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The Gift Shop (Japanese: ギフトショップ Gift Shop) is a shop in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, which is unlocked after completing a job request following Victini opening up his shop in Pokémon Paradise. Friend gifts can be created here by giving Cinccino various items and money. Friend Gifts are used to auto-recruit specific wild Pokémon in a dungeon. More gifts are unlocked as new dungeons are unlocked.

The second option presented when talking to Cinccino, Pokémon Information, is a complete list of Pokémon found in the game (with the exception of Kecleon, who can't be recruited), similar to a Pokédex. Pokémon that have been recruited are marked with a check. Besides the type, location, and a rotating 3D picture of the Pokémon, it also lists the Abilities and evolution method. No descriptions are given. When a Pokémon is selected by pressing A, the unlocked Friend Gift(s) applicable to that Pokémon are displayed.

List of Friend Gifts

Friend Gift Requirements
  Eevee Gift  1,000

  Oran Berry ×2

  Wooper Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Dunsparce Gift  300

  Warp Seed ×2

  Swinub Gift  300

  Tough Flag

  Wingull Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Azurill Gift  300

  Plain Seed ×2

  Bagon Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Cranidos Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Glameow Gift  300

  Cheri Berry ×2

  Croagunk Gift  300

  Pecha Berry ×2

  Patrat Gift  300

  Chesto Berry ×2

  Lillipup Gift  300

  Chesto Berry ×2

  Pansage Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Pansear Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Panpour Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Munna Gift  300

  Charity Flag

  Blitzle Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Roggenrola Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Woobat Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Drilbur Gift  300

  Clarity Flag

  Audino Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Timburr Gift  300

  Vine Pigment

  Tympole Gift  300

  Rainy Orb

  Sewaddle Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Venipede Gift  300

  Pecha Berry ×2

  Cottonee Gift  300

  Quick Seed ×2

  Petilil Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Sandile Gift  300

  Weather Band

  Dwebble Gift  300

  Defense Scarf

  Scraggy Gift  300

  Training Seed ×2

  Yamask Gift  300

  Totter Seed ×2

  Tirtouga Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Archen Gift  300

  Tough Flag

  Trubbish Gift  300

  Pecha Berry ×2

  Zorua Gift  300

  Evasion Orb

  Minccino Gift  300

  Lucky Ribbon

  Gothita Gift  300

  Special Band

  Ducklett Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Emolga Gift  1,000

  Cheri Berry ×2

  Foongus Gift  300

  Twist Band

  Joltik Gift  300

  Cheri Berry ×2

  Klink Gift  300

  No-Stick Cap

  Litwick Gift  300

  X-Ray Specs

  Cubchoo Gift  300

  Rawst Berry ×2

  Cryogonal Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Mienfoo Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Druddigon Gift  300

  Violent Seed ×2

  Golett Gift  300

  Stone Slab

  Pawniard Gift  300

  Oran Berry ×2

  Rufflet Gift  300

  Resilient Flag

  Vullaby Gift  300

  Eyedrop Seed ×2

  Deino Gift  300

  Rich Soil

  Larvesta Gift  300

  Rawst Berry ×2


In other languages

Language Title
  French Boutique Cadeau
  German Geschenkeladen
  Italian Centro regali
  Spanish Tienda de Regalos

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