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Cards in set English: 133
Japanese: 96
Set number English: 39
Japanese: 37
Release date English: February 11, 2009
Japanese: October 10, 2008
Theme Decks

Flourish (GrassFire)
Rebellion (PsychicFighting)

Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky
Galactic's Conquest
Bonds to the End of Time

Pokémon TCG: Platinum (Japanese: ギンガの覇道 Galactic's Conquest) is the name given to the first main expansion of cards from the Platinum Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the DPt Era in Japan). The set continues to feature Generation IV Pokémon and Pokémon LV.X in the card game.


New Worlds, New Battles!

The Pokémon TCG: Platinum expansion puts you in the middle of the action when you face challenges no Trainer has ever encountered before! From incredible Pokémon LV.X like Giratina to the mysterious new Lost Zone, from the newly discovered Pokémon Shaymin to the villainous Team Galactic, you'll discover worlds you never knew existed and fight battles you never knew were possible. The Pokémon TCG: Platinum is your first step into the next great Pokémon TCG adventure!


Galactic's Conquest logo

Platinum is the name given to the first main expansion of the Platinum Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Galactic's Conquest, the first expansion in the Pokémon Card Game DPt Era. It is based on Pokémon Platinum, featuring Generation IV Pokémon, Team Galactic, and Giratina and Shaymin in both of their Formes. The English expansion was released on February 11, 2009, while the Japanese expansion was released on October 10, 2008.

Platinum introduced Pokémon SP, a type of Pokémon. All Pokémon SP are Basic Pokémon, had a yellow and gray card border, a SP symbol on the bottom left and a headshot of their owner on the bottom right corner of the artwork. The first variant of Pokémon SP introduced was the Pokémon  , Pokémon that were owned by Team Galactic. It also introduced the Lost Zone, an area where discarded Pokémon could not be brought back into play.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
7/127   Dialga     Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Cyrus Season (November 2009)
8/127   Gardevoir   Non Holo Rebellion Theme Deck exclusive
28/127   Giratina   Cosmos Holo Rebellion Theme Deck exclusive
38/127   Shaymin   Cosmos Holo Flourish Theme Deck exclusive
53/127   Lucario   "Prerelease" stamp Prerelease promo
53/127   Lucario   Staff "Prerelease" stamp Prerelease promo
91/127   Riolu   Comic-Con International: San Diego 2009 stamped promo
91/127   Riolu   Staff Comic-Con International: San Diego 2009 stamped promo
104/127   Broken Time-Space St Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Snivy Season (May 2011)
112/127   PlusPower T Crosshatch Holo Player Rewards Program 2010-2011 (Tier Two)

Corrected error cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
122/127   Dialga   LV.X   Misprinted Energy symbols for weakness and resistance

Set lists

No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/127   Ampharos     Promotion
2/127   Blastoise     Promotion
3/127   Blaziken     Promotion
4/127   Delcatty     Promotion
5/127   Dialga     Promotion
6/127   Dialga     Promotion
7/127   Dialga       Promotion
8/127   Gardevoir     Promotion
9/127   Giratina     Promotion
10/127   Giratina     Promotion
11/127   Manectric     Promotion
12/127   Palkia       Promotion
13/127   Rampardos     Promotion
14/127   Shaymin     Promotion
15/127   Shaymin     Promotion
16/127   Slaking     Promotion
17/127   Weavile       Promotion
18/127   Altaria     Promotion
19/127   Banette     Promotion
20/127   Bastiodon     Promotion
21/127   Beautifly     Promotion
22/127   Blissey     Promotion
23/127   Dialga     Promotion
24/127   Dugtrio     Promotion
25/127   Dustox     Promotion
26/127   Empoleon     Promotion
27/127   Giratina     Promotion
28/127   Giratina     Promotion
29/127   Golduck     Promotion
30/127   Gyarados       Promotion
31/127   Infernape     Promotion
32/127   Kricketune     Promotion
33/127   Lickilicky     Promotion
34/127   Ludicolo     Promotion
35/127   Luvdisc     Promotion
36/127   Ninetales     Promotion
37/127   Palkia     Promotion
38/127   Shaymin     Promotion
39/127   Torterra     Promotion
40/127   Toxicroak       Promotion
41/127   Bronzong       Promotion
42/127   Cacturne     Promotion
43/127   Carnivine     Promotion
44/127   Cascoon     Promotion
45/127   Combusken     Promotion
46/127   Cranidos     Promotion
47/127   Crobat       Promotion
48/127   Flaaffy     Promotion
49/127   Grotle     Promotion
50/127   Houndoom       Promotion
51/127   Kirlia     Promotion
52/127   Lombre     Promotion
53/127   Lucario     Promotion
54/127   Mightyena     Promotion
55/127   Mismagius     Promotion
56/127   Monferno     Promotion
57/127   Muk     Promotion
58/127   Octillery     Promotion
59/127   Prinplup     Promotion
60/127   Probopass     Promotion
61/127   Seviper     Promotion
62/127   Shieldon     Promotion
63/127   Silcoon     Promotion
64/127   Vigoroth     Promotion
65/127   Wartortle     Promotion
66/127   Zangoose     Promotion
67/127   Cacnea     Promotion
68/127   Carnivine     Promotion
69/127   Chansey     Promotion
70/127   Chimchar     Promotion
71/127   Combee     Promotion
72/127   Diglett     Promotion
73/127   Dunsparce     Promotion
74/127   Electrike     Promotion
75/127   Grimer     Promotion
76/127   Happiny     Promotion
77/127   Honchkrow       Promotion
78/127   Kricketot     Promotion
79/127   Lapras     Promotion
80/127   Lickitung     Promotion
81/127   Lotad     Promotion
82/127   Mareep     Promotion
83/127   Misdreavus     Promotion
84/127   Nosepass     Promotion
85/127   Piplup     Promotion
86/127   Poochyena     Promotion
87/127   Psyduck     Promotion
88/127   Purugly       Promotion
89/127   Ralts     Promotion
90/127   Remoraid     Promotion
91/127   Riolu     Promotion
92/127   Shuppet     Promotion
93/127   Skitty     Promotion
94/127   Skuntank       Promotion
95/127   Slakoth     Promotion
96/127   Squirtle     Promotion
97/127   Swablu     Promotion
98/127   Tauros     Promotion
99/127   Torchic     Promotion
100/127   Torkoal     Promotion
101/127   Turtwig     Promotion
102/127   Vulpix     Promotion
103/127   Wurmple     Promotion
104/127   Broken Time-Space St   Promotion
105/127   Cyrus's Conspiracy Su   Promotion
106/127   Galactic HQ St   Promotion
107/127   Level Max T   Promotion
108/127   Life Herb T   Promotion
109/127   Looker's Investigation Su   Promotion
110/127   Memory Berry T   Promotion
111/127   Miasma Valley St   Promotion
112/127   PlusPower T   Promotion
113/127   Poké Ball T   Promotion
114/127   Pokédex HANDY910is T   Promotion
115/127   Pokémon Rescue T   Promotion
116/127   Team Galactic's Invention G-101 Energy Gain T   Promotion
117/127   Team Galactic's Invention G-103 Power Spray T   Promotion
118/127   Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn T   Promotion
119/127   Armor Fossil T   Promotion
120/127   Skull Fossil T   Promotion
121/127   Rainbow Energy   E   Promotion
122/127   Dialga   LV.X     Promotion
123/127   Drapion LV.X     Promotion
124/127   Giratina LV.X     Promotion
125/127   Palkia   LV.X     Promotion
126/127   Shaymin LV.X     Promotion
127/127   Shaymin LV.X     Promotion
128/127   Electabuzz     Promotion
129/127   Hitmonchan     Promotion
130/127   Scyther     Promotion

Shiny cards
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
SH4   Lotad     Promotion
SH5   Swablu     Promotion
SH6   Vulpix     Promotion

Galactic's Conquest
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/096   Wurmple     Promotion
002/096   Silcoon     Promotion
003/096   Beautifly     Promotion
004/096   Cascoon     Promotion
005/096   Lotad     Promotion
006/096   Lotad     Promotion
007/096   Lombre     Promotion
008/096   Ludicolo     Promotion
009/096   Cacnea     Promotion
010/096   Cacturne     Promotion
011/096   Kricketot     Promotion
012/096   Kricketune     Promotion
013/096   Carnivine     Promotion
014/096   Shaymin     Promotion
015/096   Shaymin LV.X     Promotion
016/096   Vulpix     Promotion
017/096   Vulpix     Promotion
018/096   Ninetales     Promotion
019/096   Houndoom       Promotion
020/096   Torchic     Promotion
021/096   Combusken     Promotion
022/096   Blaziken     Promotion
023/096   Squirtle     Promotion
024/096   Wartortle     Promotion
025/096   Blastoise     Promotion
026/096   Psyduck     Promotion
027/096   Golduck     Promotion
028/096   Gyarados       Promotion
029/096   Remoraid     Promotion
030/096   Octillery     Promotion
031/096   Luvdisc     Promotion
032/096   Palkia       Promotion
033/096   Palkia   LV.X     Promotion
034/096   Mareep     Promotion
035/096   Flaaffy     Promotion
036/096   Ampharos     Promotion
037/096   Electrike     Promotion
038/096   Manectric     Promotion
039/096   Grimer     Promotion
040/096   Muk     Promotion
041/096   Crobat       Promotion
042/096   Dustox     Promotion
043/096   Ralts     Promotion
044/096   Kirlia     Promotion
045/096   Gardevoir     Promotion
046/096   Seviper     Promotion
047/096   Shuppet     Promotion
048/096   Banette     Promotion
049/096   Skuntank       Promotion
050/096   Toxicroak       Promotion
051/096   Giratina     Promotion
052/096   Giratina LV.X     Promotion
053/096   Diglett     Promotion
054/096   Dugtrio     Promotion
055/096   Cranidos     Promotion
056/096   Rampardos     Promotion
057/096   Poochyena     Promotion
058/096   Mightyena     Promotion
059/096   Honchkrow       Promotion
060/096   Drapion LV.X     Promotion
061/096   Weavile       Promotion
062/096   Shieldon     Promotion
063/096   Bastiodon     Promotion
064/096   Bronzong       Promotion
065/096   Dialga       Promotion
066/096   Dialga   LV.X     Promotion
067/096   Lickitung     Promotion
068/096   Lickilicky     Promotion
069/096   Happiny     Promotion
070/096   Chansey     Promotion
071/096   Blissey     Promotion
072/096   Slakoth     Promotion
073/096   Vigoroth     Promotion
074/096   Slaking     Promotion
075/096   Skitty     Promotion
076/096   Delcatty     Promotion
077/096   Swablu     Promotion
078/096   Swablu     Promotion
079/096   Altaria     Promotion
080/096   Zangoose     Promotion
081/096   Purugly       Promotion
082/096   Team Galactic's Invention G-103 Power Spray T   Promotion
083/096   Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn T   Promotion
084/096   Level Max T   Promotion
085/096   Skull Fossil T   Promotion
086/096   Armor Fossil T   Promotion
087/096   Memory Berry T   Promotion
088/096   Team Galactic's Invention G-101 Energy Gain T   Promotion
089/096   Cyrus's Conspiracy Su   Promotion
090/096   Looker's Investigation Su   Promotion
091/096   Galactic HQ St   Promotion
092/096   Broken Time-Space St   Promotion
093/096   Rainbow Energy   E   Promotion
094/096   Scyther     Promotion
095/096   Electabuzz     Promotion
096/096   Hitmonchan     Promotion


English Dialga pack
English Palkia pack
English Giratina pack
English Shaymin pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Galactic's Conquest set is only released in Japanese, in both 1st and unlimited edition. The Platinum set is released in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Cards in the English, German, French, and Italian sets were also available as Reverse Holos. The Spanish version of this set lacked any Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Platine
  German Platin
  Italian Platino
  Spanish Platino

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