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Recurring item

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A recurring item is a kind of item in the core series games that respawns in a location after a certain amount of time has passed. Recurring items were introduced in Generation II and have been a feature of all subsequent generations.


Recurring items by generation

Generation II

The first recurring items introduced were Apricorns and Berries in Pokémon Gold and Silver, which replenished themselves on trees after the player had harvested them. New Apricorns and Berries would grow back on their respective trees at midnight each day. In addition, every Monday night a Clefairy event can be triggered in Mt. Moon Square, leaving behind a breakable rock with a Moon Stone hidden underneath.

Generation III

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Shoal Salts and Shoal Shells were introduced, and the concept of Berry trees was expanded to allow players to grow their own Berries. Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen removed Berry trees, and instead hid recurring Berries on the ground in Berry Forest, where Berries may regenerate every 512 steps. In the same games, Ultra Balls and other valuable items recur on Treasure Beach.

Generation IV

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum introduced recurring Honey, in Floaroma Meadow. The Honey regenerates in one of the positions in which it was originally collected by the player, at a rate of two Honey per day. Some of the Star Pieces hidden in Iron Island regenerate daily. These games also featured a daily recurring Reaper Cloth, Rare Bone, or Stardust in Turnback Cave.

Generation V

In Black and White, TinyMushrooms will regrow, though they will remain hidden. Additionally, a Pearl and Stardust may wash up on Route 13 or on the shore of Undella Bay once per day. Outside of Pinwheel Forest, there is a Challenge Rock that invites Fighting-type Pokémon to smash it. Doing so will produce a Star Piece once per day.

In Black 2 and White 2, the recurring items differ slightly, as do the locations. Hidden Grottoes were introduced, which regenerate many types of item as the player increases their step count.

Generation VI

In Generation VI, Honey will regenerate in at least four locations periodically: one next to the railroad tracks on Route 18, one in the top-right corner of the fenced-in patch of grass outside Shalour City on Route 12, and two in the Pokémon Village, one in the topmost pavilion and one across the river from it. Pretty Wings will regenerate in at least two places periodically: one in a bush immediately south of the Pokémon Center in Couriway Town and one beneath the tire in the Pokémon Village. Prism Scales will randomly regenerate in the middle square of grass in the waterfall above Couriway Town. An Oval Stone will periodically regenerate in the Unknown Dungeon along the left-middle stalagmite. A Tiny Mushroom will regrow occasionally in the farthest-right mushroom stalk in Laverre City. As in Generation III on Treasure Beach and Generation V along the beaches in Unova, items will randomly wash up on the beaches in Kalos, including along Routes 8 and 9 and in Shalour City. As in previous games, some of these items include many valuable items.

Generation VI also reintroduced the idea of recurring Berries. In these games, a rare Berry drops from its tree approximately once per week for the player to collect. There is one Berry tree found on nearly every Route. The list of Trees is as follows:

Generation VII

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In Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, hidden items respawn either once or several times a day. Some of these hidden items are fixed to be the same item every time, while spots have randomly selected items upon interaction. Hidden items thus allow players to repeatedly obtain rare items such as Heart Scales, Moon Stones, and even Master Balls.

Other daily items include:

Recurring gift items

Certain items may be given to the player once per day by non-player characters, often for fulfilling a certain task.


Starting in Generation II, the Pokémon Lottery Corner has a chance to reward the player with an item once per day (unlimited times in Gold, Silver, and Crystal). The prize varies on how many digits of a randomly generated number match the ID of any of the player's Pokémon; they are typically rare items, such as PP Ups. Notably, the lottery provides the only recurring source of Master Balls in the series if a perfect match is made.

Generation III

In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, various non-player characters in Hoenn will give items, usually Berries, simply when spoken to.

Generation IV

In Platinum Version, there are more non-player characters that require something of the player in order to give an item. Similarly to Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, characters in Floaroma Town, Route 208, and Pastoria City give the player a Berry every day when spoken to.

Generation V

There are a range of recurring gift items in all Generation V games.

In Black 2 and White 2,

  • Two scientists in the Castelia Sewers will give the player one healing item, randomly selected, per day if spoken to. The female, accessible in all seasons, will give the player either a Potion, Super Potion, or Revive and the male scientist, accessible only in Spring and Summer, will give the player an Antidote, Full Heal, or Full Restore.
  • Once per day the player may volunteer to walk the Socialite's Mienfoo in Humilau City and will be rewarded with a Pearl for their troubles.
  • Once per day an Ace Trainer on Route 4 will give the player five or one Swift WingW2 or a Muscle WingB2 for showing himW2/herB2 a Pokémon with the same or a higher AttackW2 or SpeedB2 stat than the number specified.
  • Once per day a Worker in Twist Mountain will give the player a random fossil from a previous gen game.
  • Once per day a Pokémon Breeder on Route 5 will give the player 5 random EV-lowering berries.
  • Once per day a businessman in Castelia City's Studio Castelia will give the player a choice of one Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, or Aspear Berry if the player shows him a Pokémon of the type he specifies.
  • Once per day a Roughneck in Virbank City will give the player a Great Ball in exchange for a Poké Ball.
  • Once per day a lady in Shopping Mall Nine on Route 9 will ask the player to buy her a Hyper Potion and provides the money to do so. If the player talks to her again with a Hyper Potion in their bag, she will reward the player with an Energy Root.

Generation VI

In X and Y,