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Malamar Traps
Calamanero, Lay a Trap
Shogakukan mini-volume Ch. 32 in Vol. 5
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 32 in Vol. 10
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 587 in Vol. 60
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 39 in Vol. 5
Series Pokémon Adventures

Malamar Traps (Japanese: カラマネロ、仕掛ける Calamanero, Lay a Trap) is the 587th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • X and his friends stay the night at Route 18 before heading to Pokémon Village to confront Team Flare.
  • Diantha introduces X to Wikstrom and Drasna, who are also assisting the heroes.
  • Xerosic reports the recent events to Lysandre, who orders that he stop the Expansion Suit project.
  • The next day, X and his friends set off to the Pokémon Village alongside Diantha and Blue.
  • Y reveals that Xerxer has reverted to its tree form while Salamè refuses to leave its Poké Ball.
  • As they travel, Croaky senses something and evolves into a Greninja.
  • Croaky attempts to warn the group of an attacker, but everyone falls asleep before fully understanding his intentions.
  • The culprit reveals himself to be Xerosic, who used his Malamar's Hypnosis to put everyone to sleep.
  • X reveals that he didn't fall asleep and has Croaky defeat Malamar.
  • X interrogates Xerosic and asks why he didn't just ambush them at the Pokémon Village.
  • At the Pokémon Village, multiple Team Flare members report being attacked by Wikstrom, Drasna, and Siebold.
  • Inside a cave at the village, Mewtwo lies in wait.
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PS586 : Zygarde Appears
X & Y arc
PS588 : Chesnaught Protects
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