Santalune Gym

Santalune Gym
ハクダンジム Hakudan Gym
Santalune Gym anime.png
Location Santalune City
Gym Leader Viola
Badge Bug Badge
Dominant Type Bug
Region Kalos
Santalune Gym battlefield.png

The Santalune Gym (Japanese: ハクダンジム Hakudan Gym) is the official Gym of Santalune City, and is the first Gym the player challenges in Pokémon X and Y. It is based on Bug-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Viola. Trainers that defeat her receive the Bug Badge.

In the games

The first room of the Gym resembles a gallery, and it displays many of Viola's photographs. Sliding down the rope in the center of the room takes the player to the room below, which is large, dark, and has many giant plants growing in it. Several Trainers await challengers in this room, standing on wooden platforms that are linked together by a giant spiderweb. The player may walk on this spiderweb to navigate the room, though there are several darker sections that cannot be stepped on. Although there are many paths leading to the end of the room, a series of large water droplets will mark out the quickest route that the player can take while facing as few Trainers as possible.

After defeating Viola, who resides on a large, wooden platform towards the back of the room, the tent behind her will pull back to reveal a staircase that leads to a hidden passage. This passage opens out behind one of the photographs in the first room, which will slide back into place once the player has left.


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Trainer Pokémon
Youngster David
マサオ Masao
Reward:  240
  Ledyba Lv.10
No item
Youngster Zachary
ドニ Doni
Reward:  240
  Spewpa Lv.10
No item
Lass Charlotte
ミク Miku
Reward:  216
  Kakuna Lv.7
No item
  Combee Lv.9
No item


Item Location Games
  TM83 (Infestation) Reward for defeating Viola  X  Y 

In the anime

The Santalune Gym first appeared in A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!, where Ash challenged Viola to a Gym battle, but lost after he couldn't outwit her Surskit's ice battlefield strategy. The Gym reappeared in Battling on Thin Ice! for Ash's rematch, in which he defeated Viola.

Pokémon used in the Gym

Surskit is Viola's first known Pokémon. It was first used against Ash's Pikachu in their first Gym battle. Surskit defeated Pikachu by freezing the battlefield with Ice Beam, which prevented him from moving properly and left him unable to escape Surskit's Signal Beam. Next, it fought Fletchling, who quickly defeated Surskit due to its ability to fly. In Battling on Thin Ice!, Surskit battled Pikachu again in a rematch, where its previous tactics failed due to Pikachu using his tail to balance himself on the ice. It was eventually defeated by Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

Surskit returned in Breaking Titles at the Chateau! where it battled Grant's Onix but lost.

It was seen in flashbacks in A PokeVision of Things to Come! and Coming Back into the Cold.

Surskit's known moves are Protect, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Sticky Web, and Bubble Beam.

Debut A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!
Voice actors
English Eileen Stevens
Vivillon is Viola's second known Pokémon. It was first used against Ash in their first Gym battle. It was sent out to battle Fletchling after it had defeated Surskit. It won the battle by using Psychic to trap Fletchling in Surskit's Sticky Web, leaving it defenseless to Vivillon's Solar Beam. In Battling on Thin Ice!, Vivillon faced Fletchling again in a rematch, where it beat Fletchling again by hitting it with Sleep Powder, leaving it defenseless to Solar Beam once more. Then it fought Pikachu, where Vivillon was defeated after its wing was frozen by the ice surrounding the Gym, hindering its ability to fly and leaving it an easy target for Pikachu's Thunderbolt. It was seen in a flashback in To Catch a Pokemon Smuggler!.

Vivillon's known moves are Psychic, Gust, Solar Beam, and Sleep Powder.

Debut A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!
Voice actors
Japanese Aya Endō
English Eileen Stevens

In the manga

Santalune Gym in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

The Santalune Gym debuted in The Aegislash Agenda, where Viola invited X and his friends to stay at the Gym for a night. Viola also challenged X to a battle, which ended in X's victory. During the group's stay, Celosia mind-controlled Shauna with her Honedge in an attempt to steal X's Kangaskhanite, but thanks to Korrina arriving to help the group, the Team Flare Scientist was eventually forced do retreat empty-handed.

In Zygarde Agitated, Viola met Alexa at the Gym to discuss the possibility of Team Flare attempting to use the ultimate weapon again after the first firing had failed to take any lives.

In Magearna Moves, X and Y had a Holo Caster call with Trevor from the Santalune Gym.

Pokémon used in the Gym

Vivillon is Viola's first known Pokémon. It was first seen with its Trainer in Santalune City. Later, it faced X's Kanga in the Santalune Gym, where it lost. It has a Meadow Pattern.

Vivillon's known moves are Supersonic and Powder.

Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't


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