ハレタ Hareta
Hareta DPA.png
Gender Male
Hometown Route 201
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Kaisei (father), Professor Rowan (adoptive grandfather)
Game counterpart Lucas

Hareta (Japanese: ハレタ) is the main character of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! and the adopted grandson of Professor Rowan. His clothes indicate that he is based on Lucas; however, his hairstyle is vastly different and his vest lacks the white stripe that appears on that of Lucas.


Hareta as a baby and small child

When Hareta was a small child, he was left in the custody of Professor Rowan by his father, Kaisei. While doing his studies, Rowan realized that the child had the extraordinary ability to befriend almost any Pokémon he encounters and thus decided that it would be a good idea to let young Hareta live on Route 201 with the wild Pokémon that live there.

Due to his upbringing, Hareta is extremely defensive of Pokémon and is angered when he sees them getting abused. Hareta has the ability to understand what a Pokémon is saying and usually translates for those that cannot. In his abilities unrelated to Pokémon, Hareta is extremely athletic and has heightened physical attributes. His physical skills are nearly superhuman, causing others to wonder if he is a Pokémon himself.

Because of his living with Pokémon most of his life, Hareta is unfamiliar with technology and is prone to being very curious of places like cities or even confusing things as food. He has the tendency to forget the names of people, such as when he called Cyrus "Surface" or calling Mars "Mabs."


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Hareta and Piplup facing Onix

Hareta first appears when the assistant of Professor Rowan, Mitsumi, was sent to find him. After trampling over her with his Aipom friends, Hareta and Mitsumi meet each other. After accidentally angering a sleeping Onix, Hareta is forced to take one of the Poké Balls inside of Professor Rowan's briefcase and use the Pokémon inside to battle it and rescue Mitsumi who had gotten stuck on its horn. Hareta picks the Poké Ball that holds Piplup inside of it but accidentally releases the Penguin Pokémon inside of his mouth. This causes the two to get off to a bad start but eventually they manage to calm the Onix down.

Afterwards, Professor Rowan arrives on the scene and takes the two back to his lab. There, Professor Rowan asks him if he wants to meet Dialga, a Pokémon that is considered to be a god. Hareta happily accepts the offer and begins his journey the next day with a new set of clothes. As he tries to bond with Piplup, they encounter the Onix from the day before again. He notices that something is wrong with the Onix as it begins to wildly attack him.

After protecting Piplup from an attack, Hareta goes to try to physically turn Onix back to its senses with the help of his Pokémon friends. Seeing his bravery, Piplup decides to help Hareta and with a Torrent powered Bubble Beam, manage to defeat the Onix and turn it back to normal. After Onix is returned to normal, Hareta is given a Pokédex from Professor Rowan and sets off on his journey with Mitsumi.

Sometime later, Hareta and Mitsumi arrive in Jubilife City and he learns about Pokémon battling. After a failed attempt to battle a reporter, Hareta encounters Team Galactic who demand that he hand over his Piplup to them. Using his strong sense of smell, Hareta deduces that they were the ones who made Onix go berserk and becomes furious when he learns that it was not the first time they did it. Hearing enough of his words, the Galactic Grunts tie Hareta up and kidnap him, but not before he swells one of Grunts buttocks by biting them.

The Grunts knock Hareta unconscious and take him to the Oreburgh City mines so they can kill him. He is saved at the last minute by the Gym Leader of Oreburgh, Roark, who defeats the two Grunts and sends them running away. Seeing how strong Roark is, Hareta challenges him to a Pokémon battle; Roark accepts and the two begin their match. Despite the power Roark possesses, Hareta turns the battle around and defeats him, winning the Coal Badge in the process. Roark then leaves while muttering about losing twice in one day while a young man watches from atop a wall.

The two arrive in Floaroma Town next and are approached by Jun, another Pokémon Trainer with a Pokédex that was sent by Professor Rowan to find Dialga. The two challenge each other to a Pokémon battle but Jun decides to cancel it when he finds out that Hareta only has one Pokémon with him. Hareta decides to go capture a Pokémon and returns with a Shinx. Before they can battle, a scientist arrives to inform everyone that the Valley Windworks has been taken over by Team Galactic.

Hareta and Jun go to the windworks and are put against the Team Galactic Commander, Mars, while Mitsumi goes to rescue the kidnapped people inside. The battle proves tough when Mars cuts the electrical generator, blinding everyone in the room except her Zubat. Hareta manages to use his newly-caught Shinx to power the generator again, putting the lights back on and allowing Piplup to finish Mars's Purugly. Having been defeated, Mars retreats and Jun decides to have a battle with Hareta another day due to their Pokémon being exhausted.

While traveling lost in the Eterna Forest, Hareta scares Mitsumi with his newest capture, a Misdreavus. Hareta uses his tree-climbing skills to find out the direction they need to go in and heads there. Immediately after, he is attacked by a cloaked figure, who turns out to be the Eterna Gym Leader, Gardenia, who had believed Hareta was a member of Team Galactic. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Hareta challenges her to a Gym battle; Gardenia refuses at first but is attacked by Piplup until she agrees to battle. Gardenia proves to be very powerful and lectures about Hareta's stupidity will only end up hurting his Pokémon and get himself killed. Hareta is unfazed at her comment and states that he is fine with being stupid and manages to defeat Gardenia, winning the Forest Badge in the process. Afterwards, Gardenia offers to show them the way to Eterna City and shows them a statue of Dialga there.

After protecting a Munchlax from Team Galactic, Hareta trek through Mt. Coronet and manage to arrive in Hearthome City. There, Hareta and Mitsumi meet up with Jun again and enter in the Pokémon Super Contest. After getting disqualified from the Contest, Hareta and Jun witness Mitsumi compete in the Master Rank Contest. After seeing her beautiful and powerful performance, Hareta is approached by a man who states that he is an old friend of Mitsumi. However, when Hareta mentions the man to Mitsumi, she has no idea who he is talking about.

After winning his third, fourth, and fifth Gym Badges, Hareta and Mitsumi encounter the Grunt with the swollen buttocks again. Seeing that he intends to use something to capture Dialga with, Hareta faces him in battle. Hareta is assisted by the researcher Cynthia, but the Grunt manages to escape amidst all of the chaos. Upon Cynthia's suggestion, they head for Celestic Town to meet her grandmother.

After arriving in Celestic, Hareta finds Cynthia's grandmother defending the Celestic Ruins from Team Galactic. Once he defeats them, the Grunt activates a bomb to blow up the ruins with. Hareta tries to stop the explosion countdown, only to speed it up from five minutes to thirty seconds instead. Using Piplup, Hareta manages to send the bomb in the air, allowing it to explode without harming any living creature.

Regigigas joining Hareta

Cynthia's grandmother thanks Hareta for his help and offers to tell him all about Dialga. As they explore the ruins, they are approached by the boss of Team Galactic, Cyrus and his two other Commanders, Jupiter and Saturn. While Mitsumi stays behind to battle Jupiter and Saturn, Hareta goes on ahead to face Cyrus. He eventually finds Cyrus on a bridge and finds out that he is fully willing to sacrifice thousands of Pokémon in his goal to capture Dialga. When Cyrus offers to let Hareta join him, he refuses because Pokémon are his friends; the two then begin battling.

The battle starts off with Hareta's Piplup against Cyrus's Weavile. With its powerful Ice-type moves, it prevents Piplup from using any Water-type moves and eventually knocks both Piplup and Hareta off of the bridge. Hareta and Piplup return with Piplup's Surf attack and defeat Weavile with it. Cyrus, realizing that he is actually enjoying the battle, loses it and orders his Gyarados to destroy the bridge with Giga Impact, sending Hareta and Piplup into the sea below.

Hareta wakes up in the home of the Gym Leader Byron, having been rescued by him after washing up on the beach. After eating, Byron takes Hareta to the Canalave Gym where he has him go through the many traps placed there. After easily going through the traps and the Pokémon Byron placed, Hareta makes it to the top and faces the Gym Leader in battle. Byron easily defeats Hareta with his Pokémon and tells him to go to Iron Island and train from scratch.

Upon arriving on Iron Island, Hareta encounters the Galactic Grunt with the swollen buttocks. When the Grunt manages to get Hareta off guard, he is saved at the last second by a Lucario. The Grunt runs off, and the Lucario is revealed to belong to Riley, a Trainer that is attempting to get Team Galactic off the island. Riley tells Hareta to train in the Iron Island cave without using Piplup and gives him a Pokémon Egg to use. After battling a wild Onix with Misdreavus and Shinx, Hareta captures it and the Egg hatches into a Riolu. After facing more opponents, they encounter the Galactic Grunt with the swollen buttocks again. He proves to be strong and manages to defeat Hareta's Shinx and Riley's Lucario with his Drapion. Luckily, Riolu gains the courage to fight and manages to do enough damage to allow Lucario to finish it off. Shinx evolves into a Luxio and after several more days, Hareta finishes his training. When Byron prepares to take him back to Canalave, they see a giant explosion on the horizon.

Hearing that the explosion took place on Lake Valor, Hareta takes off on a bicycle given to him from Byron to investigate. He arrives at the lake only to find Team Galactic there after they blew all of the water out of the lake. Angered, Hareta prepares to battle the Grunts despite the fact that he is seriously outnumbered. Suddenly, Hareta is stopped by Crasher Wake and the other Gym Leaders who have come to help him.

While the Gym Leaders battle the Grunts, Hareta heads into the cave where the Legendary Pokémon resides and finds Saturn there. Saturn reveals that he caught the Pokémon of Willpower, Azelf, and binds Hareta to the wall with his Toxicroak. Hareta is rescued by Byron at the last second and watches as he faces Saturn and loses. Hareta saves the both of them after Saturn causes a cave-in and challenges the Galactic Commander to a Pokémon battle. Saturn proves to be very powerful, but Hareta's determination causes Azelf to fill everyone with the strength to fight. Using a combination of the Magikarp that lived in the lake and Piplup, Hareta finishes off Saturn's Rhyperior, defeating him. Despite winning, Hareta falls down, having been weakened by the poison of Saturn's Toxicroak.

When Cyrus arrives and kicks Saturn out of Team Galactic for his loss, Hareta challenges him to a battle despite his exhaustion. Hareta does battle with Cyrus and manages to use his Piplup cleverly to deal damage to Cyrus's Gyarados. Before he can finish Gyarados off, Saturn saves it with his Pokémon in an attempt to get back into Team Galactic. Hareta defeats Saturn again with a Torrent powered Surf and Cyrus leaves the vicinity stating that the battle ended in a draw. After falling asleep from exhaustion and hunger, Byron awards Hareta the Mine Badge for all of his hard work.

Hareta beating Mitsumi

Later, Hareta travels to Lake Acuity to find Mitsumi and Jun. He arrives at the lake to find Jun lying there, defeated and depressed about Mitsumi being taken away by Team Galactic. When Hareta states that they must rescue her, Jun refuses and leaves to get stronger. Hareta decides to find Mitsumi alone only to be captured by the Snowpoint Gym Leader, Candice. Candice takes Hareta to the Snowpoint Temple and forces him to battle her as a test. Although Candice's powerful Legendary Pokémon prove to be very powerful, they are eventually defeated by Hareta's newly-evolved Lucario. Having passed the test, Candice takes Hareta into the Snowpoint temple so he can use the Pokémon inside, Regigigas. Using Candice's Pokémon, they awaken Regigigas only for it to go on a rampage and attack everything in sight.

Regigigas proves to be an extremely powerful foe; it defeats his Pokémon and even smashes Hareta and Piplup into a stone wall. Hareta manages to understand that Regigigas only wants to battle strong opponents just like he does. Regigigas accepts Hareta's offer to join his team and fight for him. Byron appears and tells Hareta that he is now ready to face Cyrus now that he has captured Regigigas and they set off to stop Team Galactic.

Hareta and the Gym Leaders make it to the Veilstone Galactic Building and infiltrate it to stop Team Galactic. After the Gym Leaders are defeated, Hareta is put up against Team Galactic's ultimate warrior, Mitsumi. Mitsumi proves to be extremely powerful with her ability to read Hareta's every move, preventing him from throwing a single attack at her. Despite the odds not being in his favor, Hareta is unfazed and joins in to battle Mitsumi's Pokémon alongside his own Pokémon. With his wild, unpredictable moves, Hareta manages to get Mitsumi to battle seriously.

Mitsumi attacks Hareta furiously and ruthlessly, but Hareta refuses to believe that she is as cold and heartless of a member of Team Galactic as she claims. He tells Cyrus to stay out their match when he threatens to kill Mitsumi's favorite Eevee. Hareta's words reach Mitsumi and she decides to battle him as a Pokémon Trainer rather than a member of Team Galactic. Using the Piplup and Regigigas Wave-Riding Surf, Hareta defeats Mitsumi.

Proud of what he has done, Mitsumi tells Hareta that he has more work to do and sends him off to face Cyrus. Hareta is teleported to Cyrus's location and is taken to the room where he finds Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit captured and being tortured. Seeing them getting hurt enrages Hareta who manages to free them by throwing Saturn's Rhyperior at the machine holding them captive. As the building explodes around them, Cyrus gives Hareta a Master Ball and tells him to go to the top of Mt. Coronet. Jun saves Hareta at the last second and reveals that he rescued Mitsumi as well. When Piplup collapses, Mitsumi reveals that she put an Everstone on it when they started their journey. All the experience Piplup gained on their adventure causes it to evolve into Prinplup and then into Empoleon.

As they travel the stairs of the Spear Pillar, Hareta fights Mars while Jun faces Jupiter. The battle is cut short when Cyrus reveals that he has managed to summon and capture Dialga with the Red Chain. Hearing Cyrus's plan to send the world back to its origins by destroying all humans and Pokémon alike, Hareta furiously attacks him with his Empoleon. After a long battle with the god Pokémon, and with the help of Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit, Hareta manages to free Dialga from Cyrus's control.

Hareta and Koya preparing to face Charon

Their celebration ends quickly when the other god Pokémon, Palkia emerges from another dimension and attacks Dialga. With the threat of time and space being destroyed in the fight, Hareta attempts to capture one of them to stop the fighting only to fail. At Cyrus's suggestion, everyone combines their attacks and calms down Dialga and Palkia.

Sometime after the battle on the Spear Pillar ended, Hareta, along with Mitsumi and Jun, participates in the Sinnoh Pokémon League Tournament. After jumping down to get a better view of the first match, Hareta gains a rival by the name of Koya, another Pokémon Trainer. Sensing that he is strong, Hareta challenges Koya to a battle only for Mitsumi to interrupt and tell him that they are not allowed to battle in the stands. Later, Hareta faces his first opponent in the tournament, Elite Four member Flint and emerges the victor.

After defeating a tough opponent, Hareta progresses onto the semi-final round and is paired up against Koya. Koya proves to be a very tough opponent and uses quick and powerful moves to prevent Hareta from attacking his Pokémon. Unfortunately, the battle is interrupted due to an attack by Team Galactic, now under the leadership of a man named Charon and now referred to as Neo Team Galactic. With the help of the remaining people in the stadium, Hareta manages to prevent Team Galactic's bomb from hurting anyone. After the incident is over, Hareta meets his father, Kaisei, who gives him a Pokémon Egg and runs away to escape his pursuers, International Police members Looker and Koya.

Later, Hareta and Mitsumi travel to the Fight Area and are attacked by a man named Palmer who claims to be a member of Team Galactic. Hareta defeats Palmer who reveals that he is not a member of Team Galactic and is actually Jun's father. Palmer leaves and gives Hareta a message: to search for Giratina. Hareta wanders off away from Mitsumi and Jun hoping to battle his father one day; while walking, he finds an injured Jupiter lying onto the ground. He finds out that Jupiter has left Team Galactic and is on the run from the Galactic Grunts. Jun and Mitsumi arrive to help Hareta fend off the Galactic Grunts chasing after Jupiter. Before she leaves, Jupiter tells them that Charon intends to capture the Legendary Pokémon Giratina.

Hareta and Mitsumi go to Stark Mountain after hearing that Charon is heading there as well. They fake capture and meet Charon face to face. Hareta becomes angry at Charon's plan to capture and sell the Legendary Pokémon Heatran and breaks free from his bindings. Before he can attack, Charon reveals that he has Mars held captive, preventing Hareta from attacking. They are saved by Koya, who had come to arrest Charon and any other member of Team Galactic. Koya ignores Hareta's pleas to not hurt Mars until Hareta gets annoyed and has Empoleon stop the fighting.

Hareta setting off again

Charon manages to escape but the commotion causes the Magma Stone that seals Heatran to be moved from its location, freeing the Pokémon. Heatran traps them in the volcano and begins attacking the group with its powerful flames. In all of the commotion, Hareta's Egg hatches into a Minun. With the help of his newly-hatched Pokémon, they manage to put the Magma Stone back into its proper location, calming it down and making it friendly.

Later, they travel to Canalave City to meet up with Professor Rowan at the Canalave Library and discuss about finding Kaisei in order to get to Giratina. Suddenly, they are surrounded by many Team Galactic members led by Saturn. Hareta defeats Saturn with the combination of Empoleon and Minun. Saturn escapes and tells Hareta to come to the Team Galactic headquarters where they have Kaisei held captive.

Hareta, Jun, and Mitsumi set off to Veilstone and encounter the Grunt with the swollen buttocks once more. The Grunt apologizes for all he has done and begs them to save Cyrus from Charon. They head into the Veilstone Galactic Building only to find Koya guarding the entrance. Koya prevents them from entering the headquarters only to see Looker and his men being blown outside by Charon's Pokémon. Hareta and Koya, furious at Charon, both team up to stop the madman and his evil plans.

Using teamwork and Hareta's abilities, they manage to defeat the Pokémon without harming them and break Charon's control over them. With the Pokémon defeated, Hareta and Koya enter the building in order to stop Charon. Once inside, they find a Pokémon from Koya's past, a Growlithe he had when he was younger that was traumatized after being hurt in a Pokémon battle. Using Empoleon, Hareta manages to break Growlithe away from Charon's control and reunites Koya with his long-lost friend.

After Charon leaves with Kaisei to try to capture Giratina, Hareta and Koya follow them using Kaisei's Plusle. With the help of Jun, they enter the Distortion World only to find Kaisei unconscious and Giratina wildly attacking everything. After finding Charon and having the situation explained to them, Hareta decides to battle Giratina. Hareta, along with Jun and Koya, battle with the Legendary Pokémon, but it proves to be too strong for them. Eventually, Giratina uses its powers to pull all of them back into the real world, where it faces them in its Altered Forme.

Hareta challenges Giratina to a fight again and is saved by Dialga and Palkia, who face Giratina in battle. Eventually, Professor Rowan, Mitsumi, Cyrus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and B-2 all come to help him. Mitsumi hands Hareta some Berries to heal his Pokémon but Hareta uses it on Giratina instead, shocking everyone. After everyone yells at him, Hareta explains that he wants to learn more about Giratina through a Pokémon battle and that he is going to fight on Giratina's side now. Giratina accepts his offer and teams up with Hareta to face everyone in battle; afterwards, Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia leave while everyone says goodbye. Sometime later, Hareta and Koya prepare to finish their battle at the Sinnoh Pokémon League Tournament.

After the tournament had ended, Hareta returned to his peaceful times on Route 201 until he is approached by Koya. Koya informs Hareta of another evil organization that had sprung up and asks if he will join the International Police and stop them with him. Before he can answer, Hareta smells something in the air, the smell of adventure. After meeting up with Mitsumi again, she informs him that Professor Rowan wants Hareta to fill the Pokédex with information about Pokémon from around the world. After putting on his new clothes, the series ends with Hareta setting off on a new adventure with Koya and Mitsumi.


In rotation

Piplup → Prinplup → Empoleon
Main article: Hareta's Empoleon

Hareta chose Piplup as his partner to save Mitsumi from a rampaging Onix in the forest. It later evolved into Prinplup and then into Empoleon when Mitsumi removed its Everstone.

Debut In Search of the Legendary Pokémon Dialga!!
Shinx → Luxio → Luxray
Main article: Hareta's Luxray

When Jun challenged Hareta to a Pokémon battle, he retracted his offer when he discovered that Hareta's only Pokémon was Piplup. After having the concept of catching wild Pokémon explained, Hareta went and caught a Shinx so Jun would accept to battle him. However, said battle never actually occurred due to Team Galactic's interference at the Valley Windworks.

Shinx evolved into Luxio after a battle with B-2 while on Iron Island. During the battle at Lake Valor, Hareta attempted to use Luxio as a secret weapon to finish off Cyrus's Gyarados; however, this was thwarted by Saturn's revived Rhyperior. Saturn is ultimately defeated by Piplup, but Cyrus remained unharmed for a retreat.

He later evolved into Luxray in the Pokémon League battle against Koya.

Debut The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
Misdreavus was caught in Eterna Forest. It enjoys using Astonish to scare people. In the battle at Lake Valor, it is used against Saturn's Gallade. Initially its Astonish attack increased Gallade's speed due to its Steadfast Ability. However, using Roark's old bike obtained from Byron, Hareta and Misdreavus were able to get in close enough to unleash a finishing attack.

Misdreavus's known moves are Spite, Astonish, Shadow Ball, and Skill Swap.

Debut Win with Teamwork!!
Onix was caught on Iron Island. It proved to be important at the Spear Pillar acting as a platform for Hareta in the void where Dialga and Palkia's battle took place.

Onix's only known move is Rock Tomb.

Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!

Egg → Riolu → Lucario
Hareta was given the Egg containing Riolu by Riley. Riolu evolved into Lucario in the battle against Candice.

Lucario's known moves are Force Palm, Quick Attack, Focus Punch, and Close Combat, and its Ability is Steadfast.

Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Main article: Hareta's Regigigas

With the help of Candice and her three legendary giants, Hareta could enter the Snowpoint Temple. He caught Regigigas after convincing it to help him stop Team Galactic.

Debut A Novel Test!!
Hareta used Kadabra in the battle against Mitsumi. It used Skill Swap to swap Abilities with Regigigas. Kadabra was defeated afterwards due to this sacrifice.

Kadabra's only known move is Skill Swap.

Debut Team Galactic's Greatest Warrior
Egg → Minun
Main article: Hareta's Minun

Hareta received an Egg containing Minun from Kaisei at the Pokémon League. It hatched at Stark Mountain. It is apparently related to Kaisei's Plusle, who despite being in Veilstone City at the time of Minun's hatching, was able to sense that it had been born.

Debut A Surprise Visit From Hareta's Father!

Status unknown

This is a listing of Pokémon that Hareta owns but have not been seen or mentioned since their first appearance.

Geodude was caught on Iron Island. It was also used to fight Saturn.

Geodude's only known move is Dig.

Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Zubat was caught on Iron Island.

None of Zubat's moves are known.

Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Bonsly was caught on the way to Team Galactic HQ.

None of Bonsly's moves are known.

Debut Team Galactic's Greatest Warrior
Chingling was caught shortly before Hareta's first meeting with Shaymin.

None of Chingling's moves are known.

Debut The Tale of Hareta and Shaymin



Hareta met Deoxys sometime before his first meeting with Mitsumi. He first encountered Deoxys when it crash landed into the forest. After Mars failed to capture it and ran away, Deoxys became angry and attacked Hareta furiously. Realizing the reason why Deoxys was so angry, Hareta allows Deoxys to run wild on him and his Pokémon friends until it calms down. After venting its anger, Deoxys and Hareta become friends with each other. Soon after, Deoxys leaves to explore the world.

Later, in Veilstone City, Deoxys is attacked by Mars again in another attempt to capture it. Sensing that it was in danger, Hareta arrives to help Deoxys. After defeating her Pokémon, they are forced to battle against Mars' out of control Kangaskhan. While Deoxys protects Mars, Hareta brings a meteor that he found outside to power Deoxys up. Using its power, they defeat Kangaskhan. Much to her surprise, Hareta states that Deoxys is her friend, a fact it agrees to before leaving.

Deoxys's known moves are Psycho Boost and Zen Headbutt.

Debut Deoxys, The Phantom Pokémon! (Part 1)

Hareta first met Shaymin after accidentally falling off of a cliff. Soon after, Hareta befriends Shaymin and offers to take it back to its home. Soon after meeting up with Mitsumi, they are attacked by a bunch of wild Graveler. Shaymin saves the day by calming the Graveler with its soothing aroma and wandered off somewhere else. Later, it ended up in Hareta's home forest and the two had a happy reunion. Soon after, a reporter that wanted to capture Shaymin kidnapped it while having her Pokémon face Hareta in a wrestling match. Shaymin managed to save the both of them from falling down a cliff by changing into its Sky Forme.

None of Shaymin's moves are known.

Debut The Tale of Hareta and Shaymin
Hareta bonded with Giratina after battling it in the Distortion World. After realizing it wanted to fight, Hareta teamed up with Giratina and fought his friends in a friendly battle.

Giratina's only known move is Shadow Force.

Debut Enter the Distortion World!


Badges obtained

Pokémon League

Hareta has competed in the following Pokémon Leagues:



Language Name Origin
Japanese ハレタ Hareta Possibly from 晴 hare (clear weather) or 晴れた hareta ("cleared up" or "has become clear/sunny").
English Hareta Same as Japanese name.
Chinese (Taiwan) 小晴 Xiǎo Qíng From 晴 hare, clear (weather).

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