Pokémon League (Kalos)

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Pokémon League ポケモンリーグ
Pokémon League
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Pokémon League Kalos.png
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This path is open only to those who can best every Pokémon Gym in the Kalos region.
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Kalos League
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Champion Diantha
Kalos League
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Pokémon League
Victory Road
Kalos Pokémon League Map.png
Location of Pokémon League in Kalos.

The Kalos Pokémon League (Japanese: カロスポケモンリーグ Kalos Pokémon League) is the location of the Kalos's Elite Four and Champion, whom may only be challenged after defeating all eight Kalos Gym Leaders. It is located on a large hill north of Victory Road.

Getting to the Pokémon League requires obtaining all eight Gym Badges, showing them to the guard at the entrance of the Victory Road, defeating him in a battle, and then passing through a large mountain/highland area. Once through, the player will be able to enter the League, consisted by the League's Pokémon Center/Poké Mart and the castle where the Elite Four and the Champion reside. After making it through the entrance hall, the player is greeted by Malva, who congratulates them for defeating Team Flare, after which she will retreat to her chamber to wait for the player's arrival.

From the main hall, four different doors lead to four different chambers: the first door on the right leads to the Blazing Chamber, hosted by the Fire type expert Malva; the second door on the right leads to the Flood Chamber, hosted by the Water type expert Siebold; the first door on the left leads to the Ironworks Chamber, hosted by the Steel type expert Wikstrom; and the second door on the left leads to the Dragonmark Chamber, hosted by the Dragon type expert Drasna. After defeating all four members, the great pair of doors at the end of the main hall will open, allowing the player to enter the Radiant Chamber to face the Pokémon League Champion, Diantha.


Kalos's Pokémon League has a population of 12.

Poké Mart

Generation VI
  Poké Ball
  Great Ball
  Ultra Ball
  Super Potion
  Hyper Potion
  Max Potion
  Full Restore
  Paralyze Heal
  Burn Heal
  Ice Heal
  Full Heal
  Escape Rope
  Super Repel
  Max Repel


All the Chambers at the Pokémon League consist of small entrance chambers, which can still be exited once entered. In the middle of the entrance chambers, a small stone platform acts as an elevator, taking the player to the actual battling chamber once stepped onto. Once the battle is over, the platform can be stepped onto again, bringing the player back to the main hall.

Entrance hall

In the entrance hall, two Trainers will provide the player with basic information about the Elite Four. Two large passageways decorated with numerous paintings lead the player to the doors leading into the main hall.

Main hall

In the main hall, the player is initially greeted by the Elite Four member Malva, who will then retreat into her Chamber to wait. The main hall is a large, dark room, lighted only by the light coming from a window at the end of the hall. The main hall has four entrances, each of them leading to an Elite Four member's Chamber. After defeating an Elite Four member, the player will be transported back to the main hall, where the defeated member's door is closed and the torches on each side of the door have died out. Once all the Elite Four members have been defeated, a large pair of doors will open at the end of the main hall, allowing the player to enter the Radiant Chamber to face the Champion.

Blazing Chamber


In the Blazing Chamber (Japanese: 火炎の間 Flame Room), on the left and right side of the platform, two huge pipes reside. At first, they are dormant, but once the player enters the Chamber, the pipes initially puff up two small flames each, before sending two huge pillars of fire into the ceiling, raging the whole time the player remains at the Chamber. The Elite Four member, Malva, is resting on her throne, and will stay sitting there, making the player come to her.

Flood Chamber


In the Flood Chamber (Japanese: 水門の間 Floodgate Room), two chains connected to hollow, screw-shaped pillars reside on each side of the platform. Once entering the chamber, the chains get pulled down, while the both pillars spin upwards, soon coming to a halt. The pillars then spout out large masses of water, which also starts pouring down from the roof line, flooding the entire Chamber. The Elite Four member, Siebold, initially has his back to the player, but will turn around once approached, asking the player if they would ever consider Pokémon battling as a work of art. Once the answer is given, the battle quickly begins.

Ironworks Chamber


In the Ironworks Chamber (Japanese: 鋼鉄の間 Steel Room), the Elite Four member is initially covered by huge metal walls. As soon as the player enters the chamber, however, two giant blades descend down from the ceiling and into two slots meant for them at the floor, and then turn 90 degrees, causing the wall to first flash with green light and then come down, sinking into the floor. The blades then turn another 90 degrees, raising a round wall around the arena. As the player approaches the Elite Four member, Wikstrom, he will step down from his throne to face them.

Dragonmark Chamber


In the Dragonmark Chamber (Japanese: 竜章の間 Dragon Emblem Room), the room is first filled with blue mist, which clears as soon as the player enters the Chamber. Two giant structures shaped like a dragon's wings spread wide open, and a cover shaped like a dragon's head lifts up, revealing the Elite Four member. Two pipes on each side of the player then start emitting some sort of incense into the air. The Elite Four member, Drasna, is standing in front of her throne, gladly greeting the player as they approach her.

Radiant Chamber


In the Radiant Chamber (Japanese: 光の間 Light Room), the player will initially enter an entrance hall that is much larger than the previous entrance halls, shaped like a throne room of a castle. In the battling chamber, wide windows spread light across the room, covered by light, transparent white veils. The floor is covered by colorful, abstract paintings, representing the Pokémon types. In front of the platform, the Champion, Diantha, will greet the player before battling them.

Hall of Fame

Main article: Hall of Fame

Once defeated, the Champion and the player will step onto the platform once again, taking them one more level upwards to the Hall of Fame. At the end of the small room, the player will place all of their Poké Balls on a machine that records the data of their Pokémon.


Item Location Games
  Kalos Champion Ribbon Given to each Pokémon in the party upon entering the Hall of Fame  X  Y 

In the spin-off-games

The Kalos Pokémon League stage in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

Main article: Kalos Pokémon League (stage)

The Pokémon League appears as a stage in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Pokémon Masters EX

Artwork of various depictions of the Kalos Pokémon League is seen in the mindscapes of many Trainers associated with it, including the Elite Four, Diantha, and Calem.

Calem & Meowstic
Calem (Champion) & Greninja
Siebold & Clawitzer
Wikstrom & Aegislash
Malva & Talonflame
Drasna & Noivern
Diantha & Gardevoir
Sygna Suit Diantha & Diancie

In the anime

The Lumiose Pokémon League stadium in the anime
Main article: Lumiose Conference

In the anime, the Kalos Pokémon League Conference was held in Lumiose City. Unlike most other League Conferences, the conference is not held there annually, and its location was only revealed shortly before the competition, with the stadium still being under construction at the time of the announcement.


  • The Kalos Pokémon League contains the highest-level Pokémon initially battled at any Pokémon League, with the Elite Four and the Champion's strongest Pokémon being at levels 65 and 68, respectively.
  • The four chambers are color-coded red, blue, gray, and purple. In the hub area, these colors can be seen on the oval emblems high above each door, and the doors themselves (most visibly for the Blazing Chamber) once closed.
  • Every member of the Kalos Elite Four uses at least one Pokémon that was the signature Pokémon of a Gym Leader or Elite Four member from a previous generation:
  • The Kalos Pokémon League is based on the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.
  • The Kalos Elite Four and Champion all have at least one Pokémon in their teams with a quadruple weakness and one with a quadruple resistance.

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Ligue Pokémon
  German Pokémon Liga
  Italian Lega Pokémon
  Korean 포켓몬리그 Pokémon League
  European Spanish Liga Pokémon

Blazing Chamber

Language Title
  French Chambre du Brasier
  German Flammen-Saal
  Italian Sala delle Fiamme
  Korean 화염의 방 Hwayeom-ui Bang
  Spanish Sala de las Llamas

Flood Chamber

Language Title
  French Chambre du Barrage
  German Schleusen-Saal
  Italian Sala delle Chiuse
  Korean 수문의 방 Sumun-ui Bang
  Spanish Sala de la Esclusa

Ironworks Chamber

Language Title
  French Chambre de l'Alliage
  German Rüstungs-Saal
  Italian Sala del Metallo
  Korean 무쇠의 방 Musoe-ui Bang
  Spanish Sala del Metal

Dragonmark Chamber

Language Title
  French Chambre de la Guivre
  German Draco-Saal
  Italian Sala del Dragone
  Korean 용문양의 방 Yongmunyang-ui Bang
  Spanish Sala del Draco

Radiant Chamber

Language Title
  French Chambre de l'Éclat
  German Licht-Saal
  Italian Sala della Luce
  Korean 빛의 방 Bich-ui Bang
  Spanish Sala de la Luz

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