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Poké Miles (Japanese: ポケマイル Poké Miles) are a type of currency introduced in Pokémon X and Y. They can be earned in a variety of ways, such as by walking around the Kalos and Hoenn regions (1 Mile for every 1000 steps) and by interacting with other players by trading (online, local wireless communication, or infrared connection), battling online or through the 3DS's StreetPass function. They can also be earned by storing Pokémon in Pokémon Bank.


Poké Miles can be exchanged in-game for items, or could have been sent to the Pokémon Global Link through Game Sync before its closure. Poké Miles could not be sent back to a game from the Global Link, but the balances between multiple games registered to the same Global Link account could be transferred between.

There are a few ways the player may spend Poké Miles.

Items obtained on the Global Link would be delivered by a messenger to a Pokémon Center the next time the player synced their game.


Lumiose City / Mauville City

PokéMileage Club

Poké Miles stored on the Global Link could be exchanged for items online. The number and price of items that were available for exchange varied depending on the number of Medals the player had obtained. Poké Miles could be transferred between games linked to the user's account via the user's profile page.

An Ability Capsule was also able to be purchased for 5000 Poké Miles during special campaigns.

Pokémon Global Link
Less than 20 Medals
Pokémon Global Link
20 Medals or more

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可里程點數 Poké Léihchìhng Dímsou
Mandarin 寶可里程點數 / 宝可里程点数 Poké Lǐchéng Diǎnshù
  French Poké Miles
  German Poké-Meilen
  Italian Pokémiglia
  Korean 포켓마일포인트 PokéMile Point
  Spanish Poké Millas

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