Chic Kebab

Chic Kebab (Japanese: 串のトリコ Skewer Captive) is a chain of vendors located across the Paldea region.

A Chic Kebab stand located in Artazon

In the games

Dishes purchased at Chic Kebab can be consumed to gain different types of Meal Powers.


Chic Kebab has branches in the following locations:

Branch Detail
Artazon Southeast of the swimming pool
Cascarrafa Second level, southeast corner of central plaza
Second level, southwest corner of central plaza
Levincia Southern half, near the Levincia (South) Pokémon Center
Northern half, eastern edge of the city
Medali Small plaza behind the amphitheater
Mesagoza South of the central plaza, on the left
South of the central plaza, on the right
Montenevera Central plaza of the town
Zapapico Near the Zapapico (West) Pokémon Center


All Chic Kebab stalls sell the same products regardless of branch.

Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Pinchitos $1,200   Item Drop Power:  Dark  (1)
Teensy Power:  Dragon  (1)
Exp. Point Power:  Rock  (1)
This dish is at its absolute best when freshly made. Its rich aroma whets the appetite.
Grilled Rice Balls $950   Encounter Power:  Fairy  (1)
Teensy Power:  Electric  (1)
Egg Power (1)
These rice balls have been grilled to perfection. The soy sauce-based marinade is very fragrant.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 戀戀串燒 Lyúnlyún Chyunsīu
Mandarin 戀戀串燒 / 恋恋串烧 Liànliàn Chuànshāo
  French Une Belle Brochette
  German Spießer
  Italian Chiedospiedo
  Korean 꼬치의 포로 Kkochi-ui Poro
  Spanish Pincho Panza

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