Collection Packs (TCG)

Collective box art
Release date April 18, 2009

The Collection Packs (Japanese: コレクションパック Collection Pack) are a Japanese-exclusive series of three 12-card sets (see Half Deck) for the Pokémon Trading Card Game that were designed to give players the opportunity to use previously rare Promotional cards.


Each of the packs contain twelve cards, six of which are Holofoil, and each one focusing on a specific Pokémon LV.X card. All of the cards except the Pokémon LV.X were previously released as Promotional cards in Japan, the majority of which are part of the DP-P Promotional cards collection. They also include cards from the Pokémon Fan Club that were awarded over the course of the 2007-2008 season. Each pack also contains the rare Time-Space Distortion Trainer card.


  • The featured Pokémon LV.X cards previously had English-exclusive artwork; Mewtwo and Regigigas released in the 2008 Holiday Collector's Tins, and Shaymin in the 2009 Spring Collector's Tins (released a month prior).
  • Several cards from each pack that were Holofoil for their original promotional release are not Holofoil in the Collection Packs, as to further differentiate the two versions. Similarly, some promotional cards that were previously non-Holofoil are Holofoil in the Collection Packs.

Set lists

Shaymin LV.X Collection Pack
No. Card Type Quantity
001/012 Combee  
002/012 Yanmega  
003/012 Shaymin LV.X  
004/012 Chimchar  
005/012 Glaceon  
006/012 Palkia  
007/012 Pikachu  
008/012 Raichu  
009/012 Stunky  
010/012 Probopass  
011/012 Eevee  
012/012 Time-Space Distortion T

Mewtwo LV.X Collection Pack
No. Card Type Quantity
001/012 Burmy Sandy Cloak  
002/012 Piplup  
003/012 Buizel  
004/012 Luxray  
005/012 Pachirisu  
006/012 Mewtwo LV.X  
007/012 Dusknoir  
008/012 Riolu  
009/012 Lucario  
010/012 Dialga  
011/012 Munchlax  
012/012 Time-Space Distortion T

Regigigas LV.X Collection Pack
No. Card Type Quantity
001/012 Turtwig  
002/012 Leafeon  
003/012 Heatran  
004/012 Shellos East Sea  
005/012 Phione  
006/012 Manaphy  
007/012 Chingling  
008/012 Cresselia  
009/012 Buneary  
010/012 Lopunny  
011/012 Regigigas LV.X  
012/012 Time-Space Distortion T

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