Autumnal Avenue

Autumnal Avenue オトンヌ アベニュー
Automne Street
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Location: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
Lumiose City Autumnal Avenue Map icon.png
Location of Autumnal Avenue in Lumiose City.
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Autumnal Avenue (Japanese: オトンヌ アベニュー Automne Street) is a street in Lumiose City in the Kalos region. It connects North Boulevard to Centrico Plaza.

Places of interest

Poké Ball Boutique

A specialty shop that specializes in different kinds of Poké Balls. It is notably the first location in any Pokémon game where Premier Balls are sold individually.

Juice Shoppe

Interior of the Juice Shoppe
Main article: Juice Shoppe

A specialty shop that sells juices made from Berries.

Restaurant Le Yeah

Main article: Lumiose City restaurants

One of four restaurants in Lumiose City where the player can pay to be served a meal and the server will battle the player before each course. After finishing a meal at the Restaurant Le Yeah, the player will receive a reward of up to 20 Big Mushrooms depending on how well the player did.

The Restaurant Le Yeah is the only restaurant that does not have a Double Battle meal.

Meal price Meal types Turns per battle Reward for perfect meal
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
$15,000 Triple Battle 3 4 3 20 Big Mushrooms
Rotation Battle 6

Lumi Cab

Main article: Lumi Cab

Lumi Cab is a taxi service that lets the player travel between many stops around Lumiose City for a fee; destinations that are farther away cost more. If the player has enough style, the fare will be half price. If the player does not have enough money to pay for the ride, the driver will challenge them to a battle.

From Autumnal Avenue, fares range from $710 to $4,000 before any discount.


Within Lumiose City, the player has a degree of style which can be raised by doing things around the city. If the player has a high style, prices may be lower, more items and services may be offered, and certain establishments may be accessible that were not before.

Increasing style

The following events can be done on Autumnal Avenue to increase style.

Location Event +Style
Lumi Cab Take a cab 1
Juice Shoppe Create a Berry Juice
(May be given to the woman or a Pokémon)
Buy a Berry Juice
(Buying it is not actually required; style is added when the "Choose a Pokémon" screen appears)
Poké Ball Boutique Buy something
(Style is added every time money is given)
Restaurant Le Yeah Buy a meal 3

Style benefits

The following benefits can be attained on Autumnal Avenue from having sufficiently high style.

Location Benefit Req Style
Lumi Cab 50% discount on fares 140
Restaurant Le Yeah 10% meal discount 90
Juice Shoppe Purchasable juices expand to two choices, <Color> Juices can be bought
(If the menu has already been set that day, it will not change)
Purchasable juices expand to three choices, Rare Soda can be bought
(If the menu has already been set that day, it will not change)
Ultra Rare Soda can be bought 255

Non-player characters

In addition to the above benefits, some NPCs will change their dialogue as the player's style increases, and several new NPCs will appear in various places (mostly cafés) around the city as well. On Autumnal Avenue, at 25 points of style, more people will appear in Café Pokémon-Amie.


Poké Ball Boutique


Poké Ball Boutique

Item Location Games
  Luxury Ball Randomly given by a Schoolgirl in the Poké Ball Boutique once a day  X  Y 
  Heal Ball ×3 Randomly given by a Schoolgirl in the Poké Ball Boutique once a day  X  Y 


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Language Name Origin
Japanese オトンヌ アベニュー Automne Avenue From automne (French for autumn)
English Autumnal Avenue From autumnal (related to autumn)
German Herbstallee From Herbst (autumn)
Spanish Avenida Otoño From otoño (autumn)
French Avenue Vendémiaire From Vendémiaire (the first month in autumn of the French Republican Calendar)
Italian Viale Autunno From autunno (autumn)
Korean 오톤 애버뉴 Automne Avenue Same as Japanese name

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