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Welcome to Project Routes!
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Project Routes is a Bulbapedia project which aims to create and expand articles on routes in the Pokémon world. If you have any questions about how to contribute, make sure to drop a line on the Project talk page and we'll help you out!

Scope and aimsGoals for AprilContactsHow you can helpKey templatesTo-do list
Scope and aims

Project Routes covers all articles about Routes in the Pokémon World. The ultimate goal is to create, expand and standardize articles for every route, numbered and named, such as Hoenn's Jagged Pass or Kanto's Diglett's Cave, that has been featured in the Pokémon games and anime. Currently, this project covers every route in the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and the Sevii Islands.

Best practice articles

Goals for April
IconBPEditorialBoardSm.png Jo The Marten Head of Games
IconBPEditorialBoardSm.png G50 Editorial Board
IconBPEditorialBoardSm.png abcboy Editorial Board
How you can help

You can help by opening the List of routes and selecting any route that is a stub (or not a stub) and expand it using your general knowledge or from other facts and figures. Most of the existing route articles need to be modified to comply with the project standard (see below). You can check Category:Route stubs to see which articles need expanding.

Routes in Category:Routes needing screenshots have been converted to the new standard but are missing screenshots for the infobox. You can open this category, see which routes are listed and, if possible, upload a screenshot of that route to Bulbagarden Archives. Once the image has been uploaded, the Template:Routeimage tag can be removed.

Quality articles

As a wise man once said, "We’ve been planting many young shrubs, but in the process, we keep forgetting to water our old oaks." This can be found in electAbuzzzz's editorial essay on article quality, which has more to do with anime Pokémon, however, it is very applicable in this case. Many route articles that have been made, contain small amounts, if not no information, and are subject to broken templates etc.

In order to create a quality article for route pages, please follow the guide, How to create a quality route article.

Key templates


Route 2
Route 2
Kanto Route 2 HGSS.png
Map description
A path that winds and bends from the forest's entrance.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Pewter City
Route 2
Diglett's Cave
Viridian City
Kanto Route 2
Location of Route 2 in Kanto.
Kanto Route 2 RBY.png Kanto Route 2 GSC.png Kanto Route 2 FRLG.png
Gen I Gen II Gen III
Pokémon world routes
Route 1       Route 3

Template:Route infobox. An example is to the right. This is the basic syntax you need to get a complete routebox on the article page, just place this before any other text and fill in the variables.

{{Route infobox

For the above parameters, here's what you should fill in:

  • number - Number of the route (e.g. 2 or 12 or 112)
  • image - Filename for the image that will be displayed in the infobox
  • size - Size of the image that will be displayed in the infobox
  • mapdesc - description of the route on the Pokégear or Town Map
  • imageI, imageII, imageIII and imageIV - Image of the route during Generation I, II, III, and IV
  • type - type of terrain the route is, from one of the choices listed here
  • north, east, west and south - Connecting locations in the given directions - alternate link-text can be given as northalt, eastalt, etc., while secondary connectors in the same direction can be given as north2, east2, etc.
  • regionnorth, regioneast, regionwest and regionsouth - For connecting locations that are routes, what region the route is in
  • region - Region the subject of the article is in
  • prev - Route before this route - defaults to number - 1
  • next - Route after this route - defaults to number + 1
  • cut, surf, strength, flash, defog, rocksmash, whirlpool, waterfall, rockclimb, dive, bike, mach, acro - tools required for full navigation of the route: input "yes" if the tool is required in every appearance of the route, or a {{tt}}'d asterisk or a game abbreviation using a subtemplate of {{sup}} if this tool is required in only certain appearances.

Item list

An example is bellow. This is the basic syntax you need to get a complete item list on the article page, just place this before any other text and fill in the variables.

{{Itlisth|<type of area>}}
{{Itemlist|<name of item>|<Where it is located>|<initial of game>=yes|display=<name of item> (conditional)}}
{{Itlistfoot|<type of area>}}
Item Location Games
Potion Potion Obtained from Viridian Poké Mart employee  R  B  Y 
Bitter Berry South of the first ledge on west side of route  G  S  C 
Potion Potion Obtained from Viridian Poké Mart employee  FR  LG 
Black Apricorn Blk Apricorn South of the first ledge on west side of route  HG  SS 

Other templates