Delibird Presents

Delibird Presents (Japanese: デリバードポーチ Delibird Pouch) is a chain of convenience stores located across the Paldea region.

A Delibird Presents store located in Mesagoza

In the games

The items sold at Delibird Presents are split up into four sections: Battle items, General goods, Poké Balls, and Rotom Phone cases. Each type of Rotom Phone case can only be bought once.


Branch Detail
Cascarrafa Bottom level, near the Cascarrafa (North) Pokémon Center
Second level, near the eastern elevator
Levincia Northern half, near the Levincia (North) Pokémon Center
Mesagoza Northeast of the main entrance
Southeast of the Mesagoza West Gate
Northeast of the Mesagoza West Gate


All stores in a city are part of the same branch, and all stores in a branch sell the same items. The stock of Battle items and Rotom Phone cases change from branch to branch, but the General goods and Poké Balls are the same at every store.

All Branches

General Goods
Poké Balls

Cascarrafa Branch

Battle Items
Rotom Phone Cases

Levincia Branch

Battle Items
Rotom Phone Cases

Mesagoza Branch

Battle Items
Rotom Phone Cases

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 信使鳥包包 Seunsíníuh Bāaubāau
Mandarin 信使鳥包包 / 信使鸟包包 Xìnshǐniǎo Bāobāo
  French Rézo Cadoizo
  German BotoBeutel
  Italian Il Sacco di Delibird
  Korean 딜리버드 파우치 Delibird Pouch
  Spanish Delibazar

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