Game Sync

Game Sync (Japanese: ゲームシンク Game Sync) was the process of synchronizing the player's save file with the Pokémon Global Link. As of February 24, 2020, Game Sync has been shut down along with the Pokémon Global Link. [1]

Generation V

Game Sync in Online feature of the C-Gear in Generation V

The C-Gear could be used to perform a Game Sync.

While the Generation V Global Link was still active, players could use Game Sync to tuck in and wake up Pokémon sent to the Dream World, which would also update the player's downloadable Musical, C-Gear skin and Pokédex skin in their game, and their Badges and Medals (Black 2 and White 2 only) on their Global Link account.

When tucking in a Pokémon, the player was asked to select a Pokémon from the Pokémon Storage System to put to sleep, which would then appear in the Global Link. A Pokémon could only be put to sleep once a day (but could be awoken up to twice). Pokémon with Vital Spirit or Insomnia couldn’t be tucked in. Changing the DS clock or using the game in another Nintendo DS system would result in needing to wait 24 hours before a Pokémon could be put to sleep again.

On December 10, 2013, players were no longer able to tuck in new Pokémon, but could still play with and awaken those already asleep until January 14, 2014. Once the deadline had been reached, the service was closed down and with it the ability for players to change their C-Gear skin, Pokémon Musical song, or Pokédex skin. Until the 20th May 2014, players who had yet to do so may still awaken their Pokémon.[2]

Generation VI

Game Sync in the PSS in Generation VI

When Game Sync was still active, it could be set to happen automatically while saving when connected to the internet on the Player Search System if the player has registered their game to a Global Link account, but the player may turn Auto Sync off so that updates are only performed when they manually select Game Sync in the PSS.

Performing a Game Sync updates the player's recent activities and Medals on the Global Link, transfers the most recently taken photo to the Global Link, and transfers any items obtained in the PokéMileage Club to the player's game. The player may also set Game Sync to send all or none of their Poké Miles from their game to the Global Link.

Players can only sync a game once an hour. Attempting a Game Sync when less than an hour has passed since the last one happened will reliably return an error stating that "Game Sync ended because the server is busy."

Generation VII

Game Sync would connect automatically once the player connected to an online function in Festival Plaza if the player had registered their game card onto their Global Link account.

Performing a Game Sync in Sun and Moon would've updated the player's progress in the game, showing how much they had progressed and which Z-Crystals they owned. It also showed what Pokémon the player had deposited, desired, sent and received in the Global Trade Station. Players were also be able to download tournament and battle rule sets were able to join into the current global mission.

Similar to Generation VI, Game Sync could only be performed once an hour with an error message appearing if attempting to connect before said hour passed.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 遊戲同步 Yàuhhei Tùhngbouh
Mandarin 遊戲同步 / 游戏同步 Yóuxì Tóngbù
  French Synchro-Jeu
  German Spielsynchro
  Italian Sincrogioco
  Korean 게임싱크 Game Sync
  Spanish Sincronizar Juego

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