South Boulevard

South Boulevard サウスサイド ストリート
Southside Street
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
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Location of South Boulevard in Lumiose City.
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South Boulevard (Japanese: サウスサイド ストリート Southside Street) is a street lining the southern half of Lumiose City in the Kalos region. It connects to North Boulevard, Estival Avenue, and Vernal Avenue. This is the first part of Lumiose City that the player can explore in Pokémon X and Y, along with Vernal Avenue. The other parts are blocked until the player has defeated Team Flare at the Kalos Power Plant and watched Clemont relight the Lumiose Gym.

South Boulevard has three gates connecting it to outside routes. In the southwest is the Route 4 Gate, in the southeast the Route 5 Gate, and in the northwest the Route 13 Gate.

Places of interest

PR Video Studio

Main article: Trainer PR Video

A purple building where Trainer PR Videos can be created, located directly across from the South Boulevard Pokémon Center. PR Videos filmed here can be shared with passers-by and people who have been given the player's Nintendo 3DS Friend Code.

When the player reaches sufficient stylishness, the woman at the right counter will add new video effects for PR Videos. She will add two different sets: one if the player has at least 25 points of style, and the other for at least 90 points of style.

Sycamore Pokémon Lab

Professor Sycamore's Pokémon research lab is located directly opposite Vernal Avenue. It is here where the player can receive either Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle upon defeating Professor Sycamore in a Pokémon battle early in the game, as well as their corresponding Mega Stone. After the player enters the Hall of Fame, they can return to the lab to get the Poké Radar from one of the scientists on the second floor.

On the second floor, the player can change Rotom's forms.

Coiffure Clips

A small hairdresser located opposite the Route 5 Gate. The player can have their hair colored and styled here.

The prices and options are slightly different for male and female players. If a female player requests a styling, she may choose to have the stylist style only her front hair or all of her hair (including her front hair, as a secondary option).

  • Styling and color: $3,000 (, front style only: $2,500)
  • Styling: $1,500 (, front only: $500)
  • Color: $2,000

For both male and female players, the options for colors are the same. In order from lightest to darkest, they are: Blond/Blonde, Orange, Honey, Brown, and Black.

The styling options differ significantly for male and female players. If the player has at least 50 points of style, additional styling options will be available.

  • Male: Very Short, Short, Medium. Additional: Medium Perm
  • Female: Short, Bobbed, Medium, Long. Additional: Ponytail, Pigtails
  • Female (front): Sideswept, Bangs

At any point, instead of choosing a specific color or style themselves, the player may leave the decision to the stylist by selecting the "Surprise me" option. If this option is chosen, the stylist will pick a random style or color different from the player's current one.

Restaurant Le Nah

Interior of Restaurant Le Nah
Main article: Lumiose City restaurants

One of four restaurants in Lumiose City where the player can pay to be served a meal and the server will battle the player before each course. After finishing a meal at the Restaurant Le Nah, the player will receive a reward of up to 15 Tiny Mushrooms depending on how well the player did.

The Restaurant Le Nah is the cheapest restaurant to get into, but only offers Double Battles. It is the first restaurant the player is able to access.

Meal price Meal types Turns per battle Reward for perfect meal
$3,000 Double Battle 2 15 Tiny Mushrooms

Lumi Cab

Main article: Lumi Cab

Lumi Cab is a taxi service that lets the player travel between many stops around Lumiose City for a fee; destinations that are farther away cost more. If the player has enough style, the fare will be half price. If the player does not have enough money to pay for the ride, the driver will challenge them to a battle.

From South Boulevard, fares range from $710 to $4,200 before any discount.

Gogoat Shuttle

Artwork of Calem riding the Gogoat Shuttle

Signposts located around South Boulevard, where the player can ride a Gogoat that will take them to South Boulevard East or South Boulevard West. The fare is flat at $200.


Within Lumiose City, the player has a degree of style which can be raised by doing things around the city. If the player has a high style, prices may be lower, more items and services may be offered, and certain establishments may be accessible that were not before.

Increasing style

The following events can be done on South Boulevard to increase style.

Location Event +Style
Gogoat Shuttle Ride a Gogoat 1
Lumi Cab Take a cab 1
Coiffure Clips Get any haircut or coloring 2
PR Video Studio Create a PR Video
(Must select "Create by yourself" option, not "Surprise me")
Restaurant Le Nah Buy a meal 2

Style benefits

The following benefits can be attained on South Boulevard from having sufficiently high style.

Location Benefit Req Style
Lumi Cab 50% discount on fares 140
Restaurant Le Nah 10% meal discount 25
PR Video Studio New video effects
(Must talk to woman at right counter)
New video effects
(Must talk to woman at right counter; if previous set has not been received,
the player must re-enter the building before she will reveal the second set
Café Introversion Mr. Bonding will give Hatching Power if the player has all other O-Powers 190
Coiffure Clips New styles
  • Male: Medium Perm
  • Female (full styles): Ponytail, Pigtails
Friseur Furfrou New trims: La Reine, Kabuki, Pharaoh 10
New trims: Debutante, Matron, Dandy 50

Non-player characters

In addition to the above benefits, some NPCs will change their dialogue as the player's style increases, and several new NPCs will appear in various places (mostly cafés) around the city as well. On South Boulevard, at 25 points of style, more people will appear in Café Introversion, and at 50 points of style, more people will appear in Shutterbug Café.


Poké Mart

Left cashier
Right cashier

Poké Miles

In the Pokémon Center on South Boulevard, a butler will exchange items for the player's Poké Miles.

South Boulevard Pokémon Center - Butler


Item Location Games
  Quick Ball ×3 From a man on 2F of the building across the street from Shutterbug Café  X  Y 
  Timer Ball ×3 From a man on 2F of the building across the street from Shutterbug Café  X  Y 
  Quick Claw From a female Rising Star on the 1F of the building across the street from Shutterbug Café  X  Y 

Sycamore Pokémon Lab

Item Location Games
  Luxury Ball ×5 2F, from a female Scientist  X  Y 
  Poké Radar 2F, from a male Scientist on the second floor after entering the Hall of Fame  X  Y 
  Ultra Ball 2F, from the Poké Radar Scientist, for a chain length of 1-10 Pokémon with the Poké Radar  X  Y 
  PP Up 2F, from the Poké Radar Scientist, for a chain length of 11-20 Pokémon with the Poké Radar  X  Y 
  PP Max 2F, from the Poké Radar Scientist, for a chain length of 21-30 Pokémon with the Poké Radar  X  Y 
  Rare Candy 2F, from the Poké Radar Scientist, for a chain length of at least 31 Pokémon with the Poké Radar  X  Y 
  TM54 (False Swipe) 3F, from a female Scientist after encountering at least 20 Pokémon in the Central Kalos Pokédex  X  Y 
  Venusaurite 3F, from Professor Sycamore if Bulbasaur is chosen  X  Y 
  Charizardite X 3F, from Professor Sycamore if Charmander is chosen  X 
  Charizardite Y 3F, from Professor Sycamore if Charmander is chosen  Y 
  Blastoisinite 3F, from Professor Sycamore if Squirtle is chosen  X  Y 
  Oval Charm 3F, from Professor Sycamore after showing him a Pokédex with all* Kalos Pokémon seen  X  Y 
  Shiny Charm 3F, from Professor Sycamore after showing him a complete National Pokédex  X  Y 

PR Video Studio

Item Location Games
  Lens Case From a Punk Girl  X  Y 

Shutterbug Café

Item Location Games
  Wide Lens From a Backpacker after taking at least one photo at a Photo Spot  X  Y 
  Scope Lens From a Backpacker after taking 15 or more photos at any Photo Spot  X  Y 
  Zoom Lens From a Backpacker after taking 30 or more photos at any Photo Spot  X  Y 

Café Soleil

Item Location Games
  Gardevoirite Held by the Ralts that Diantha trades to the player after entering the Hall of Fame  X  Y 


After entering the Hall of Fame, Diantha will appear in Café Soleil and offer to trade a Ralts holding Gardevoirite for one of the player's Pokémon. The Ralts will have perfect Special Attack and Speed IVs.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Gift Pokémon
10 One
10 One
10 One
Any Pokémon
5 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


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Trainer Pokémon
During Chapter 2 of the Looker Bureau
Preschooler Natalie
スタン Stains
Reward: $848
  Swinub Lv.53
No item
  Bonsly Lv.53
No item
Preschooler Lily
オヨナ Oyonnax
Reward: $880
  Igglybuff Lv.55
No item
Schoolgirl Callie
ル・カネ Le Cannet
Reward: $1,696
  Rapidash Lv.53
No item
  Leavanny Lv.53
No item
  Kingler Lv.53
No item
Schoolboy Macon
マコン Mâcon
Reward: $1,792
  Spiritomb Lv.56
No item
During Chapter 4 of the Looker Bureau
Suspicious Lady "???"
Reward: $960
  Persian Lv.60
No item

Sycamore Pokémon Lab


Game South Boulevard



Language Name Origin
Japanese サウスサイド ストリート Southside Street From southside
English South Boulevard From south
German Südring From Süd (south)
Spanish Bulevar Sur From sur (south)
French Rue Méridionale From méridionale (southern)
Italian Corso Basso From basso (lower)
Korean 사우스사이드 스트리트 Southside Street Same as Japanese name

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