Hareta's Luxray

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Hareta's Luxray
ハレタのレントラー Hareta's Rentorar
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Hareta's Luxray
Debuts in The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
Caught at Outskirts of Floaroma Town
Evolves in Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Clash! Hareta vs. Koya
Gender Male
Ability Intimidate
Current location With Hareta
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This Pokémon spent 7 chapters as Shinx and 15 chapters as Luxio.

Hareta's Luxray (Japanese: ハレタのレントラー Hareta's Rentorar) is the first Pokémon caught by Hareta in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, and his second overall.


As a Shinx

Luxray first appeared as a Shinx in The Mystery Boy, Jun!!. When Jun challenged Hareta to a Pokémon battle, he retracted his offer when he discovered that Hareta's only Pokémon was Piplup. After having the concept of catching wild Pokémon explained, Hareta went to the nearest forest and eventually caught a Shinx with the hopes that Jun would now battle him. However, said battle never actually occurred due to Team Galactic's interference at the Valley Windworks. During the fight against Mars Shinx was called out to use Spark on her Zubat, with the added bonus of providing light for Hareta and Jun. Immediately after the attack Shinx ran over to the broken electrical grid and shot electricity into it to turn the lights back on. Having full access to light Hareta and Piplup quickly defeat Purugly.

In Win with Teamwork!!, Shinx was used in Hareta's battle against Gardenia and her Cherubi. Cherubi starts the battle by laying a trap with Leech Seed, leaving it open to a Bite attack, defeating it. Shinx next battled Turtwig and knocked it out with a single Spark. Despite the easy win it quickly became apparent that Shinx was immobilized by Turtwig's Grass Knot. Unable to dodge Shinx was hit by Roserade's Magical Leaf and knocked out.

As a Luxio

In Serious Training on Iron Island!!, Shinx participated in Hareta's training on Iron Island. During the training he defeated a wild Onix with his Bite after Misdreavus made it flinch with Astonish. After some intense training B-2 shows up and attacks Shinx with a Drapion. Seeing Shinx hurt inspires Hareta's new Riolu into action, giving it the motivation to defeat it. After the battle Shinx reveals that he was fine the whole time, only pretending to help Riolu out. He then evolves into a Luxio.

In A Battle Of Wills, Luxio battled alongside Piplup against Saturn and her Rhyperior and Toxicroak. Luxio attacks with a Thunder aimed at Toxicroak which gets redirected to Rhyperior due to its Lightning Rod Ability. Rhyperior and Toxicroak proceed to make quick work of their opponents, knocking them and their Trainer out. He later participated in the battle against Cyrus, where he launched Thunder at his Gyarados. Just as the attack is about to hit Saturn's Rhyperior returns and uses Lightning Rod again, nullifying the attack.

Intimidate activated, as a Luxio

In A Novel Test!!, Luxio was used in a double battle alongside Riolu against Candice's Regirock and Regice. The battle starts with Luxio using his ability Intimidate to slow them down, but their Clear Body keeps them going strong. Regirock strikes with Hammer Arm, which Riolu blocks. Riolu is then frozen by Regice's Ice Beam and Luxio is defeated from Regirock's Dig. Soon after Riolu evolves into Lucario and wins the battle for Hareta.

Luxio fought against Mitsumi in Clash! Hareta vs. Mitsumi!! when she rejoined Team Galactic. He attempted to use Thunder but Infernape emerged from underground and quickly defeats Luxio.

In Clash! Hareta vs. Koya, Luxio was used in Hareta's second match in the Pokémon League. He fought against a Trainer's Heracross, getting beat up trying to win. Determined to win Luxio gets back up and defeats it with a high powered Thunder. In the semi final battle he fought against Koya's Absol. Before getting an attack out Absol swiftly closes the distance and uses Sucker Punch. After that Luxio was struck with Iron Tail, sending him flying. Hareta jumped into action and caught him. After a few moments on the ground Luxio evolves into Luxray, ready to keep going. Hareta reveals that he knew Luxray was ready to evolve and he was giving it the chance to do so. Koya switches in for Metagross who gets hit by Thunder Fang. The victory is short lived as Metagross counters with Earthquake. Unable to go on Hareta switches him in for Regigigas.

In Hareta's Fierce Battle!, Luxray is sent out to help battle against Giratina, though he does not last long.

Personality and characteristics

Luxray and Hareta

Luxray is a proud and friendly Pokémon who is dedicated to help his friends. He has a high level of inner strength, refusing to give up when committed to a goal. He cares greatly for others and will jump straight into danger without a second thought in order to save someone.

Moves used

Using Bite as a Shinx
Using Thunder Fang
Move First Used In
Spark The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
Bite Win with Teamwork!!
Thunder A Battle Of Wills
Charge Clash! Hareta vs. Koya
Thunder Fang  Hearts and Spirits Collide
Discharge  Look for Giratina!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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