this heroic feat that Dunsparce and his friend Emolga decide to join the player and partner's exploration team and are accepted as the first two members. When Umbreon and Espeon arrive in Post Town and explain their mission, the player, partner, and friends decide they want to help. Quagsire says that one of them will have to stay behind because it is a rule of HAPPI.

After Scraggy makes a suggestion that the weakest member should stay behind, Dunsparce gets worried that he might be the one who ends up staying behind. The night before the expedition, Dunsparce takes time to reflect on top of the hill in Post Town, when Virizion suddenly comes up to it. Dunsparce tells Virizion it's goals and the two have a heart to heart conversation. The next morning, Virizion volunteers to stay behind. It, Emolga, and the player and partner become upset with the decision and Emolga decides that the only way they can be fair is to draw straws. The next day, the team draws straws and whoever gets the shortest one ends up staying behind. Thinking that he influenced Virizion's decision to stay behind, Dunsparce volunteers to be the one to stay back in Pokémon Paradise.

As they are about to depart via the Magnagate, Dunsparce and the team say their farewells and Emolga decides that Dunsparce should go and pushes him into the Magnagate and stays behind willingly. After getting teleported to the front entrance to Telluric Path, Dunsparce regrets that Emolga can't go but decides to move forward and that Emolga wouldn't want him moping around. Early during their trek through the Glacier Palace, Dunsparce comments that he is having trouble breathing. He decides to ignore the feeling and go on with this teammates. When the team gets deep into the palace and enters a long hallway, soon everyone begins to have trouble breathing and collapses. Only the player is unaffected and left to watch his comrades slowly dying. Thankfully, Kyurem foresaw their arrival and saves them from their fate. He says that the part of the palace they were in was surrounded by a mysterious energy and that not even Kyurem has been able to enter past there. Kyurem says that the rest of the palace is off limits and that they should turn back now, but not before rewarding them with its great treasure.

In the endgame, Dunsparce volunteers to stay back in post town and help keep everyone optimistic (with the help of Swanna) about the bittercold.

Super Mystery Dungeon

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, a Dunsparce who is likely to be the same one is connected to Emolga, who is also likely to be the same Emolga. In order to connect with Dunsparce, the player must fulfill Emolga's request, which is to reunite him with Dunsparce.

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  • Just before and upon meeting the player:
"Ohhh... What am I going to do... Ah!"
"Y-yes! I am!"
"Th-thank you! Thank you so much! I WAAAHHHHHH!!!"
  • When giving the player their reward:
"<player>! <partner>! Thank you so much for rescuing me!"
"Ugh... I know... I really want to be the kind of Pokémon who does the rescuing, you know... But I'm not strong... And I get afraid... and then I always lose my nerve when the big moment arrives... I always mess up, and then I have to be the one who gets rescued in the end... I guess I'm just really not cut out to be an adventurer..."
"Yes! It's my dream to become a first-rate adventurer. It would be nice to explore all kinds of different places on adventures, of course... But really...I'd just like to help Pokémon around the world who are in trouble! I want to be able to give coureage and hope to Pokémon that are suffering! I just want to be useful--even a little! ...Th-that's my dream anyway. But... There's a huge gap between dreams and reality...and no matter what I do, I can't..."
"I wanted a crystal. I'd heard that the crystals in Stompstump Peak are really beautiful..."
"Ahh! That's it! This is it! This is the crystal I wanted! Wow, it really is beautiful!"
"What?! Are you sure?"
"Th-thank you!"
"Oh! I... Um, that's--I--! You see... Hoho..."
  • When Virizion appears:
"...Y-yes... Hoho..."
"What?! I...I can't do that!!! I really, really want to be friends with Virizion! But... How could I ever be brave enough to talk to someone like her? There's no way she'd even notice someone like me..."
"Wait... You guys! Hey!"
  • In the inn:
"Umm... Well... Th-this is... This crystal is for you, Miss Virizion!"
"Yes! That's right! P-please! Please be my friend!"
"Wha... Wait--what?"
"Sniff... I... Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!"
  • In Quagsire's flashback:
  • Desolate Canyon:
"I-I think... I think I'd better go home after all..."
"I...I was really upset back in town... When I heard what you two were saying, I thought, "I want to be strong right away!" And that's why I came this far, but... But... I'm not sure just getting what I really want..."
"A-and besides... When I really think about one can become strong just like that, right?"
"So I-I...I'm going home. Good-bye!"
"Emolga! Everybody! I'm going to fight! You don't need to protect me! I will fight and I won't be afraid! I promise! So you should all--!"
  • After winning:
"It''s finally over!"
"Yeah... I guess I got rescued again, huh? But I...was actually gullible enough to believe I could be strong just like that... It was all because of me that you all... Ahh, I really am useless...aren't I..."
"A-are you sure? I mean, I'm not..."
"Then I...I definitely want to join you!"
"<player>! <partner>! I'm going to do my best! Let's make a real paradise together!"
"I... I... Hoho..."
  • The next morning:
"<player>! <partner>!"
"Good morning!"
"We're going to form a team?"
"OK, then we should start thinking of a team name!"
"I think it's good, too!"
  • When Pelipper arrives with a chest:
"Ah! Pelipper!"
"Move growth?"
"The whole team...shares?"
  • In the morning on the first day of the V-Wave season:
"You're right... Where did he go? He was definitely with us a minute ago..."
"What was it? That strange wind just now? It didn't really feel like a normal breeze..."
"Ah! Emolga! Where did you run off to?"
"What is it? This thing?"
"I get it! And since today is a Fighting-type wave... Fighting-type Pokémon have an advantage. Since I'm a Normal type, I'm always weak to Fighting types. That means that if I want to go out adventuring today... I guess I'd better be extra careful around Fighting-type enemies."
  • Two mornings later:
"<partner>! <player>! Please come with me to Post Town right now! You can see the mirage from up on the hill!"
"That's right. Apparently this one can be seen from Post Town from time to time... ...but I heard from the others that it's really clear this time! The clearest it's ever been! Everyone else is already up on the hill."
"That's amazing! I want to go see it, too!"
"Why is that?"
  • The morning after the second suspicious Pokémon incident:
"Good morning!"
"Wha--? Inflora Forest?"
  • After finding Swadloon:
"I'm glad nothing happened to Swadloon."
  • In the inn with Umbreon:
"The...the Great Glacier?!"
  • When Umbreon tries to set out:
"A-are you OK?"
  • When Umbreon opens an incomplete Magnagate:
"What is that thing?!"
"We're <team name>, after all!"
"When everything's ready, let's set out at once!"
  • When Espeon and Umbreon are reunited:
"Th-the Great Glacier?!"
"A-are those...the Entercards?!"
  • When the player talks to Umbreon and Espeon on the hill:
"--going with Umbreon and Espeon--"
"Oh, you will agree, won't you? <player>?"
  • On the hill at night:
"Wha--! V-V-Virizion! Eep!"
"N-not...not a bit! Hah... Hah..."
"... ... ... i...I wanted to try to remember the mirage we saw from here before... The mirage of the Great Glacier... So... I thought that maybe if I came back here to the same spot, I'd remember it better."
"...Yeah, I really do. I want to become a first-rate adventurer. Then I want to go all around the world helping out Pokémon in need! I want to be able to give hope and courage to Pokémon who are suffering! That's my dream. Ah...I-I-I-I mean... S-sorry... D-does that...sound strange?"
"O-oh... That's fine... ...Hoho..."
"And that's why... I have a dream like that. But the gap between dreams and reality is huge... No matter what I do, it just always seems to go wrong... But since I joined <team name>... And after meeting everybody... I feel like that's finally beginning to change. But that's not--I mean--I'm still bad at all kinds of things, of course! But... Well, it's not exactly confidence, but... I feel like I can try harder these days without losing heart. And now that I started feeling like this, it turns out we're off to the Great Glacier..."
"You know what, Virizion? When I first heard we were going, I thought... "I definitely want to go there!" I really did. I feel like I'll be able to have all kinds of new experiences there. I feel like I'll be able to break out of my shell at last. And that's why... That's why I definitely want to go to the Great Glacier! There's no way I'll miss it!"
"I...I will! I really will! I'm gonna give it my all! It's gonna be like nothing you've ever seen! ...Hoho..."
  • When Quagsire reveals that someone has to stay behind:
"(The weakest...member...)"
"(The weakest member will stay behind...) (I knew it...) (I the one to stay behind...)"
"Um... I... I..."
  • When Umbreon and Espeon explain Virizion's past:
"(So Virizion really wanted to go to the Great Glacier as well...) (But she went and insisted on staying behind like that...) (It's gotta be...because of that talk we had...) (If only I hadn't...said that...) (Virizion probably volunteered to stay...) (...just so I'd get to go.) (But... Virizion is really the one who should go to the Great Glacier.)"
"Hey, everyone... I-I think Umbreon is right. I think Virizion should go to the Great Glacier after all."
"A-and that's why--! I'll st--!"
"And if Virizion happens to be the one who draws the short straw..."
  • When drawing straws:
"I-It's me! My paper has a red mark!"
"Emolga's right. The decision is final. I'm the one who should stay. And...
"Virizion... You're the one who should go to the Great Glacier. That's the way it should be. We heard it all from Umbreon. You have to go to the Great Glacier. You can't stay behind. Not when you have reasons like that. And it's just like someone said yesterday... The weakest member should stay behind. I think that's exactly right. And more than anything, the fact that we drew straws... We all had a fair chance and I still drew the short straw. So I'm OK with it. I need you all to be OK with it, too. Leave Paradise to me! And you all take care out there!"
"That's OK. I'll have Quagsire and Victini and everyone here. I won't be lonely or anything. Be careful at the Great Glacier and come back safe, OK? And bring me some good souvenirs!"
  • As everyone is preparing to depart into the first Magnagate:
"Everyone... Be careful out there!"
"I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring back for me! When you get back...please tell me all about the Great Glacier! Huh? Wh-why am I crying? Th-that's...strange... I was planning to see you all off with a why am I..."
"No, Emolga! You can't do this! Emolgaaaaaaaaa!!!"
  • Before entering Telluric Path:
"But Emolga..."
"Yes... I know... If he wants... He wants me...well, all of have a good adventure...from back in Paradise. We have to respect that wish of his... And look forward now, not back."
"Yeah, that's right! Now that you've left Post Town, they might come after you again!"
  • Upon arriving at the Great Glacier:
"Whoa! Everything's covered in ice!"
"It's a mountain...of ice, isn't it?"
"This is getting exciting!"
  • After clearing the dungeon:
"OH! The glacier is--! The glacier is so close now!"
"You're right! There are huge crevasses here, too!"
"What?! But that means--?!"
"Umm... Doesn't the light disappear after a certain amount of time?"
  • Upon clearing Glacial Underpass
"Hey, everybody! There's a light coming from over there!"
"Wh-what's with this place? At first I thought we'd made it outside, but... When you look carefully, this doesn't seem to be..."
"Well, it's almost like... It's almost like a big...palace of ice..."
"There could still be tons of treasures to be found! Let's get moving!"
  • Arriving in the room with the Frisms:
"Hah...hah... Hah...hah..."
"Yeah, I'm fine. It seems a little hard to breathe in here, but..."
"They're floating?! The chunks of ice are floating in the air!"
"There are more of them this way, too! They're so clear and beautiful..."
"Did you say... TREASURE?!"
"Isn't this great, <partner>?! We're surrounded by all this treasure!!!"
"Oooh! And now the clear part turned cloudy white! What is that? That white part?"
"That's <partner>'s voice!"
"Let's take a bunch of them home!"
"Can I do it this time?"
"What?! Virizion's crying?"
  • In the room with Golurk:
"A-and me! I felt like it was blowing from the path ahead..."
  • Walking through the long, ominous hallway:
"Hah... Hah... Hah... Hah..."
"Yeah... I'll... be fine... Sorry for... holding everyone up."
  • After Kyurem spawns the treasure chest:
"I was so sure Keldeo made it here..."
"That's wonderful, Virizion!"
"I got to see a castle made of ice! I guess they called it the Glacier Palace, huh?"
"And we're gonna give one to Emolga, too!"

Moves learned

Dunsparce will start the adventure with the following moveset:

Normal Unknown
Serene Grace
Held item:
Dunsparce Lv.6
Normal Physical
Defense Curl
Normal Status
Rock Physical

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