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Cards in set English: 111
Japanese: 90
Set number English: 42
Japanese: 40
Release date English: November 4, 2009
Japanese: July 8, 2009
Theme Decks

Flamemaster (FireGrass)
Stormshaper (LightningPsychic)

Beat of the Frontier
Advent of Arceus
HeartGold Collection • SoulSilver Collection

Pokémon TCG: Platinum—Arceus (Japanese: アルセウス光臨 Advent of Arceus) is the name given to the fourth and final main expansion of cards from the Platinum Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the DPt Era in Japan). The set continues to feature Generation IV Pokémon, Pokémon LV.X, and Pokémon SP in the card game.


Before Time Began... Perfection Existed

Stepping out of ancient times comes a Pokémon so mighty that legends say it shaped the universe itself! The Pokémon TCG: Platinum—Arceus expansion introduces the Alpha Pokémon Arceus and its multiple Energy types. So, harness and wield this awesome power or rise to its incredible challenge! Capture previously unseen Pokémon LV.X to aid you in this titanic struggle, and turn the tide of battle with all-new Trainer and Stadium cards. Prepare to face your greatest test...


Arceus is the name given to the fourth and final main expansion of the Platinum Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Advent of Arceus, the fourth and final expansion in the Pokémon Card Game DPt Era. It is based on Pokémon Platinum, featuring Generation IV Pokémon and the Alpha Pokémon Arceus. The English expansion was released on November 4, 2009, while the Japanese expansion was released on July 8, 2009. Advent of Arceus was released in anticipation of Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime, the twelfth Pokémon movie which premiered on July 18, 2009, ten days after the release of the expansion.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
1/99   Charizard   Cracked Ice Holo Evolutions Pack and 2009 Fall Collector's Tins exclusive
5/99   Luxray   Non Holo Stormshaper Theme Deck exclusive
9/99   Swalot   Non Holo Stormshaper Theme Deck exclusive
10/99   Tangrowth   Non Holo Flamemaster Theme Deck exclusive
27/99   Raichu   "Prerelease" stamp Prerelease promo
27/99   Raichu   Staff "Prerelease" stamp Prerelease promo
32/99   Spiritomb   Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Ring Drop Season (September 2010)
87/99   Expert Belt T Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Hurdle Dash Season (November 2010)

Set lists

No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/99   Charizard     Promotion
2/99   Froslass     Promotion
3/99   Heatran     Promotion
4/99   Kabutops     Promotion
5/99   Luxray     Promotion
6/99   Mothim     Promotion
7/99   Probopass     Promotion
8/99   Salamence     Promotion
9/99   Swalot     Promotion
10/99   Tangrowth     Promotion
11/99   Toxicroak     Promotion
12/99   Zapdos       Promotion
13/99   Aerodactyl     Promotion
14/99   Bronzong     Promotion
15/99   Cherrim     Promotion
16/99   Gengar     Promotion
17/99   Gengar     Promotion
18/99   Glalie     Promotion
19/99   Golem     Promotion
20/99   Hariyama     Promotion
21/99   Lopunny     Promotion
22/99   Manectric     Promotion
23/99   Omastar     Promotion
24/99   Pelipper     Promotion
25/99   Pichu     Promotion
26/99   Porygon-Z       Promotion
27/99   Raichu     Promotion
28/99   Rapidash     Promotion
29/99   Raticate     Promotion
30/99   Sceptile     Promotion
31/99   Sceptile     Promotion
32/99   Spiritomb     Promotion
33/99   Bronzong     Promotion
34/99   Bronzor     Promotion
35/99   Charmeleon     Promotion
36/99   Gastly     Promotion
37/99   Graveler     Promotion
38/99   Grovyle     Promotion
39/99   Grovyle     Promotion
40/99   Gulpin     Promotion
41/99   Haunter     Promotion
42/99   Haunter     Promotion
43/99   Luxio     Promotion
44/99   Manectric     Promotion
45/99   Pelipper     Promotion
46/99   Ponyta     Promotion
47/99   Rapidash     Promotion
48/99   Shelgon     Promotion
49/99   Wormadam Plant Cloak     Promotion
50/99   Wormadam Sandy Cloak     Promotion
51/99   Wormadam Trash Cloak     Promotion
52/99   Bagon     Promotion
53/99   Beedrill       Promotion
54/99   Bronzor     Promotion
55/99   Buneary     Promotion
56/99   Burmy Plant Cloak     Promotion
57/99   Burmy Sandy Cloak     Promotion
58/99   Burmy Trash Cloak     Promotion
59/99   Charmander     Promotion
60/99   Cherubi     Promotion
61/99   Croagunk     Promotion
62/99   Electrike     Promotion
63/99   Electrike     Promotion
64/99   Gastly     Promotion
65/99   Geodude     Promotion
66/99   Gulpin     Promotion
67/99   Kabuto     Promotion
68/99   Makuhita     Promotion
69/99   Nosepass     Promotion
70/99   Omanyte     Promotion
71/99   Pikachu     Promotion
72/99   Ponyta     Promotion
73/99   Rattata     Promotion
74/99   Shinx     Promotion
75/99   Snorunt     Promotion
76/99   Tangela     Promotion
77/99   Tangela     Promotion
78/99   Treecko     Promotion
79/99   Treecko     Promotion
80/99   Wingull     Promotion
81/99   Wingull     Promotion
82/99   Beginning Door T   Promotion
83/99   Bench Shield T   Promotion
84/99   Buffer Piece T   Promotion
85/99   Department Store Girl Su   Promotion
86/99   Energy Restore T   Promotion
87/99   Expert Belt T   Promotion
88/99   Lucky Egg T   Promotion
89/99   Old Amber T   Promotion
90/99   Professor Oak's Visit Su   Promotion
91/99   Ultimate Zone St   Promotion
92/99   Dome Fossil T   Promotion
93/99   Helix Fossil T   Promotion
94/99   Arceus LV.X     Promotion
95/99   Arceus LV.X     Promotion
96/99   Arceus LV.X     Promotion
97/99   Gengar LV.X     Promotion
98/99   Salamence LV.X     Promotion
99/99   Tangrowth LV.X     Promotion

Arceus cards
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
AR1   Arceus     Promotion
AR2   Arceus     Promotion
AR3   Arceus     Promotion
AR4   Arceus     Promotion
AR5   Arceus     Promotion
AR6   Arceus     Promotion
AR7   Arceus     Promotion
AR8   Arceus     Promotion
AR9   Arceus     Promotion

Shiny cards
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
SH10   Bagon     Promotion
SH11   Ponyta     Promotion
SH12   Shinx     Promotion

Advent of Arceus
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/090   Beedrill       Promotion
002/090   Tangela     Promotion
003/090   Tangrowth     Promotion
004/090   Tangrowth LV.X     Promotion
005/090   Treecko     Promotion
006/090   Grovyle     Promotion
007/090   Sceptile     Promotion
008/090   Burmy Plant Cloak     Promotion
009/090   Burmy Sandy Cloak     Promotion
010/090   Burmy Trash Cloak     Promotion
011/090   Wormadam Plant Cloak     Promotion
012/090   Mothim     Promotion
013/090   Cherubi     Promotion
014/090   Cherrim     Promotion
015/090   Charmander     Promotion
016/090   Charmeleon     Promotion
017/090   Charizard     Promotion
018/090   Ponyta     Promotion
019/090   Ponyta     Promotion
020/090   Rapidash     Promotion
021/090   Heatran     Promotion
022/090   Omanyte     Promotion
023/090   Omastar     Promotion
024/090   Wingull     Promotion
025/090   Pelipper     Promotion
026/090   Snorunt     Promotion
027/090   Glalie     Promotion
028/090   Froslass     Promotion
029/090   Arceus     Promotion
030/090   Pichu     Promotion
031/090   Pikachu     Promotion
032/090   Raichu     Promotion
033/090   Zapdos       Promotion
034/090   Electrike     Promotion
035/090   Manectric     Promotion
036/090   Shinx     Promotion
037/090   Shinx     Promotion
038/090   Luxio     Promotion
039/090   Luxray     Promotion
040/090   Gastly     Promotion
041/090   Haunter     Promotion
042/090   Gengar     Promotion
043/090   Gengar LV.X     Promotion
044/090   Gulpin     Promotion
045/090   Swalot     Promotion
046/090   Geodude     Promotion
047/090   Graveler     Promotion
048/090   Golem     Promotion
049/090   Kabuto     Promotion
050/090   Kabutops     Promotion
051/090   Aerodactyl     Promotion
052/090   Makuhita     Promotion
053/090   Hariyama     Promotion
054/090   Nosepass     Promotion
055/090   Wormadam Sandy Cloak     Promotion
056/090   Croagunk     Promotion
057/090   Toxicroak     Promotion
058/090   Arceus     Promotion
059/090   Spiritomb     Promotion
060/090   Arceus     Promotion
061/090   Wormadam Trash Cloak     Promotion
062/090   Bronzor     Promotion
063/090   Bronzong     Promotion
064/090   Probopass     Promotion
065/090   Arceus     Promotion
066/090   Rattata     Promotion
067/090   Raticate     Promotion
068/090   Bagon     Promotion
069/090   Bagon     Promotion
070/090   Shelgon     Promotion
071/090   Salamence     Promotion
072/090   Salamence LV.X     Promotion
073/090   Buneary     Promotion
074/090   Lopunny     Promotion
075/090   Porygon-Z       Promotion
076/090   Arceus     Promotion
077/090   Arceus LV.X     Promotion
078/090   Energy Search T   Promotion
079/090   Beginning Door T   Promotion
080/090   Pokémon Rescue T   Promotion
081/090   Helix Fossil T   Promotion
082/090   Dome Fossil T   Promotion
083/090   Old Amber T   Promotion
084/090   Lucky Egg T   Promotion
085/090   Expert Belt T   Promotion
086/090   Bench Shield T   Promotion
087/090   Professor Oak's Visit Su   Promotion
088/090   Department Girl Su   Promotion
089/090   Bebe's Search Su   Promotion
090/090   Ultimate Zone St   Promotion


English Zapdos pack
English Salamence pack
English Arceus
Meadow Plate pack
English Arceus
Splash Plate pack
Japanese Advent of Arceus
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Advent of Arceus set is only released in Japanese, in both 1st and unlimited edition. The Arceus set is released in English, German, and Italian, with cards also available as Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  German Arceus
  Italian Arceus
  Spanish Arceus

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