Canalave Library

Canalave Library ミオ図書館
Mio Library
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Canalave City
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV, VIII
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Location of Canalave Library in Sinnoh.
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The Canalave Library (Japanese: ミオ図書館 Mio Library) is a location in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

It is the only library in the Sinnoh region and, keeping with one of the most prevalent themes in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, its shelves contain books on the myths of Sinnoh. It can be found on the northwest side of Canalave City and it is the place the player, the rival, Lucas/Dawn, and Professor Rowan meet up before the player goes to Lake Valor.


Canalave Library is a small library with three levels. Shelves filled with different books surround several reading tables and chairs. There is a sign that informs people that eating and drinking are prohibited. Not much happens on the first two floors; however, people can be seen here reading books about Pokémon and other topics.

On the top floor of the library, the player can read the books on the bookshelves. These books are philosophical in nature and delve into the history and existence of the Pokémon world as known. These books detail the numerous myths of the Sinnoh region, which serve as a topic of interest and point of study for many, including Cynthia. These books include: "Sinnoh Myth," which may refer to Arceus; "Sinnoh Region's Mythology," which explains why wild Pokémon appear in grass before Trainers; "Sinnoh's Myth," which explains the existence of the lake guardians; "Veilstone's Myth," which tells a story about a young swordsman whose disregard for Pokémon leads to his encounter with Giratina; "The Original Story," which explains the origin of the Pokémon world; "A Horrific Myth," which tells a horrible tale about the consequences of those who threaten the lake guardians; and "Sinnoh Folk Stories," a book containing three folk stories. The first story illustrates that Pokémon can be used for sustenance, the second implies that humans and Pokémon were once one and the same or came to be separate through biological evolution, and the third folk story states that there was a time when Pokémon and humans had no distinguishable differences.

After Byron is defeated in the Canalave Gym, the player's rival summons the player to the Canalave Library to meet with Professor Rowan and his assistant. Professor Rowan assigns each of the three characters to one of the region's lakes for research on the lake guardians, but is interrupted when a huge explosion at Lake Valor shakes Canalave City like an earthquake. Everyone leaves the library before the aftershock occurs.

Once the player has become the Champion, Lucian can be found on the first floor choosing out a new book, since he had just finished his last one before being challenged in the Pokémon League.

In Pokémon Platinum, once the player has received the Flame Plate from the Hiker in the Oreburgh Mine during the Arceus-triggered event, they can come to the Canalave Library to find that the ceiling-high bookshelves on the second floor will now contain a book detailing all of the Plate descriptions, called "Sinnoh's Beginning as Told on Plates". Upon initially entering the second floor, the Hiker will also share his theory of Arceus and its connection to Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, as well as admitting to writing and contributing to the book. Either a fateful encounter Arceus or an Arceus caught from the Hall of Origin can trigger the event.



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In the anime

Canalave Library in the anime

The Canalave Library appeared The Gates of Warp!. After Ash's Lucario and Goh's Inteleon had been stolen by Alternate World Team Rocket, with Dawn and Goh having disappeared into the alternate world while chasing them, Ash and Chloe decided to visit the library to find information about Palkia, since it has the power to control space and travel between dimensions. At the library, they met Cynthia, who told them about Palkia, Dialga, and Arceus.

In the manga

Canalave Library in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Diamond & Pearl arc

The Canalave Library first appeared in A Big Stink Over Stunky when Professor Rowan and Mr. Berlitz arrived there for an academic conference. The library made seveal reappearances during said conference.

In Brash Bronzong I, Platinum learned that Professor Rowan and Mr. Berlitz, her father, had disappeared at Canalave City, prompting her to depart there with Diamond and Pearl. Receiving a ride from Fantina's Drifblim, they were dropped off in front of the library, but it was closed for the night. While they discussed about coming back the following day, Platinum suddenly heard her father's voice coming from another building and followed it.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

In Hareta's Excellent New Partner...Minun?!, Hareta and Mitsumi met Professor Rowan and Jun at the Canalave Library. Rowan told them that the International Police was pursuing both Team Galactic and Hareta's father Kaisei because of the latter's knowledge regarding Giratina and the fear of him teaming up with the former. Before the conversation could continue, the group was attacked by Saturn, who wanted to get revenge on Hareta for the defeats he had inflicted upon him in the past. With the help of his recently hatched Minun, Hareta was able to once again defeat Saturn, who told him that Kaisei was at the Team Galactic HQ in Veilstone City.


  • The first story of the Sinnoh Folk Tales refers to a tradition practiced by the Inuit, which is that after hunting an animal, its bladder should be removed and put in the water (in the bladder dwells the soul) and make a sacred ritual so that the animal returns when the hunter needs it, and that in turn, the animal can rest in the celestial world.
  • In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, the Aether Foundation is revealed to have visited the Canalave Library in order to get information necessary to create Type: Null.
  • In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a book called "The Sea's Legend" appears in the library, reading as follows:
"Once upon a time in the East Sea, there was a Pokémon known as the prince. A brave human asked Pokémon living in the sea to let them see the prince. Mantyke, Buizel, and a Qwilfish with huge spikes acknowledged the human's bravery and joined them. Together, they set off in a boat over the sunset-streaked sea, sailing through the ocean gate stretched over the waves. News of this reached the ears of the prince, who went to meet the brave little party at the Seaside Hollow."
This foreshadows the events of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, where the player must have the three aforementioned Pokémon in their party at the two pillars of Sand's Reach in the evening in order to meet Manaphy at Seaside Hollow.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 水脈圖書館 Séuimahk Tòuhsyūgún
Mandarin 水脈圖書館 / 水脉图书馆 Shuǐmài Túshūguǎn
  Finnish Canalaven kirjasto
  French Bibliothèque de Joliberges
  German Fleetburg-Bibliothek
  Italian Biblioteca di Canalipoli
  Korean 운하도서관 Unha Doseogwan
  Polish Biblioteka Canalave
  Brazilian Portuguese Biblioteca de Canalave
  Spanish Biblioteca de Ciudad Canal
  Vietnamese Thư viện Mio

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