Chamber of Emptiness

Chamber of Emptiness 空ろの間
Hollow Room
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Chamber of Emptiness XY.png
Map description: A mysterious void. It is said that nothing can exist within it.
Location: Route 22
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
Kalos Chamber of Emptiness Map.png
Location of Chamber of Emptiness in Kalos.
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Chamber of Emptiness (Japanese: 空ろの間 Hollow Room) is a small cave found in Kalos. There is nothing in the cave other than two items: a Banettite and the Spooky Plate.


The Chamber of Emptiness is a small cave on Route 22. It can be accessed by surfing south of the main path and scaling down a waterfall, then walking through a crop of yellow flowers to the entrance. The cave has a short narrow walkway, which opens up into an octagonal-shaped room.


Item Location Games
  Spooky Plate In the middle of the cave  X  Y 
  Banettite At the end of the cave (post-game, between 8:00 and 8:59 PM; requires an upgraded Mega Ring)  X  Y 

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 虛空之室 Hēuihūng jī Sāt
Mandarin 虛空之室 / 虚空之室 Xūkōng zhī Shì
  European French Chambre Néant
  German Kammer der Leere
  Italian Stanza Vacua
  Korean 공허의방 Gongheo ui Bang
  Spanish Estancia Vacua

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