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ガンピ Gampi
XY Wikstrom.png
Art from X and Y
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dull brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Trainer class Elite Four
Generation VI
Games X and Y, Masters EX
Elite Four of Pokémon League (Kalos)
Specializes in Steel types
Game animation debut GOTCHA!
English voice actor N/A (Masters EX)
Japanese voice actor N/A (Masters EX)
Anime cameos Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

Wikstrom (Japanese: ガンピ Gampi) is a Steel-type Trainer and member of the Kalos Elite Four.


In the core series

In Pokémon X and Y, Wikstrom appears as an Elite Four Trainer of Kalos. He is quite chivalric, reveling in a fair and honorable Pokémon battle.[1]


Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon League

Battle Chateau

Battle Chateau - Blue Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau - Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau - Red Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau - Black Writ of Challenge

In spin-off games



VSWikstrom.png XY Wikstrom Icon.png
VS portrait from
X and Y
PSS icon from
X and Y


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In the anime

In the main series

Wikstrom debuted in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction as part of the World of Pokémon intro. During his cameo, he was seen in a battle with Diantha.


Wikstrom's Mega Scizor
Scizor ↔ Mega Scizor
Wikstrom used his Scizor in a battle against Diantha's Gardevoir, with both Pokémon Mega Evolved. Despite a type advantage, Mega Scizor lost the battle in a single hit.

None of Scizor's moves are known.

Debut Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

In the GOTCHA! music video

Wikstrom briefly appeared in GOTCHA!.

In the manga

Wikstrom in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Wikstrom debuts in Malamar Traps. He first appears as a fantasy when Diantha informed Korrina about each of the Kalos Elite Four. He later debuts in person alongside Drasna, where he assists X and Y's group in their quest to stop Team Flare. With his Probopass's magnetic abilities, Wikstrom created guides in the road to help X's group travel to Team Flare's hiding place. Later, Wikstrom battles against members of Team Flare at Route 20.

After Team Flare is fully defeated, Wikstrom, the remaining Elite Four members, and Diantha carry the unconscious body of Malva, who had turned out to be a member of Team Flare.


Wikstrom's Probopass
Probopass is Wikstrom's only known Pokémon. It was first used to help X and his friends on their way to Team Flare's hiding place. By using its magnetism to pull ore from the ground, Probopass made guides in the road to lead X and his friends on their way.

Probopass's only known move is Magnet Bomb.

Debut Malamar Traps



Language Name Origin
Japanese ガンピ Gampi From 雁皮 gampi (a group of Japanese shrubs belonging to the genus Wikstroemia)
English Wikstrom From the genus Wikstroemia
German Thymelot From Thymelaeaceae and Camelot
Spanish Tileo From timeleáceas (Thymelaeaceae)
French Thyméo From Thymelaeaceae (family that contains the genus Wikstroemia) and τιμώ timáo (Greek for honor)
Italian Timeus From Thymelaeaceae
Korean 간피 Ganpi Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 雁鎧 / 雁铠 Yànkǎi From 雁皮 yànpí / ngaahnpèih (gampi) and 鎧甲 / 铠甲 kǎijiǎ / hóigaap (armor)
Chinese (Cantonese) 雁鎧 Ngaahnhói


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