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Rising Rivals
SetSymbolRising Rivals.png
PL2 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 120
Japanese: 90
Set number English: 40
Japanese: 38
Release date English: May 16, 2009
Japanese: December 26, 2008
Theme Decks

Cutting Edge (GrassPsychic)
Drill Point (WaterFighting)

Galactic's Conquest
Bonds to the End of Time
Beat of the Frontier

Pokémon TCG: Platinum—Rising Rivals (Japanese: 時の果ての絆 Bonds to the End of Time) is the name given to the second main expansion of cards from the Platinum Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the DPt Era in Japan). The set continues to feature Generation IV Pokémon, Pokémon LV.X, and Pokémon SP in the card game.


The Greater Your Power, the Greater Your Rivals!

Capture awesome Pokémon LV.X... Challenge Gym Leaders... Rise to the level of the Elite Four... and discover the elite Trainer in yourself! The Pokémon TCG: Platinum—Rising Rivals expansion brings powerful Trainers and amazing Pokémon together in new and exciting ways, expanding your game play strategies. By pitting Trainer against Trainer and Pokémon against Pokémon in battles that will rival even your most exciting encounters, Rising Rivals will raise you to the top of your game!


Bonds to the End of Time logo

Rising Rivals is the name given to the second main expansion of the Platinum Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Bonds to the End of Time, the second expansion in the Pokémon Card Game DPt Era. It is based on Pokémon Platinum, featuring Generation IV Pokémon and the Gym Leaders and Elite Four of the Sinnoh League. The English expansion was released on May 16, 2009, while the Japanese expansion was released on December 26, 2008.

The second and third variants of Pokémon SP introduced were the Pokémon   and Pokémon  , Pokémon that were owned by the Gym Leaders and Elite Four respectively. The Pokémon are Pokémon that they used in Pokémon Platinum Version.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
5/111   Flygon   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Drill Point Theme Deck exclusive
20/111   Gallade     [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cosmos Holo Cutting Edge Theme Deck exclusive
32/111   Rhyperior     [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cosmos Holo Drill Point Theme Deck exclusive
33/111   Snorlax   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Rival Season (September 2009)
52/111   Tropius   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "Prerelease" stamp Prerelease promo
52/111   Tropius   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Staff "Prerelease" stamp Prerelease promo
60/111   Flareon     [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cracked Ice Reverse Holo Value Box exclusive
62/111   Gliscor     [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cracked Ice Reverse Holo Value Box exclusive
69/111   Munchlax   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] TPCi Annual Distributors Meeting 2009 stamped promo
89/111   Bebe's Search Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Dahlia Season (May 2010)
92/111   Lucian's Assignment Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Crosshatch Holo Player Rewards Program 2009-2010 (Tier Two)
96/111   Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar T [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Crosshatch Holo Player Rewards Program 2011-2012 (Tier Two)
97/111   Underground Expedition Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Darach Season (June 2010)
98/111   Volkner's Philosophy Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Crosshatch Holo Player Rewards Program 2009-2010 (Tier Two)
102/111   Upper Energy   E [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Crosshatch Holo Player Rewards Program 2009-2010 (Tier Two)

Set lists

Rising Rivals
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/111   Arcanine     Promotion
2/111   Bastiodon       Promotion
3/111   Darkrai       Promotion
4/111   Floatzel       Promotion
5/111   Flygon     Promotion
6/111   Froslass       Promotion
7/111   Jirachi     Promotion
8/111   Lucario       Promotion
9/111   Luxray       Promotion
10/111   Mismagius       Promotion
11/111   Rampardos       Promotion
12/111   Roserade       Promotion
13/111   Shiftry     Promotion
14/111   Aggron     Promotion
15/111   Beedrill     Promotion
16/111   Bronzong       Promotion
17/111   Drapion       Promotion
18/111   Espeon       Promotion
19/111   Flareon     Promotion
20/111   Gallade       Promotion
21/111   Gastrodon East Sea     Promotion
22/111   Gastrodon West Sea     Promotion
23/111   Golem       Promotion
24/111   Heracross       Promotion
25/111   Hippowdon     Promotion
26/111   Jolteon     Promotion
27/111   Mamoswine       Promotion
28/111   Mr. Mime       Promotion
29/111   Nidoking     Promotion
30/111   Nidoqueen     Promotion
31/111   Raichu       Promotion
32/111   Rhyperior       Promotion
33/111   Snorlax     Promotion
34/111   Vaporeon     Promotion
35/111   Vespiquen       Promotion
36/111   Walrein     Promotion
37/111   Yanmega       Promotion
38/111   Alakazam       Promotion
39/111   Electrode       Promotion
40/111   Gengar       Promotion
41/111   Glaceon     Promotion
42/111   Hippowdon       Promotion
43/111   Infernape       Promotion
44/111   Lairon     Promotion
45/111   Leafeon     Promotion
46/111   Machamp       Promotion
47/111   Rapidash       Promotion
48/111   Scizor       Promotion
49/111   Sharpedo     Promotion
50/111   Starmie     Promotion
51/111   Steelix       Promotion
52/111   Tropius     Promotion
53/111   Vibrava     Promotion
54/111   Whiscash       Promotion
55/111   Aerodactyl       Promotion
56/111   Ambipom       Promotion
57/111   Aron     Promotion
58/111   Carvanha     Promotion
59/111   Eevee     Promotion
60/111   Flareon       Promotion
61/111   Forretress       Promotion
62/111   Gliscor       Promotion
63/111   Growlithe     Promotion
64/111   Hippopotas     Promotion
65/111   Houndoom       Promotion
66/111   Kakuna     Promotion
67/111   Kecleon     Promotion
68/111   Koffing     Promotion
69/111   Munchlax     Promotion
70/111   Munchlax     Promotion
71/111   Nidoran♀     Promotion
72/111   Nidoran♂     Promotion
73/111   Nidorina     Promotion
74/111   Nidorino     Promotion
75/111   Nuzleaf     Promotion
76/111   Quagsire       Promotion
77/111   Sealeo     Promotion
78/111   Seedot     Promotion
79/111   Shellos East Sea     Promotion
80/111   Shellos West Sea     Promotion
81/111   Snorlax     Promotion
82/111   Spheal     Promotion
83/111   Staryu     Promotion
84/111   Trapinch     Promotion
85/111   Turtwig       Promotion
86/111   Weedle     Promotion
87/111   Weezing     Promotion
88/111   Aaron's Collection Su   Promotion
89/111   Bebe's Search Su   Promotion
90/111   Bertha's Warmth Su   Promotion
91/111   Flint's Willpower Su   Promotion
92/111   Lucian's Assignment Su   Promotion
93/111   Pokémon Contest Hall St   Promotion
94/111   Sunyshore City Gym St   Promotion
95/111   Team Galactic's Invention G-107 Technical Machine   T   Promotion
96/111   Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar T   Promotion
97/111   Underground Expedition Su   Promotion
98/111   Volkner's Philosophy Su   Promotion
99/111   Darkness Energy   E   Promotion
100/111   Metal Energy   E   Promotion
101/111   SP Energy   E   Promotion
102/111   Upper Energy   E   Promotion
103/111   Alakazam   LV.X     Promotion
104/111   Floatzel   LV.X     Promotion
105/111   Flygon LV.X     Promotion
106/111   Gallade   LV.X     Promotion
107/111   Hippowdon LV.X     Promotion
108/111   Infernape   LV.X     Promotion
109/111   Luxray   LV.X     Promotion
110/111   Mismagius   LV.X     Promotion
111/111   Snorlax LV.X     Promotion
112/111   Pikachu     Promotion
113/111   Flying Pikachu     Promotion
114/111   Surfing Pikachu     Promotion

Rotom cards
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
RT1   Fan Rotom     Promotion
RT2   Frost Rotom     Promotion
RT3   Heat Rotom     Promotion
RT4   Mow Rotom     Promotion
RT5   Wash Rotom     Promotion
RT6   Charon's Choice Su   Promotion

Bonds to the End of Time
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/090   Weedle     Promotion
002/090   Kakuna     Promotion
003/090   Beedrill     Promotion
004/090   Seedot     Promotion
005/090   Tropius     Promotion
006/090   Turtwig       Promotion
007/090   Roserade       Promotion
008/090   Leafeon     Promotion
009/090   Growlithe     Promotion
010/090   Arcanine     Promotion
011/090   Flareon     Promotion
012/090   Staryu     Promotion
013/090   Starmie     Promotion
014/090   Vaporeon     Promotion
015/090   Quagsire       Promotion
016/090   Spheal     Promotion
017/090   Sealeo     Promotion
018/090   Walrein     Promotion
019/090   Floatzel       Promotion
020/090   Floatzel   LV.X     Promotion
021/090   Shellos West Sea     Promotion
022/090   Shellos East Sea     Promotion
023/090   Gastrodon East Sea     Promotion
024/090   Glaceon     Promotion
025/090   Mamoswine       Promotion
026/090   Froslass       Promotion
027/090   Raichu       Promotion
028/090   Jolteon     Promotion
029/090   Luxray       Promotion
030/090   Luxray   LV.X     Promotion
031/090   Heat Rotom     Promotion
032/090   Frost Rotom     Promotion
033/090   Wash Rotom     Promotion
034/090   Fan Rotom     Promotion
035/090   Mow Rotom     Promotion
036/090   Nidoran♀     Promotion
037/090   Nidorina     Promotion
038/090   Nidoqueen     Promotion
039/090   Nidoran♂     Promotion
040/090   Nidorino     Promotion
041/090   Alakazam       Promotion
042/090   Alakazam   LV.X     Promotion
043/090   Gengar       Promotion
044/090   Koffing     Promotion
045/090   Weezing     Promotion
046/090   Mismagius       Promotion
047/090   Nidoking     Promotion
048/090   Machamp       Promotion
049/090   Aerodactyl       Promotion
050/090   Trapinch     Promotion
051/090   Rampardos       Promotion
052/090   Gastrodon West Sea     Promotion
053/090   Lucario       Promotion
054/090   Hippopotas     Promotion
055/090   Hippowdon     Promotion
056/090   Hippowdon LV.X     Promotion
057/090   Nuzleaf     Promotion
058/090   Shiftry     Promotion
059/090   Carvanha     Promotion
060/090   Sharpedo     Promotion
061/090   Forretress       Promotion
062/090   Steelix       Promotion
063/090   Aron     Promotion
064/090   Lairon     Promotion
065/090   Aggron     Promotion
066/090   Jirachi     Promotion
067/090   Bastiodon       Promotion
068/090   Eevee     Promotion
069/090   Munchlax     Promotion
070/090   Snorlax     Promotion
071/090   Vibrava     Promotion
072/090   Flygon     Promotion
073/090   Flygon LV.X     Promotion
074/090   Kecleon     Promotion
075/090   Ambipom       Promotion
076/090   Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar T   Promotion
077/090   Team Galactic's Invention G-107 Technical Machine   T   Promotion
078/090   Underground Expedition Su   Promotion
079/090   Volkner's Philosophy Su   Promotion
080/090   Charon's Choice Su   Promotion
081/090   Bebe's Search Su   Promotion
082/090   Sunyshore City Gym St   Promotion
083/090   Pokémon Contest Hall St   Promotion
084/090   Upper Energy   E   Promotion
085/090   SP Energy   E   Promotion
086/090   Darkness Energy   E   Promotion
087/090   Metal Energy   E   Promotion
088/090   Pikachu     Promotion
089/090   Surfing Pikachu     Promotion
090/090   Flying Pikachu     Promotion


English Scizor pack
English Houndoom pack
English Leafeon pack
English Rotom pack
Japanese Bonds to the
End of Time pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Bonds to the End of Time set is only released in Japanese, in both 1st and unlimited edition. The Rising Rivals set is released in English, German, French, and Italian, with cards also available as Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Rivaux Émergeants
  German Aufstieg der Rivalen
  Italian L'Ascesa dei Rivali

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