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These are Looker's quotes in the Pokémon games.


Pokémon Platinum

Jubilife City
"WHAAAT?! ...How did you know? How did you unmask me as a member of the International Police?!"
"...Heh. You claim you were only making conversation, do you? But, I know better not to believe that. No, no, no. You recognized right away that I was someone extraordinary. That is why you spoke to me, is it not? Your power of observation is fearsome! Quite admirable, you are! Now that my cover has been blown, let me introduce myself. I am a globe-trotting elite of the International Police. My name... Ah, no. I shall inform you only of my code name. My code name, it is Looker. It is what they all call me. Incidentally, is the saying, 'Don't be a thief!' familiar to you?"
No: "No? You claim to not know it? How could that be? Perhaps your mama has said it, but you have forgotten it, like usual? Now listen, my friends. It is wrong to take what belongs to others."
Yes: "Yes, that is correct. Taking what belongs to others is wrong."
"Unfortunately, there are apparently those who do not heed those words. In Sinnoh, in fact, there are criminals stealing the Pokémon of others. I have, therefore, been on the lookout for characters arousing my suspicion. Incidentally, you are Trainers, yes? Perhaps you can make use of this? That Vs. Recorder, it is a nifty device for recording a match. I obtained it because it is quite popular these days. But myself, I do not do Pokémon battling very often. It will be in better hands with you. Also, I have a request. If you were to see me again, I ask that you not talk to me, for I am on duty. ...Actually, yes, yes, you may speak to me. You must. Not because I am lonely, no, no! You must inform me of bad guys! You must inform me of any happenings!"
  • If the player attempts to walk to Route 203 before meeting up with Barry:
"Hello, my friend. Have you visited the Trainers' School? Did your friend not guide you there earlier?"
  • If talked to:
"Ah, it is you! Have no fear. There are no shady characters about. Incidentally, have you visited the Trainers' School? Did your friend not guide you there earlier?"
  • If the player attempts to walk to Route 203 without a Pokétch:
"Tell me, have you not obtained a Pokétch? I believe a Pokétch is now free in exchange for some Coupons?"
  • If talked to again:
"Ah, it is you! Have no fear. There are no shady characters about. Incidentally, have you not obtained a Pokétch? I believe a Pokétch is now free in exchange for some Coupons?"
  • After obtaining the Coal Badge
"Ah, yes. I see that you have obtained it, a Pal Pad for yourself. I myself, a member of the International Police, the fighters of crime around the world, have one also. For it is what one must have to trade with Trainers around the world. Take that Pal Pad to the Global Terminal for trading on an international level!"
  • If player has not obtained Pal Pad
"Tell me, have you not obtained a Pal Pad? Is not a Pal Pad free to anyone visiting the Pokémon Center's basement?"
  • Either way
"Anyway, there appears to be no one shady in this Jubilife City. I shall therefore take my investigation elsewhere. But, my friend, I suggest you remain vigilant for shady grown-ups!"
Valley Windworks
"Ah, yes. It is you, yes. I have heard that the Team Galactic appeared at this power plant. I have, therefore, come running. So, the Team Galactic. Where are they? ... You have run them off, you say? You are a Trainer, but...? Very well! I shall go investigate inside! Magnificent! Yes, it is! What you have said, it is all true! Superb! Though you are young, you are a Trainer through and through! Very well! I shall pursue the culprits! I have received tips that the Team Galactic hideout is in Eterna City. To there, I must be off!"
Team Galactic Eterna Building
"Hello! It is me! Me! Hahaha! I have startled you, yes? I am, after all, an officer of the International Police. It is only natural that I be a master of disguise. ...Incidentally, you are a first-rate Trainer. Of that, I am very aware. I therefore think you will be OK, but I must warn you to be careful anyway. Also, a word of advice. This building, it has two stairs. One of them, a trap it must be. But the crooks of Team Galactic, they do not appear, how shall I say, smart. There should be an easy way to tell the stairs apart!"
  • If talked to again
"Now, I have been conducting my investigation into Team Galactic. But I have no clue as to who they are or what it is they wish to do. The minions, they appear ignorant of the intentions of their boss. Also, a word of advice. This building, it has two stairs. One of them, a trap it must be. But the crooks of Team Galactic, they do not appear, how shall I say, smart. There should be an easy way to tell the stairs apart!"
Veilstone City
  • After helping Lucas/Dawn get their Pokédex back
"Have no fear, I have come running. I heard of children feuding with the Team Galactic. It turns out, of course, to be you."
"You insult me to my face? How very uncouth of you."
"It is of no matter. Of more interest is the criminal behavior of the Team Galactic. They attempt to steal the belongings of a child? The scale of their criminality, it seems rather minuscule. The triviality of their action makes them more sinister, perhaps. Their warehouse needs investigation. Come with me, and we'll take a look!"
  • Inside the warehouse
  • After helping Lucas/Dawn get their Pokédex back
"Hmm... A key is necessary for us to go on. For the time being, we cannot give chase to those who run away. Ah, this Hidden Machine... It is of the hidden move Fly. <player>, this, you should be keeping. It will not do to leave this item here to be used by the Team Galactic. So, we did not learn much from this exercise... No matter. What concerns me is what I have overheard in the Game Corner. The Team Galactic has transported something to Pastoria City. What they are up to, I do not know, but I have bad feelings about it."
  • If talked to again
"I am concerned over what I have overheard in the Game Corner. The Team Galactic has transported something to Pastoria City. What they are up to, I do not know, but I have bad feelings about it."
  • After earning the Icicle Badge
"Ah, hello! I have kept you waiting. I will use this Storage Key I have obtained from the Team Galactic... Yes! It is opened! I will go ahead, my friend. Do not expose yourself to danger!"
  • Outside Team Galactic HQ (after earning the Icicle Badge)
"Ah-hah! You leave this to me! The Storage Key for entering the Team Galactic hideout, I have right here. A frontal assault, it is not possible. But we can enter their hideout. Well? Will you enter the hideout? You have your reasons, yes?
No: "...Yes, I see your point. Snaking into the hideout of the Team is daunting."
  • If talked again
"<player>! Ah-hah! You leave this to me! The Storage Key for entering the Team Galactic hideout, I have right here. A frontal assault, it is not possible. But we can enter their hideout. Well? Will you enter the hideout? You have your reasons, yes?"
Yes: "Very well. Inside the Team Galactic warehouse. We will meet there. Prepare the best you can. I shall join you shortly."
  • If talked to again
"<player>! Very well. Inside the Team Galactic warehouse. We will meet there. Prepare the best you can. I shall join you shortly."
  • In Team Galactic HQ
"Psst! Here. Over here. This gathering of the Team Galactic... What is the meaning of it?"
"...Whew. So, that was Cyrus, the boss of the Team Galactic. Quite the performance, no? Mesmerizing for one of only 27 years old. ...But to make a world for Team Galactic and none other? It is preposterous. So much so that it makes my head spin. A new world? What is that? And what is this incomplete world? Very well. To investigate such matters is the job of the International Police. Of which I am a member in good stead. And it is my job, therefore. We shall part ways here. Take extra care, my friend!"
  • Before earning the Cobble Badge:
"Ah, it is you, yes. Examine, if you will, the reels. The Team Galactic logo, it is here. Further investigation is needed, and I am just a man to do it. Also, where the masses gather, so too does information. ...Ack. My streak is broken."
  • Before earning the Cobble Badge (European version):
"Ah, it is you, yes. Team Galactic, yes, I have a hunch that they, too, may come here to play. Further investigation is needed, and I am just a man to do it. Also, where the masses gather, so too does information. ...Game Over? How can this be?"
  • After Stark Mountain:
"Ah, it is you, yes. I have decide to use opportunity of being here in Sinnoh. I am therefore trying to teach moves to Pokémon that I have captured. Also, if I have nothing to do, it means the world, it is at peace. ...Ack. My streak is broken."
  • After Stark Mountain (European version):
"Ah, it is you, yes. I have decide to use opportunity of being here in Sinnoh. I am therefore trying to teach moves to Pokémon that I have captured. Also, if I have nothing to do, it means the world, it is at peace. What? Game Over? ...AGAIN?"
  • After interacting with the Galactic Grunt on the beach
"Hello, my friend! The cargo that the Team Galactic brought is worrisome, so I have come. ...You say the cargo, it was a bomb? And there was an explosion? The explosion was at the Great Marsh? Furthermore, you are pursuing a man... A man with funny bowl-cut hair. In an outfit that is very strange? In other words, that is the Team Galactic! Oh, no, no, no! How did I miss it? Ah, Looker, this time you have made a mistake of the ages! The man, who I have seen running away, he was the bearer of the bomb! Ach! This will not do! Wait! Wait, I say!"
  • In the Hotel Grand Lake lobby building
"Ah, my friend, it is you! Yes, I am at this hotel now. I am interviewing the people to see if they have seen anyone suspicious. I would like your assistance. Go search outside, if you will. The suspect, he may have already slipped away ahead unnoticed.
  • If talked to again
"Is that so? The champion of Hoenn has stayed here? But that is of no importance! A suspicion-arousing character, yes, but your bragging is not necessary! Inside the hotel, I will search. You, I ask to search outside. The suspect, he may have already slipped away ahead unnoticed."
Mt. Coronet
"Observe, if you will, that hole. There was once a cave painting that had blocked the way to the summit. But the wall, it is no longer there. It lies in pieces. Do you see? Ever since the three Pokémon of the lakes have been captured... Something terrible is happening, but what exactly, I do not know. There is but one cause! Team Galactic’s Cyrus! And now, we are all caught up. Now, to the next step. Are you Trainer enough to advance? Show me, if you will! ... ... Hahaha! You can relax now. You see, I understand. You are far superior to me. As are the Commanders. Cyrus, too, naturally. Team Galactic is beyond my reach... Please, you must stop them! For only you are able! All I can do now is give you this. It is a little something I obtained in an investigation long ago. Your Bag, it is full? Are you prepared for every occasion? Please! You must stop Team Galactic!”
  • If talked to again
"Please! You must stop Team Galactic!"
"Please, stop Team Galactic! For only you are able! All I can do is give you this. It is a little something I obtained in an investigation long ago."*
Stark Mountain
"Go, go, go!"'
"Excellent work, Croagunk! Pah! Disguising myself as a boulder for stakeout was not easy! Now, old-timer, the International Police cordially requests your cooperation. I am sure you have much to tell us about the new Team Galactic. With Cyrus, Mars, and Jupiter gone, you are all that is left."
"You can tell us all about it. We have plenty of time. Oh, no, no. No resisting arrest. You can't win three-on-one, no? OK, Officers, over here, if you will. He is an old man. This heat cannot be good for him. Quickly, take him somewhere cool. Yes, the cooler will do!"
"<Player>! And you, unfamiliar boy! I wish to say something. First, it is too hot! Let us exit this environment!"
"Whew! The air outside, it is delicious, yes! ...Gweh! Gah! Geff! Bleah! I have inhaled volcanic ash by the lungful! Now, you two. This is what they were after. The Magma Stone. Moving this is said to awaken the Pokémon Heatran. The old tales say that its awakening, it will make Stark Mountain erupt. ...But I have moved it. It is here. Will this cause the eruption?!"
"That boy, he has quite the energy, yes? <Player>, I should tell you why I have arrived here. After we parted at Mt. Coronet, I investigated their hideout. I uncovered Charon's plot, which led me to a stakeout of this place. That Charon is now securely within our custody. It is safe to say the Team Galactic is a threat no longer. That being said, it looks like my work here is finally finished."
"I, also, will take my leave. 'The more wonderful the meeting, the sadder the parting.' That is a quote I heard many years ago in a foreign land. Its meaning... I understand it better now. Farewell, <player>, my friend! Long may you cherish Pokémon!"

Pokémon Black and White

Nuvema Town
"Incredible, really. Amazing, absolutely, meeting these two Pokémon of legend!"
"Oh! I still wear my disguise! Pardon! Or, rather, let me introduce myself."
"I am a globe-trotting elite of the International Police. My name... Ah, no, I shall inform you of my code name only. My code name, it is Looker. It is how I am called! Behind the scenes in this region of Unova, an organization called Team Plasma conspires... This I have heard, and therefore, to this region I must come, but... Thanks to the Gym Leaders and to you, yes, Team Plasma's castle has fallen. And the members, they have gone upon their separate ways! This is what I hear, most certainly!"
"But, however! However, but... The ones known as the Seven Sages--still they hide themselves in the Unova region."
"And so, in the end, it explains why I must ask this of you, Trainer of amazing skill! Travel the Unova region and search it up and search it down for the Seven Sages! Alder, the Champion of renown, recommended you to my notice. Are you willing to help me?"
No: "Ah, ah! Yet once more shall I ask! If you please, travel the Unova region and search it low and high for these Seven Sages!"
Yes: "Excellent! I thank you! Now I feel as if I have perhaps a million people on my side. Permit me to give this into your hands!"
"Yes, correct! It is certainly a Super Rod!"
"I see. It is truly <player>'s mama to ask so! What a magnificent question! I admire it. It is my pleasure to answer. Absolutely nothing!"
"Yes, I shall provide the explanation of this, the Super Rod! First! Face the water and employ the rod! Second! Concentrate your focal point! When it occurs that these Pokémon bite, "!" will indicate. Immediately, reel in! For the rest, <player>, I depend upon you!"
Across Unova
  • Upon arresting each sage (says one of these at random)
"Ah... And now, about Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, and there are so many things you must tell me at once!"
"Regarding Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, and you must satisfy request for certain information!"
"Indeed! I am an officer of the International Police, and I demand to hear all you know about Team Plasma!"
"On the topic of Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, so you would be wise to share all you know."
"Regarding Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, and you must supply the information I request!"
  • When there are still sages remaining (says one of these at random)
"Accept my thanks! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. What is it they are thinking, what it may be they are hoping, this is the information I pursue. Until we meet again!"
"Accept my thanks! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. They are thinking--upon what topics? They are hoping--upon what chances? This is of the utmost urgency! At once! On the way!"
"Many thanks! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. What is it they are thinking, what it may be they are hoping, this is the information I have need of. Until we meet again!"
"Thanks many times over! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. The thoughts they are contemplating, the hopes they are anticipating, these--these are what I want to know! Until our next meeting!"
"Truly, I thank you! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. Their innermost thoughts, their uttermost hopes... These I must and shall discover! Once more, a brief farewell!"
  • When the last sage is arrested (says one of these at random)
"Thank you a lot! Eh, <player>... On a topic I must speak to you. Having received such a report, of someone far from here, who has seen a person like N and...a dragon Pokémon. I am on my way to verify the veracity of this information. We will meet again one day!"
"I thank you profoundly! Curiously, <player>... There is a topic on which we must speak. A report has reached my ears of someone far from here. Indeed, this someone has spotted a person like N and a... dragon Pokémon. I depart to validate the validity of this information. We shall meet again, so until then, adieu."

Pokémon X and Y

Lumiose City
"Ahem... <Player>. Please excuse me. I only need a moment. Or perhaps three. There is something I really need to talk about with you. Please come to the Looker Bureau. The building is close to Rouge Plaza. I can't say any more right now. I will expect to see you soon."

Chapter 1: That Man's a Real...Looker

Looker Bureau
  • Upon first meeting at the Looker Bureau
"It was good of you to come. Yes... I need 30 seconds of your time. Or--three minutes only. Thirty minutes, maybe. First, you must know that I have taken the liberty of investigating you, <player. For example, I can say that you're the newest Champion of the Kalos region. Also, I can say that you were the one to save our world from the group known as Team Flare. Good. Very good. I have delayed in giving my introduction. My code name is--no! Hah! I mean to say, my name is Looker. I'm no more than a grim, middle-aged man who works in this town as a detective. And now, let us approach the real subject, <player>, my friend. I investigated you, yes. I called you here today, yes. The reasons for these actions? Listen well... Lumiose City... It is a tourist destination whose name is known all over the world. Many kinds of people live here, and even more come to visit and enjoy the atmosphere. Tha fact is, wherever there are so many people in one place, trouble is never far behind. Trouble beckons me. Yes. Trouble troubles me. And so I arrive, and so I open this agency. Being a detective and doing such work requires a person with a hard-boiled heart. But even a heart that embraces the loneliness can sometimes stumble, falter, doubt. And that's where you come in, kid. I want you to be my assistant. No, more than that! I want you to be my partner. If a Champion like you and an iron-jawed detective like me join forces, I promise we can bring peace to Lumiose City! What does your heart say, <player>? Will you partner with me and fight crime?"
No: "No? <Player>, my friend! This answer surprises me. It is not what I expected. I need a partner like you in order to protect the peace of this city. Reconsider, <player>. The city needs you. I need you. Will you not be my partner?"
Yes: "For your brave answer, I thank you. Lumiose City will regain its tranquility!"
"Well, I wish it could be that easy. Because even though you are Champion, you're still a rookie when it comes to detective work. And that's why I must ask you to enroll in my class in detective and espionage skills: "The Looker Method: Yes, even YOU can become a detective in five easy steps!" When you're ready to learn the meaning of "hard-boiled," just come and talk to me again."
  • Accepting mission
"Oh, you're ready for adventure now? Allow me to explain what you will be doing. You will need to find five Looker Tickets that have been sprinkled about Lumiose City, and then bring them back to me! There's nothing more to it! Simple as can be! The Looker Tickets will be sure to catch your eye with their glitter and sparkles. I want you to succeed, so I have left some hints in my notebook about where to find the tickets! Ah ha, so then, it is time. Away with you to begin your training! I trust you'll live up to my hopes!"
  • Before finding all tickets
"What is it, <player>? Are you feeling a bit stuck with your training? Well, you've found <number> tickets so far. Don't give up, my friend! Dive back into Lumiose city, and find those tickets!"
Around Lumiose City
  • Holo Caster call
"So now that you're heading off into the city, <player>, I just thought I would go over the locations of the hidden tickets once again."
"1. In the Pokémon Center next to Magenta Plaza."
"2. In Centrico Plaza, in the tower illuminating the city."
"3. On Vernal Avenue, at a shop selling medicines."
"4. On North Boulevard, 1F, in a place where people rest."
"5. On North Boulevard, 1F, in a place filled with art."
"That's it. If you're having trouble, return to the Looker Bureau or read this message again. I wish you luck."
  • Notes on Looker Tickets
  1. "Congratulations! You've found a ticket! Your brilliant deduction has brought you one step closer to becoming a detective!"
  2. "Congratulations! You've found a ticket! Just as I would expect of my colleague-to-be, <player>! March on! March on! Dive deep into Lumiose City!"
  3. "Congratulations! You've found a ticket! Your training is coming along smoothly! If my deductions are correct, I would say that this is the third ticket you've tracked down. Which would mean you are now more than halfway through your training! Lumiose is an imposing city, but do your best!"
  4. "Congratulations! You've found a ticket! Shall I share my diagnostics with you again? This ticket must be... your fourth ticket. Correct, yes? I imagine you are consumed with curiosity. How could I possibly know this? The answer to that is simply--I am a hard-boiled detective, after all!"
  5. "Congratulations! You've found a ticket! If you have gathered all five tickets, make your way straight to the Looker Bureau! Your training continues until we meet again! Remember that, brave <player>!"
Looker Bureau
  • Returning the tickets
"Ein, tvo, tri, fjore... Fif! Five Looker Tickets! Congratulations, <player>! You have completed your training using my patented course, "The Looker Method: Yes, even YOU can become a detective in five easy steps!" From this day onward, you are a fully fledged, completely boiled detective!"
:...Ahem! With that accomplished, let me issue my request once more. <Player>, be my crime-fighting partner?"
No: "Pardon? No?... Listen, <player>. This answer is not acceptable. I need a partner like you in order to fight crime and protect the peace of this city!"
Yes: "Excellent. It will be an honor for you to serve as an official member of the Looker Bureau! And... as partner to the one and only Looker! I'll send you a message on your Holo Caster whenever we have a job to do!"
"... ... ... To complete my patented training course, "The Looker Method: Yes, even YOU can become a detective in five easy steps!" in so little time and with such ease... <Player>, you truly are a masterful Trainer. The big case on which I have been at work... It is a certainty. We will crack this case together. And, as for what is past, old friend, be patient. Justice will be served--enough for all!"
  • If talked to again
"Ah! It is my partner, <player>! We have not had a single case come to us here at the Looker Bureau! In other words, Lumiose City is at peace... And I'm out of a job and a paycheck! I'll send you a message just as soon as we get a case. Watch your Holo Caster! I'm looking forward to your help once we get a big case to crack!"
  • In Looker's notebook
"The XXth day of the XXth month... I have finally had the great fortune to find a partner in this Kalos region."
  • When he calls on the Holo Caster
"<Player>! It is I! Looker! I want to talk to you about something important! Could you come to the Looker Bureau, please?"
  • When the player speaks to him after his call
"<Player>, you're here! You got my message on the Holo Caster, in fact? Then I need three minutes only. It is this. We have a case to solve! I count on your help, <player>! Let us put our partnership to the test! My notes are on the desk. Take 30 seconds to read up on the case."

Chapter 2: In the Back Alleys

Looker Bureau
  • After the player has read his notes
"All read up and all ready to go? Good! The first thing I want you to do is to visit those dark alleys in Lumiose City. Find where kids are hanging out, and get the lowdown on the situation. Got it? Think you can handle it, partner?"
No: "What? <Player>, no, no, no! That is not the answer I want to hear! I want you to investigate the dark alleys of Lumiose City and scope out what's happening with these kids! You've got this, right?"
Yes: "I am counting on you, <player>. There are a number of alleys here in Lumiose City. Somewhere, in one of them, you should find those kids! Yes. Yes, indeed. Hmm... My gut tells me there's something fishy about the alley leading off South Boulevard. When you've got a gut boiled as hard as mine, it's worth paying attention to! Start your investigations on South Boulevard. I'll join you when I can. Oh, wait! Here's an idea! I need three seconds... To help you on your way, I'll jot down the locations of all the alleys in my notebook! You've got this, <player>. Fear not. Off to the dark alleyways of Lumiose City!"
South Boulevard alleyway
"Pardon, pardon. It took a while to find you! How's the investigation going, <player>? Do you have news to report?"
"Oho! Did you hear that cry? I feel like it came from deeper inside the alley..."
"Why, it's a Pokémon! But to threaten humans like that, it is apparently none too gentle... It may consider this area its territory."
(Emma's voice confirms his guess.)
"Eh? Who's there? Show yourself!"
(Emma appears and introduces Mimi.)
"Ahem. Then this is your Pokémon? In which case, would you mind returning it to its Poké Ball for a bit?"
(Emma repeats Looker questioningly.)
(Emma berates Looker, saying she and Mimi are friends.)
"Of course. I...get it. Please forgive my error. My name is Looker. I work as a detective. May I introduce my partner, <player>. If you will permit me to ask, Mimi's friend... I am interested in what you're all doing here."
(Emma says they're playing.)
"... ... ... You seem to have a good group of friends playing together here. But why did you pick a dark alley like this one to play in? Lumiose City is filled with plazas and open spaces and sunny corners. Flowers can't bloom without sunshine, and neither can young folks, you know."
(Emma says she and Mimi have always lived in alleys.)
"You live in an alley? You and Mimi? And...your family? They--"
(Emma says she's alone.)
"I see."
(Emma amends that Mimi is like her family.)
"Indeed... Indeed! I, Looker, have struck upon an idea! A genius idea. And here it is! Friend of Mimi! I invite you to stay at my office, the Looker Bureau. You may work as my assistant and, in exchange, you may live in the office. I myself live elsewhere in a hotel, so you'll have it all to yourself after hours!"
(Emma is flustered.)
"It is not to imply that anything's wrong with a free life in the alleys, but... To have a home to shelter you from the cold and the rain... There is joy in having work to do each day and your efforts seen and appreciated. This idea is genius, even for me! And, Mimi, are you on board, too? It wouldn't be the same without you!"
(Mimi runs away.)
"Wh-what? Why did Mimi run off?"
(Emma declines Looker's offer, saying that she sticks with Mimi.)
"Hold on! Mimi may grow to like me in time. But even if not, we can try a new angle. At a time like this, it helps to have a partner you can count on."
(Emma is confused.)
"Indeed! <Player>! Your assignment is to befriend Mimi. You can do it!"
  • If talked to before the player has finished the assignment
"Can you handle it, <player>? If you succeed in making friends with Mimi, it may accept me as well. I'm your partner, after all! Yes! <Player>, I'm counting on you!"
South Boulevard
  • On the Holo Caster after the player exits the South Boulevard alley
"<Player>! I have received a tip from the children. I judge it most important, and it may be of use to you. Mimi apparently doesn't like being petted by strangers. It is imperative that you check the alleys where Mimi is known to stroll around. To be precise: Across from the Galette Stand! Across from Lumiose Station! Right next to Café Triste! The entrances to these alleys are all found on North Boulevard! Au revoir and out! I wish you luck!"
South Boulevard alleyway
  • After the player has befriended Mimi
"Oh! <Player>! Well done! Mimi seems to have taken a shine to you!"
"Thank you, <player>. You have proven your worth as my partner. Well, friend of Mimi? Problem solved? All set? Is it time for you to graduate from life on the streets and join the Looker Bureau as my assistant?"
(Emma agrees happily.)
"Ha ha! A detective is a hard-boiled kind of person! <Player>, let us make our way to the Looker Bureau with our new assistant!"
Looker Bureau
  • When the group arrives
"Please, make yourself comfortable! From today on, you will work here as my assistant! And you may live here as long as you choose!"
(Looker does a double-take.)
"I seem to have forgotten my manners. Pardon me for not asking your name. What do you prefer to go by, or shall we stick with "Friend-of-Mimi"?"
(Emma gives her name.)
"Emma, is it? Indeed, a pretty name!"
"Ahem. The case of the kids in the alleys is now closed. With Emma staying here instead, kids will stop making the alleys their second home! <Player>, I will send a message on your Holo Caster the next time we get a case! I look forward to it indeed."
  • Monologue
"Emma and Mimi... I was absolutely right to invite them to stay here. Truly genius, no doubt. What I don't know is if enough work will appear to keep food on our table. ... ... ... I-I guess I'll roll up my sleeves and concentrate on my mission! Th-this is what it means to be a hard-boiled detective."
  • Before he calls for the next case
"Hello, <player>. I don't have any cases at the moment. I'm teaching Emma to read and write and do basic arithmetic. When a new case appears, I'll contact you via Holo Caster! I look forward to it indeed."
  • In Looker's notebook
"The XXth day of the XXth month... Every day is filled with taking care of Emma and Mimi. Seeing their shining faces across from the table, I can't help but think... The action-packed life of a hard-boiled detective has turned into a family story... But there is a new source of the thinness of my wallet."
  • On Holo Caster
"<Player>! It's me! Looker! I want to talk to you about something important! Could you come to the Looker Bureau, please?"
  • In Looker's notebook
"The XXth day of the XXth month... I am happy to report that Emma has learned to read and write and do basic arithmetic. I must be truthful and say that her progress is due to the diligence of her brilliant instructor. Ha ha. Emma's intelligence and keen focus on her studies have ensured her steady progress."
"The XXth day of the XXth month... Recently, I have begun to be accepted by the Pokémon Mimi. When I pat its head, it barely lashes out. When I leave for the evening to go home to my room at the hotel, it cries sadly. It remains cautious when meeting strange adults, but this is evidence to me of trauma in its past. I wonder what happened, but prying into another's secrets is not good manners, whether person or Pokémon. I simply continue my effort to deepen my bonds with Mimi."
  • When the player speaks to him after his call
"You're here, <player>! That is good. I need 30 seconds of your time, no more. It is about our new friend, Emma. Ever since she started living here at the office, I have detected some signs of stress in her. This has caused me to worry. What do you think, <player>? Could it be that there is something wrong?"
Yes: "Interesting, interesting... So, has she confided in you? Or did you use some of the brilliant detective skills you learned from my class? You're an approachable person, <player>, which encourages others to open up to you. You know, when I first invited Emma to live here, my intention was to become a guardian to her. I promised to do everything for her as a parent would. I...I do hope my feelings of responsibility are not burdening her."
No: "Of course, of course! If my partner says nothing is wrong, then, indeed, nothing could be wrong. I was a little worried that living in a strange place and studying all day might be causing her stress... Hah! But my concerns prove untrue. It is just like a grim detective such as myself to see mysteries in everything."

Chapter 3: Detective, Tourist, Gang

Looker Bureau
  • As a woman enters the Looker Bureau, speaking Japanese
"Oho! What have we here? One of our fair city's famous tourists! From your manner of speaking, madame, I deduce that you have traveled far indeed! I am...Looker. What may I do for you?"
(The woman says she came to Looker to have him take back her Pokémon that were stolen from her.)
"Ahem... My dear lady... I am so terribly sorry, but could you speak a bit less quickly?"
(The woman apologizes, but says she doesn't have any time because her plane will leave soon.)
"Ahem... From what I can gather, it seems that this lady has been given sore offense. And do you know why that would be, <player>, my friend? Well, thanks to my gift for languages--I've traveled all over the world, you know... It seems she is highly offended that she has come as a guest and not yet been offered tea! Yes! Case closed! Which means, my friend, I must make haste to obtain the requisite tea! <Player>, please keep our guest company until my return from this vital mission."
  • When Looker returns, after Emma and Mimi have arrived
"I return! My apologies for the delay. I have obtained the finest quality tea, since our guest obviously has exquisite taste! Oho! Emma and Mimi are back as well! Yes. Excellent timing all round. Emma, have you introduced yourself to our visitor from a faraway land?"
(Mimi goes to greet Looker.)
"Oh! What have we here? Mimi! Are you happy to see me come home, too? Why... I wondered if it would ever happen. I have won over the hard-boiled Mimi!"
(Emma informs him that the woman is here about her Pokémon that were stolen at Lumiose Station.)
"What's that? What's that you're saying? Then it wasn't tea that she was after? But I bought this...fancy...expensive... No! Hah! Never mind that! Let us focus on what is most important now! Come, my friends! We have a case!"
(Emma asks him to wait.)
"What is it, Emma? Didn't you hear? Her Pokémon have been stolen! We must get them back at once!"
(Emma informs him that it's probably the Lumiose Gang, which probably means a battle.)
"Pardon? Whom? The Lumiose Gang?"
(Emma adds that it's not worth getting into a fight for a woman who insulted him.)
"No, Emma. That is not on! If you see someone in trouble, give help. If you see a Pokémon in distress, you help! That is the policy of the Looker Bureau! And it does not change! No matter what this person may have said about me, it does not change what we do! Now, wait here, please. I must go to Lumiose Station."
Lumiose Station
"Indeed. Hold that thought. I am not here to pick a fight. Instead, I have a simple request. Return that tourist's stolen Pokémon!"
(The gang refuses and complains that Emma hasn't come to see them since moving into the Looker Bureau.)
"What do you mean?"
(The gang leader, Nix, challenges Looker to a battle.)
"I cannot accept your challenge."
(A gang member wonders if he even has a Pokémon.)
""got it in one.""
(The gang tells him he can have a chance to go catch a Pokémon.)
"Argh. Words are no use here. I'll have to go. Later, I'll return, and--"
(Turning, Looker sees the player.)
"Oh! <Player>! Ahaha...ahem. You've caught me making an enormous fool of myself. It is as they say. The great Looker has no Pokémon of his own... I can do nothing to restore the stolen Pokémon to that tourist..."
(Nix offers to let the player fight in Looker's place.)
  • If Looker is spoken to before defeating Nix
"<Player>, my friend... I'm afraid this is all I can do for you."
(Looker heals the player's party.)
  • After defeating Nix, when Emma shows up
(Emma makes Nix give back the stolen Pokémon and apologize to Looker.)
"Ahem. Of course. The Pokémon shall be safely restored, so let's call it water under the bridge. closed! Cheers, <player>, Emma! Let's head back to the Looker Bureau!"
(Looker pauses before leaving.)
"Oh, I forgot something... Wait. Thirty seconds! Hey, folks!"
(Nix is uncertain.)
"It's your wish to be friends with Emma, is that correct?"
(Nix agrees.)
"When people behave with evil intentions, I cannot turn away and lightly forgive such. Especially people who do cruel and thoughtless things. For example, stealing the beloved Pokémon of other Trainers... However... I believe... No. Not just believe. I KNOW... People and Pokémon are both capable of...evolving. And so... If you give your word of honor not to ever lift a hand in cruelty again, then you may come by the Looker Bureau anytime to visit her friends."
(Emma and Nix are surprised.)
"Let us now return! Back once more to the Looker Bureau!"
Looker Bureau
  • When they arrive
(Emma apologizes for what she said about the woman.)
"If you learned something from it, that is all I need to hear, Emma. But that is not what concerns me now. Imagine how I felt to discover that you were the boss of that gang!"
(Emma explains and Nix appears and backs her up.)
"Well, it's the lad from the gang. You're here for a visit already? Good. Ahem. You can drop that "sir" business. Call me Looker."
(Nix promises that the gang will reform.)
"That's excellent. Deciding to change your course in life is more than an Evolution! It is a Mega Evolution! There is no substitute for honest work if you want to make a difference in this world."
(Nix bids Emma goodbye, then Emma gets Looker's attention.)
"Hm? What is it, Emma?"
(Emma wonders if she really deserves to be there if she's not doing any work.)
"Those are good questions, Emma. You have been learning nonstop since you came here, have you not? Learning is very important work at any age, and especially for you now. Continue to pour your heart into your studies. You have no need to worry."
(Emma presses Looker on whether he can really afford to look after her and Mimi.)
"Y-you have no need to worry! One would expect that a hard-boiled detective has savings set aside, indeed! Yes, indeed, Looker's savings are as lofty as Sinnoh's own Mt. Coronet! Hm. Perhaps you have not met up with Mt. Coronet in your studies yet, Emma? Ha...hahaha! I ask you to leave such worries to me. Your part is to study hard, so you can become my trusted assistant. Deal? Good."
  • Before he calls for the next case
"Oh, <player>! Have you seen Emma? She always seems to be out and about these days. When I ask for details, she has nothing to say... I'm a bit worried. If you see her, would you let her know that?"
  • In Looker's notebook
"The XXth day of the XXth month... Emma has been going out more and more often. I find it worrying, not knowing where she goes. Is this perhaps how a father feels?"
"The XXth day of the XXth month... The young people from the gang came by to tell us that they had secured part-time work. I've never worked within the Community Safety Department, but even I do feel quite moved to see young people turning their lives around."
  • On the Holo Caster
"<Player>. It's me. Looker... I apologize for the interruption, but could you make haste to the Looker Bureau? There's a bit of a situation. I could use your help."
  • When the player speaks to him after his call
"Ah, <player>, thank you so much for your time. I need three minutes only. Emma is on my mind. Recently, she has been running off somewhere on her own. And often. I was hoping to ask her to watch the office for me today, and once again, nowhere can she be found. It even seems as if she did not return here last night... Her friends from the former gang seem to be on the straight and narrow, so I hope this is not anything bad, but..."
(Looker's Holo Caster chimes.)
"Hm? What's this? A Holo Caster clip?"

Chapter 4: An Unforgivable Crime

Looker Bureau
  • After watching Holo Caster bulletin
"Did you see that, <player>?! Where trouble goes, Looker must follow! I am on my way to the Lumiose Museum to begin my investigations! Most urgently! It is straight to the scene of the crime for us! ...Oh, wouldn't it be nice if that were true? But I actually have an appointment soon that I cannot possibly miss, so I am stuck here... I hate to ask this of you, but I need you to start the investigation without me, <player>! I will be counting on your keen eyes, <player>! Go at once to the Lumiose Museum on North Boulevard, and get to the bottom of this mess!"
  • If spoken to again, he repeats his last two lines.
North Boulevard
  • On the Holo Caster after the player exits the Lumiose Museum
"It's me! Looker! <Player>! Would you kindly return to the Looker Bureau posthaste?"
Looker Bureau
  • When the player speaks to him
"<Player>, have you seen the news? The purloining of Pokémon continues! It is unforgivable! We have not yet closed the case at the museum, but... When you consider how many are suffering, we must pursue the culprits! I have devised an absolutely amazing plan that will bring an immediate solution. It will be a sting operation! It appears the criminals are targeting Trainers in places where there are no witnesses. If that is indeed the case, then we can simply bait a trap and wait! First the "victim" will go to some deserted location and act lost. The criminals will think they've found an easy mark, and they will surely reveal themselves! All the reports say they like to challenge their victims to battle before stealing their Pokémon. That's when we'll get them! Right when they are distracted by the heat of a Pokémon battle! The backup, who will be hiding and watching, will appear and help take down the criminals! Indeed. What do you think? It is not without risk, but it's quite the best plan we have! However! The plan will never succeed without you, <player>! Esteemed <player>! Aid me in this!"
Yes: "Many thanks! I knew I could count on my partner. Now, as to our assignments... There is little to decide, since you are aware that I have no Pokémon. Your role is therefore to play the victim in our little sting operation. I will conceal myself in the shadows and watch for my opening to attack. Keep your Pokémon ready to spring into battle when the criminals appear! I ask myself how to draw these miscreants into approaching us. What we need is a place in this bustling city that is a little deserted, perhaps. A nice, neglected alley is exactly what I have in mind. Come, <player>! The game is afoot! Let us begin the hunt close to home! The nearest alley is opposite the Galette Stand on North Boulevard. Go quickly, <player>! I will be right behind you!"
No: "No, my brave friend <player>! That is not the answer I hoped to hear! I need the help of my partner if I wish to uphold the peace of Lumiose City!" (Repeats "Yes"/"No" prompt.)
  • If spoken to again
"Come, <player>! There is a time to hunt and a time to hide! And this is that time. To the alley opposite the Galette Stand on North Boulevard, at top speed!"
North Boulevard, Galette Stand alleyway
  • On the Holo Caster
"OK! It looks like you've arrived at the back alley. <Player>! Inspect the area! The culprit may be in hiding close by. I am maintaining a lookout near your position, but use every precaution!"
  • After the player defeats the Suspicious Woman
"Stop right there!"
(The woman runs away.)
"Wha--?! What is that woman?! She's no Pokémon, yet she can use Transform? Oh, what am I doing? This is not a time to stand around being shocked! In fact, this is a time to dash off in pursuit! The chase is on! Now, considering the direction in which she ran, and the <Player>, my brave friend! I suspect she is headed for the alley beside North Boulevard's Café Triste! Please go ahead without me! I will be right behind you, just as soon as I have checked this place for clues! But wait! One minute of your time! The great Looker will restore your Pokémon before you go!"
  • If spoken to again
"I suspect she is headed for the alley beside Café Triste over on North Boulevard! I will come just as soon as I check this place for clues!"
North Boulevard, Café Triste alleyway
  • On the Holo Caster
"OK! Looks like you've reached the back alley. <Player>! Inspect the area once more! The culprit may be hiding nearby again! We'll wait for an opening, and then I'll rush in, too! Cautiously, <player>, cautiously... Classic precautions never go out of style!"
  • After the player defeats the Suspicious Child
"Not today, you crook! I will not allow it!"
(The woman runs away.)
"Argh! She has run off on us again! Is she really not a Pokémon? I've never seen a human jump like that... Oh, what am I doing? This is no time to stand around being impressed! Now is the time to chase the culprit! Considering the direction she ran off...hmm... Brave <player>! Her goal must be the alley opposite North Boulevard's Lumiose Station! Go ahead without me! I will follow close behind you, just as soon as I have checked this place for clues! No, wait! Thirty seconds! How could I forget twice?! Let me just restore your Pokémon before you go!
  • If spoken to again
"Next is the alley opposite Lumiose Station on North Boulevard! I will come just as soon as I check this place for clues!"
North Boulevard, Lumiose Station alleyway
  • On the Holo Caster
"OK! Looks like you reached the back alley. Be of good cheer, <player>! She may have gotten away from us twice, but THIS time, we'll get her. Yet I wonder... This miscreant does not seem like an ordinary human being... If you get into trouble, call me. Certainly! I'll come running! <Player>! Remember your precautions!"
"What is it? What has happened? <Player>, my friend!"
(Arriving and speaking to the Black Belt:)
"Come now... Young man... What has happened to you?"
(The man describes a woman challenging him to a battle.)
"What did she do?"
(The man describes how she beat him and then stole his Poké Balls.)
"Argh! So we were too late... And where did the woman go?!"
(He says toward South Boulevard.)
"South Boulevard, huh? <Player>! There is only one alley on South Boulevard! Exactly and precisely the same alley where we first met Emma and Mimi! Go at top speed, if you please! I will do what I can for this poor man and then follow as quickly as I can!"
  • If spoken to again
"There is only one alley to be found on South Boulevard! It is the exact same alley where we first met Emma and Mimi! Go there at once, my young friend, and catch that criminal!"
South Boulevard alleyway
  • On the Holo Caster
"Finally! Looks like you've reached the back alley! <Player>! She's trapped like a Patrat now! According to our informant, the culprit is a young woman! She won't be able to fool us with her clever little transformations! We will not let her escape again! This time, we will most certainly catch her! We'll watch for an opening, and then I'll rush in, too! I'm counting on you, <player>!"
  • After the player defeats the Suspicious Lady
"Freeze! Pokémon thief! I will not let you lay a finger on my partner!"
(The woman threatens him.)
"Easy words, but not so easy to carry out! Even though I, the great Looker, have no Pokémon, I yet have my fists! I'm a trained expert. The outlook for you is dismal."
(Mimi appears.)
"M-Mimi?! Why--?!"
(Mimi approaches the woman.)
"Mimi! That woman is dangerous! Move away from her at once!"
(Mimi excitedly dances around the woman.)
"How can this be? Why would our Mimi act so friendly to... It cannot be so."
(The woman attacks Mimi.)
"Mimi! Watch out!"
(The woman prepares to attack Looker.)
"W-wait... Stop this... Emma..."
(The woman is confused.)
"Th-that's right... You are... You are Emma. Is it not so?"
(The woman is silent.)
"Ungh... M-Mimi hates all adults... The only person it loves...enough to make it jump for joy... is you, Emma..."
(The woman says she is Essentia.)
"Eurgh... Essentia? You cannot deceive me, Emma. You may trick an ordinary human eye... But you could never fake the bond between you and...Mimi..."
(Mimi calls, and the woman is silent.)
"What is the matter with you, Emma? Why would you do these things! If you are in some sort of trouble, could you not have shared it with me?"
(The woman remains silent.)
(The woman groans.)
(The woman screams.)
"Emma! What's wrong?!"
(The woman flees.)
"Oh no... Emma..."
"Ahem... <Player>, forgive me... It seems that last to me... Do you think you could me back to the office..."
Looker Bureau
  • Back at the Bureau
"Thank you for your kindness, <player>. Your help has saved me again today. Even the great Looker can be taken down, as you see. The injury to my stomach, a mere trifle, not at all...cough, cough...painful. I may just pop by...the hospital... It has been quite a busy day, in fact. Please go home and rest yourself."
  • After the player has left
"Mimi, could you give this to <player>? I am about to embark on a dangerous investigation. I must venture upon this road alone, in order to preserve you all from harm. I will claim to be staying in the hospital...and use this chance to slip away..."
"Urrugh... My injuries may be worse than I guessed... But I must press on! I can't let this slow me down. Essentia... I know without doubt that she is Emma... That suit she wears is most likely the doing of that man... The man I have come so far to hunt down. If I fail to find and stop him, my Emma might never... I have no choice but to beg the help of that despicable..."
  • On note held by Mimi
"To my esteemed partner: It is I, the great Looker. I must investigate certain matters in regard to the Essentia case, and so I must leave the Looker Bureau for some time. While I am away on this important task, I would ask two favors of you. First, if you should somehow meet Emma, you must pretend to know nothing of the recent incidents around town. The other thing I ask is simply... Should Emma ever come to you asking where I have been all this long while... Please tell her that I am in the hospital with some minor complaint. She is not to worry. I know that this may seem an extreme request, but I trust you to do the right thing. Your partner, Looker"
  • In Looker's notebook
"The XXth day of the XXth month... I sense that my duties here in the Kalos region draw near their end. I will attempt to contact that one who is rumored to have ties to Team Flare. This will not come without cost, truly. Such a one does not do favors for nothing. I will need something that I can use to presuade such a fiend... Some bargaining chip..."
  • In Looker's notebook, after Emma's Holo Caster call
"The XXth day of the XXth month... I have at last succeeded in approaching the detestable contact. It must be said that the personality of this contact is formidable. This will not be an easy task. I may have to give a promise of amnesty to secure help from such a vile individual."

Chapter 5: A Fiery Woman and the Truth Revealed

Lysandre Labs
  • After the player has defeated Essentia three times
"That is enough."
(Xerosic wants to know why they're here.)
"Mimi is a Psychic-type Pokémon. It is only natural that it could find the friend to whom it has opened its heart."
(Xerosic accuses them of trespassing.)
"That may have been true had we forced our way onto the property. However, all we did was step into a wide-open elevator. Notwithstanding that, <player> is the partner of the great Looker! Were s/he in trouble, I would follow to the highest heights and the fathomless depths!"
(Xerosic orders Essentia to attack them all.)
"Stop this, Emma!"
(Xerosic tells them it's useless because he controls Essentia.)
"Can you hear me, Emma?! If you can wake yourself, I know you can break free of that suit! Awaken! Open your eyes! Emma! EMMA!!"
(Essentia remains silent and then Mimi tries to reach her.)
"Mimi! Get back!"
(Essentia screams, but Xerosic regains control.)
"Ugh! <Player>! You must go! Stop Emma for me!"
  • If spoken to before the battle with Essentia
"Stop Emma for me! This is all I am able to do! Please aid me!"
(He heals the player's party.)
  • After Essentia is defeated
"There are no more Poké Balls! You must stop fighting!! EMMA!!!"
(Essentia screams.)
"No... Emma! What can I do?!"
(Essentia screams again, and then Xerosic shuts down the remote control.)
"E-Emma!! Are you all right?!"
(Xerosic explains Emma was never in danger.)
(Emma wakes up and notices everyone.)
"E-Emma... Are you...all right?"
(Emma is confused, then remembers he's supposed to be in the hospital.)
"Uh... Ahem. N-no... You see...I got, uh, special permission to check myself out of I had to make sure you were OK, Emma. I had to see you, so I found out where you worked and came to find you."
(Emma is amazed he found her.)
"Naturally! Now, Emma, how about you go and get some dinner? I need to have a little grown-up talk with Dr. Xerosic here!"
(Emma, Mimi, and the player leave.)
"That may be that...but... I think it's time you and I have a little chat, Dr. Xerosic."
Looker Bureau
  • Alone with Xerosic
"Ahem. Let us get down to it. I would like to straighten this out before Emma returns. Dr. Xerosic, could you please confirm one small thing for me? The criminal mastermind behind all these incidents was--you yourself?"
(Xerosic confirms it and that Emma has no responsibility.)
"That's how it is?"
(Xerosic says he's the only one who should be arrested.)
"Ahem. For a minute, let's say I believe your statements--"
(Xerosic interrupts and praises Emma's character.)
"I hear you. Once I have everything in order, I will ask you to accompany me to the station. And that is all I have to say to you as Looker of the International Police. What I say to you now, I say as simply Mr. Looker, young Emma's guardian..."
(Xerosic is curious.)
"Would you care to stay and visit a while longer with Emma and me? She seems to have grown quite fond of you, you know. We are about to have dinner together, and she was hoping you would join us. Ahem... I would like to wait until tomorrow, after she has enjoyed a last cheerful night, before I must tell her the truth."
(Xerosic is silent.)
"Dr. Xerosic..."
(Xerosic agrees.)
  • In Looker's notebook
"The XXth day of the XXth month... The Kalos case has been closed. It will soon be time to move on."

Final Chapter: Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

Looker Bureau
  • On the letter delivered by Mimi
"To my dearest friends... I must have but a moment of your time. It is I, the great detective Looker. I write today because there is something I must confess to you. This is confidential! Top secret! I am not a private detective at all but an officer of the International Police! You are shocked, of course. My hard-boiled detective act was brilliantly flawless, after all. But I know you have been worrying about my long 'hospital stay' and the strange 'illness' that kept me there. The truth is--I am the very picture of health! My hospital stay was a ruse to keep you all out of harm's way. My intentions were the best, but it was still a lie, for which I humbly apologize."
"However, my friends, there is another reason for this letter. And so I must request of you just a minute or two more. I came to this region for an investigation. Detective Officer Looker was on the case! And, indeed... Thanks to yours truly, the case is now closed. My greatness prevailed! I cheer! And yet... It also means my time in Kalos is done. I must say good-bye to this lovely region. And, more painfully, to you, my friends. Thank you for all your assistance... And adieu. P.S. To <player>, my colleague... You have been the perfect partner. For all that you have done for me in our time together, I would like to present you with my cherished code name, 'Looker.' And for Emma and Mimi... To the two of you, I leave the Looker Bureau. I purchased the whole building, so never again will you have to worry about rent. It is yours to do with as you will."
  • In Looker's notebook
"To <player>, my friend--I imagine that you must have read the letter I entrusted to Mimi by now. Here, in my private notes, I must express to you my gratitude and my regrets. My greatest regret is that I had to lie to you, my worthy partner. In adherence to the guidelines of the International Police, I was strictly forbidden to reveal my identity. But I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that you were my partner. Our time together was brief, but I will treasure the memories of working with you for always. As I wrote in the letter, my task here is complete. I must escort the suspected criminal Xerosic to his trial and bid farewell to this land. I'm sure Emma must be distraught, but I know you of all people will understand why I must go. You are my partner, after all. Thank you for working at my side. Ever your partner, Looker"
Lysandre Café
  • Initially alone with Xerosic
"...Fine. If you really say that you returned all the Poké Balls that Essentia stole..."
(Xerosic protests his cooperation and asks to be allowed a minute.)
"There is no minute to give you! Our train is about to depart!"
(The player enters.)
"What? <Player>! Wh-why are you here?!"
(Emma arrives and wants to know why he's leaving.)
"I...I'm sorry, Emma... But my letter explains everything. I work for the International Police! I am a globe-trotting, crime-fighting elite! Wherever there is a case, I must go! Justice awaits!"
(Emma says she'll join the police if she has to.)
"Emma, I wish it could be like that. You can't come. It's not possible at all."
(Emma protests that she's his assistant.)
"In fact, the time has come for you to graduate from being my assistant. As of this moment, I name you the new head of the Looker Bureau!"
(Emma is surprised.)
"Listen to me, Emma. You were born and raised in this fair city. Every day of your life, you have been here. You are the only one who knows this city inside and out. No one else could do the things you can do for it! I pass my torch of brilliant detective-ing to you! Take my place, and keep protecting the peace of Lumiose City!"
(Emma asks the player to say something to Looker.)
"Emma, please. I must ask you to respect the necessity of my decision. <Player> understands perfectly why I must go. It is the way of partners. S/He is my partner. We understand each other."
(Mimi calls.)
"Oh, Mimi... Please don't make a sad face on my account. No matter where I go, our bonds will never change. You will be my dear friends from the Looker Bureau, always and forever."
(Emma and Xerosic talk for a bit.)
"Everyone... I'm sorry, but... We are nearly out of time. Our train is due to depart."
(Emma promises to forge ahead as the new head of the Bureau.)
"I leave it in your hands, Emma! I'll rest easy, knowing you're on the case!"
(Xerosic tells Emma not to mess up.)
"Ahem... <Player>! Emma! Mimi! I entrust to you three the great task of protecting the peace of Lumiose City!"
(He walks past everyone.)
"Thank you for everything! Farewell, my friends!"

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Battle Resort
  • Beach
"...You. I want to ask you something. Where...where am I?"
Hoenn region: "Hoenn...?"
Battle Resort: "Battle...Resort? It's a battle place, yet also a...resort? I...don't...get it."
  • Cabin
"Hnh. You again. I apologize for my actions earlier. The truth of the matter is... I have no idea in the world what I am doing here... Or even who I am. The first thing of which I can remember is awakening here upon this beach. Baffled, lacking awareness of the circumstances that brought me here... And at that moment, you appeared! I though I have some duty that I should be accomplishing... But of it, I can remember nothing. Please, pardon me for going on about myself. In fact... I feel quite uneasy. Of course, I must thank you for finding me."
"That, I found in the pocket of my overcoat. It was the only thing I had on me. I do not know if it will prove worth anything, but I'm glad to give it to you."
"Wh-who am I? Who in the world am I?"

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Route 1
"Hey. You."
"You are the one they call <Player>?"
"I can see right through any lies you tell, boy/girl."
"A certain...interested party sent me here to give you this."
"You should have a look at what it says."
"But take care where you read it. No one else is to know of my visit or that card."
Roadside Motel - Route 8
"So you actually came..."
"You must be <Player>. Mustn’t you?"
"Please, you’ll have to forgive me for my stunning disguise earlier."
"I’m very grateful that you accepted my invitation to join me here in my room. My is Looker. I am a member of the International Police."
"And this figure here is my boss..."
(Anabel introduces herself)
"Please forgive me for the most sudden question, but I must ask... is it true that you encountered UB Symbiont?"
(Anabel explains what's an UB/Symbiont)
"Now that we have cleared that up, please allow me to ask once more. Did you come in contact with Symbiont? That is, with Nihilego?"
(The player says yes/they beat it)
"That seems to settle things, Chief."
(Anabel says that other Ultra Beasts appeared through the Ultra Wormhole)
"We have confirmed the presence of another Symbiont, other than the one you encountered. And we have received reports of sightings of several other types of UBs... The UBs are dangerous beings whose powers exceed the boundaries and logic of our world. And they were dropped rudely into this world against their own will... We can only expect that they will be extremely wary and combative."
(Anabel describes the tasks they were assigned to)
"If the UBs are destructive beings that will seek some sort of revenge upon our world, then the order from above is to erase them completely."
(Anabel says they don't want to destroy the UBs)
"But protecting the UBs... it would seem to amount to catching them, and that is a more difficult task than simply destroying them would be. We do not currently have the battle power necessary to achieve such a goal."
(Anabel asks the player for help)
(After accepting the mission) So that means, Chief...
(The player is asked to battle Anabel as a test)
(if talked before battling Anabel)"You will want to prepare quite well for this. My boss is a very tough lady."
(After beating Anabel) "So now you are a member of our team, young <player>! You are most welcome! Then there is no time to be wasting. Let us begin your first job! The chief and I will set out to gather more information about the UBs. We want to ask you to visit the secret labs in the bottom of Aether Paradise!"
(Anabel requests the player to visit Wicke)
"She will know why you’ve come. Now set forth, young <player>"
Roadside Motel - Route 8 (after talking to Wicke)
(Breaking into)"È un disastro!"
"I’m sorry! It is a terrible habit I picked up. But we do have a disaster in the making! Sightings are being reported of another UB-01! It is Symbiont! And the perp has been right here in Akala, right under our very noses!"
(After receiving instructions)
"I...I see..."
"Yes, ma’am!"
"Good luck out there, Chief!"
(To the player)
"Young <player>! Do take care and keep yourself safe out there! If you ever are in need of more information, you may come talk with me!"
Roadside Motel - Route 8 (after beating or catching Nihilego)
"Well! Regardless of all that, congratulations are in order, young <player>! I, the great Looker, think I shall provide a great feast to celebrate your great success and your addition to our team! There are some rather tasty restaurants here on this island, after all!"
(After Anabel questions his knowledge about restaurants)"Urm! I read about them in a magazine they had at the local Pokémon Center! D-don’t you worry yourself about the details! I’ll go and ask if they don’t do delivery."
(He leaves the motel and returns shortly later)
"C’est une catastrophe!"
"I’m sorry! It is just a habit of mine! But never mind that—we have a disaster! I got a tip about a new UB sighting! This time the sighting was on Melemele Island. I’m sorry, but we’ll have to put off our feast!"
(Anabel instructs a move to Melemele)
"We make for Melemele at once! We’re trusting in you, <player>! Don’t forget: the Melemele motel is on Route 2!"
Roadside Motel - Route 2
"¡Es un desastre!"
"I’m sorry! But please! This is no time to care about my odd habits! The UB sightings! I’ve gotten a hot tip! The perp really is right here on Melemele!"
"It appears that it might be Buzzwole! It seems to be a UB of great strength and formidable muscles! But that is not all... It is not one creature, but two! In Melemele Meadow!"S
"It appears that it might be Pheromosa! It seems to be a beautiful yet dangerous UB that can move at incredible speeds! But that is not all... It is not one specimen, but four! In Verdant Cavern!"M
"Hm? What’s that? Did you say something just now, Chief?"
(After being instructed to stay behind again)"Hold it right there! Not again! This time I insist that I..."
"Good luck out there, Chief!"
"You take these, <player>. I received them from Madam Wicke.
"I trust that you will be careful out there, my young <player>. And one last thing before you go... Madam Wicke finished analyzing all of the data that we gathered on Nihilego, AKA UB Symbiont. If you wish to learn more about that creature, you should speak with Madam Wicke in the Aether Paradise secret labs! Now it is time we get to work. And I’m here if you need to ask me anything!"
Roadside Motel - Route 2 (after beating or catching Buzzwole/Pheromosa)
(After Anabel shows signs of fatigue) "What’s the matter, Chief?!"
"If you are terribly exhausted, there is only one natural conclusion to make... The one thing that takes away all weariness! It is, of course, a feast! This time, indeed, we must have a great feast to celebrate our successful mission! And there is a restaurant here on this island where we can eat to our stomach’s content! I speak of course of the Battle Buffet!"
(Looker leaves and returns shortly later)
"Es ist ein Desaster!"
"Yes, it could indeed! In fact it is, Chief! I’ve gotten a tip about another UB sighting! This time it is on Akala Island! We must delay our feast once again!"
(After Anabel's instructions)"Back to Akala! We are still counting on you, <player>. The motel on Akala’s Route 8! That is the place you must come!"
Route 8 Motel - Route 8
"Oh! Here you are at last, <player>! I’ve already been able to gather all of the intel we need about the UBs this time. So the chief has already left to help secure the site and protect the surrounding areas."
(About Mina) "This precocious young lady here was my informant this time!"
(Mina says she‘s running an errand) ‘'"What might that be?"
(Mina tells the player she was sent by someone) "Hmm? Who is that?"
(After battling Mina) "It seems that my precocious young miss here is not to be trifled with either..."
(Mina leaves) "She is rather odd, isn’t she? A real individual spirit..."
"But now we should get our heads on straight and get to work! And for you, <player>. The Beast Balls you will need for this mission!"
(Looker gives the player 10 Beast Balls)
"I do not like it, but I am in charge of backup once again! First, the regular reports, let us get them out of the way, my young friend..."
Route 8 Motel (After catching Xurkitree)
(Anabel shows signs of fatigue) ”What’s the matter Chief?!"
(Anabel tells him not to worry) "But I must! I insist on worrying! You have always had the stamina of a Machamp, chief! I cannot believe this is nothing!"
(Anabel says she feels that the UB see her as an enemy) "I...I am sure it is only your imagination, Chief! You must be exhausted!"
(Nanu enters) "Y-y-you are..."
(Nanu asks if his new code name is Looker) "...Yes. It is."
"And your information. It is all true?”
(To Anabel) "Yes...yes, ma’am?"
(Anabel asks if he‘s acquainted with Nanu) "I knew him once, I thought. Never mind that...Right now we need to focus on our mission. I will go to Ula’ula...I trust that you will as well, <player>...The motel on Ula’ula Island is on Route 13. I will be waiting for you...<player>."
Route 13 Motel - Route 13
"The UB that has been sighted on this island is known by the code name Blade S Blaster M..."
"It is a fearsome beast that is apparently able to cut through anything at all..." S
"It is a fearsome beast that apparently possesses a fearsome energy that will burn anything..." M
"And it was not a single sighting either..."
(Anabel shows signs of fatigue) "Are you all right, Chief? I think you are pushing yourself too far. If you would agree, I would be happy to go into the field myself this time and..."
(Anabel insists he stay as backup)

"...Yes ma’am."

"Do not push yourself too hard, Chief. careful."
"Now, for you, <player>. Your Poké Balls known as Beast Balls for the mission!"
"First, the regular reports, let us get them out of the way, my young friend..."
(Anabel explains the work her and Looker have been doing) "And we had our hands full with so many individuals for this last UB...It was a rather dangerous situation. But you were all right, Chief?"
(Anabel says it was touch and go) "As I’d feared..."
(Anabel asks what’s wrong) "Ah... No... it’s nothing."
(Anabel guesses that he’s upset about their delayed feast) "Yes! Yes, indeed! What a disaster that you have found me out! The truth is that I am starving, just starving! How a Snorlax feels, I know exactly now!"
(Anabel suggests she leave to go find a restaurant) "Ah... Yes, ma’am! Thank you, ma’am!"
(Anabel leaves) "The Chief can’t take much more of this...She must be exhausted. She acts particularly cheery when she is feeling unwell to hide her weakness from others. I know it may be a bit late for this...But there is something I would like to tell you. It is something that happened about 10 years ago now...I came to the Alola region at that time as a part of a three-person team to eradicate a UB...Of course we did not know them as UBs back then. It was simply a dangerous creature. My team succeeded in chasing down the UB. And then we tried to put an end to it..."
(Nanu interrupts that Looker had made a mistake) "This I cannot deny...I made an error of judgement. I failed to consider the fact that she was not trained for combat..."
(Nanu says she was bait) "And the International Police knew it..."
"The UBs relentlessly seek out those who have passed through an Ultra Wormhole. The passage must change them though they’ve been bathed in some energy...Something that the beasts can smell or sense...It is thought that the UBs can track such people as though sniffing them out. Nanu, you called her bait...She really was, wasn’t she?"
(Nanu calls her a faller) "That is what the International Police calls them. Humans who appear from an Ultra Wormhole and those who are bathed in a great deal of the energy that pours out from them. She had come through a wormhole. She was from another world. And she put on our team to help draw the UB to us..."
(Nanu says the player is a faller) "Yes...It’s true. He/She passed through an Ultra Wormhole. <Player> was exposed to the energy, so he/she may indeed be a Faller. But..."
(Anabel returns) "I’m sorry, young <player>. But let us continue this talk another time."
"... .... ..."
(Anabel asks if he’s okay) "Of course... It is fine...Not a problem at all..."
"Let us meet again at the floating restaurant in Seafolk Village..."
"So it is on to Poni next...I will be counting on you, <player>."
Floating Restaurant
"So you came...young <player>. The chief has already left to set up protection around the populated areas..."
(Nanu asks if he sent her to the wrong area) "What choice did I have? She is reaching her limit. We have to force her to stand by and regain her strength..."
"Nanu and I, we found her here ten years ago, unconscious on the shore of this very island. We’d just finished our mission here. She had lost most of her memories, but four things she could tell us.
That her name was Anabel...
That she came from the Hoenn region...
That she had protected some tower there...
And that she was a powerful Trainer...
It may be that she was wandering lost in the wormhole for some time..."
(Nanu says she was placed under the protection of the IP) "Regardless of that, she then entered the International Police herself."
(Nanu says that the IP is using the same strategy as before) "Your assumptions, you are half right in. However...this mission, she chose herself."
"Perhaps something in her laments, whether she is conscious of it or not...Perhaps she feels some grief over the fate of the UB, which came to this world just as she did."
"But she is still a Faller. It is her fate to be targeted by the UBs. With a Faller right before them, the UBs will run wild with excitement. No matter how good she might be, everyone has their limits. That is why I hoped to distract the UBs—to divert some of their attention. That is why I asked you to help with the catching of the UBs..."
(Nanu says Anabel will be done for if she encounters another UB) "Hmm...Yes, and I imagine that the false lead I sent her on will not buy us much more time..."
(Nanu tells them not to let him down) "I won’t...000."
"Well then, young <player>...It is our time to down to work, is it not? Our final UB. Code name: Glutton...Nanu said he would lead it deep into the heart of Resolution Cave...Here you are, as usual."
"<Player>! This is your final assignment! But first, my young friend...let us get the regular reports out of the way."
(After catching Guzzlord) "We’ve done it, Chief."
(Anabel thanks Looker) "Not at all! All I did was provide backup to the two of you. It was all you and <player>, Chief."
"And now that we have finally completed our missions, I will treat us all to a feast of—"
(Anabel interrupts) "Wh-What is it, Chief? We have finally reached it—our grand finale! Which we should end with w big feast..."
(Anabel says they should report to Wicke) "Oh! Indeed, you are right! And we must thank her for the Poké Balls known as Beast Balls!"
"We make for the secret labs in the lower floor of Aether Paradise! Why don’t you join us, <player>?"
Aether Secret Labs
(Bursting in) "Taihen da!”
"I’m sorry! I know it’s a terrible habit, but I can’t help it! And more’s a disaster!"
"I was on the way here when I stopped by Melemele Island to get some of their famous and delicious malasada as a gift for you all...But just when I had finished my purchase, I chanced to look up at the sky and there...there it was! A mysterious black...something was zipping across the bright blue sky over Alola! It was black, and yet it was shining somehow! It was like it was refracting light! It might have been a UB! No, I’m certain of it! It surely was a UB!"
(Anabel and Wicke convince him there are no more UBs) "I...I suppose.

Perhaps I was just dazzled by the brilliant, shining sky that stretches over Alola..."

(Wicke suggests he needs to rest)
"W-well...yes, I suppose I could do with a nice little break..."
(Anabel tells him their paid leave was approved) "Paid leave?! You mean...actual vacation time?!"
"Then I think that I will go and eat my full of delicious Alolan cooking! There are simply too many restaurants and eateries that I wish to visit! And the traditional dishes at Sushi High Roller are absolutely sublime!"
(Anabel says she has to meet someone) "What’s this?! A date?!"
(Anabel says they have to thank Nanu for his help) "Yes...I suppose we do."
"Yes, my young <player>...I also owe you my thanks. It was because of your efforts that we were able to keep the chief safe until the end. The folks at HQ thought that you needed to be paid for your work, so they sent this. Take it."
(Looker gives the player $1,000,000)
"And now...I think that it’s time I went. I’ll be staying at the motel on Melemele Island, though, so feel free to stop by anytime."
Any motel he's staying between or after missions
"What is it? Has something happened? Or do you need some information from me?"
(If asked about the next UB to hunt)
"UB-01. Code name: “Symbiont.” Yes, I can tell you about Nihilego! Nihilego is a terrifying, parasitic beast that can use humans or Pokémon as hosts. The sightings report a single specimen. Sightings were made in two locations. The Wela Volcano Park...and Diglett’s Tunnel! It seems highly likely that the creature is on the move around Akala Island."
"UB-02. Code name: “Absorption.” Yes, I can tell you about it! It appears to be quite a dangerous UB that can boast of some fantastic musculature! Sightings were made in Melemele Meadow. And the sightings report two specimens. So the goal of this mission will be to find and protect two individuals, if you can!"S
"UB-02. Code name: “Beauty.” Yes, I can tell you about it! It appears to be a very dangerous and beautiful UB that can move with great speed! Sightings were made in Verdant Cavern. And the sightings report four specimens. So the goal of this mission will be to find and protect four individuals, if you can!"M
"UB-03. Code name: “Lighting.” Yes, I can tell you about it! It appears to be an Ultra Beast that can wield tremendous electric power—as its name implies! Sightings were made in two locations. Lush Jungle and Memorial Hill! It seems highly likely that the creatures are on the move around Akala Island. The sightings indicate two specimens. So the goal of this mission will be to find and protect two individuals, if you can!"
"UB-04. Code name: “Blade.” Yes, I can tell you about it! It seems to be a horrifying beast that can cut through absolutely anything! Sightings were made in two locations. Route 17 and Malie Garden! It seems highly likely that the creatures are on the move around Ula’ula Island. The sightings indicate four specimens. So the goal of this mission will be to find and protect four individuals, if you can!"S
"UB-04. Code name: “Blaster.” Yes, I can tell you about it! It seems to possess a fearsome energy that will burn through anything at all! Sightings were made in two locations. Haina Desert and Malie Garden! It seems highly likely that the creatures are on the move around Ula’ula Island. The sightings indicate two specimens. So the goal of this mission will be to find and protect two individuals, if you can!"M
"UB-05. Code name: “Glutton.” Yes, yes, I can tell you about it. It possesses a fearsome appetite that allows it to be devouring mountains! The sightings report a single specimen. Nanu should be leading it deep into the heart of Resolution Cave. But Resolution Cave—it is really so far away. You have to go farther and farther from the Ancient Poni Path—even past Poni Meadow. That’s where Resolution Cave is. It must be tough to reach there, but you should do your best, I implore."
(If asked about the next UB when all have been caught)"Oh ho, how funny you are, <player>! We’ve caught all the UBs already, haven’t we? I’m certain that black refractor that I thought I saw on Melemele was just my imagination!"
(If asked about Beast Balls while having at least one in hand)
"Beast Balls are incredibly valuable Poké Balls! I asked Madam Wicke, who works in the secret labs, and she said a single ball costs millions! It appears you still have some on you, as well. Be very careful about using them!"
(If asked about Beast Balls while having none in hand) "What?! You mean you ran out of Beast Balls?! Well...then I suppose I must give you one of the extras that I have been holding in reserve!"
(If the player reports a mission success) "Amazing! Bravo! You have done it! I must call the chief back at once!"
(If the player falsely reports a mission success) "You must not lie to the International Police! I will overlook it this once, but be warned!"
(If the player ends the conversation) "Roger that, my young companion. Then be careful as you go on your
Roadside Motel - Route 2
(If spoken to after having caught Necrozma) "Hm? What is this Pokédex data, <Player>?"
"...Necrozma. It's black, yet it's refracting light... But we haven't had any word from HQ about such a UB. It must be simply a rare Pokémon. Still, it's quite remarkable, though!"

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Route 9
"Oh?! A trial-going Trainer, you are?"
"Looker is my name. I travel the world, and many lands do I visit for... my own private reasons."
"Alola is a nice place and so very peaceful. Most ideal for a vacancy. I was just in Konikoni City, where I got a most unusual stone at Ms. Olivia's shop! No one here is so terrible as to try to create a new world...or liberate all Pokémon from their Trainers. Yes, peaceful indeed..."
"Though concerns I have about those reported sightings of the infamous Pokémon mafia..."
"Ah! Forgive me for keeping you. I will give you this Thunder Stone if you forgive my rudeness. I bought three without thinking!"
"Do have a good adventure, my trial-going young Trainer friend!"
Poni Plains
"That's no reason to come here and train, Chief! You're supposed to be on vacation! I would like to make it clear that I think this is a mistake!"
"Hm? You... You're the Trainer I gave the Thunder Stone to on Akala Island, correct?"
"The Champion?! You always impress me, Chief. Is there anything you don't know?"
"Ah, so you're on a mission, too? I've got my hands full as well."
"It was good to run into you, Champion! Sadly, I only have this item called a Red Card. Please keep it as a memento of this encounter!"
"The Red Card forcefully switches any Pokémon that lands an attack on the Pokémon holding it. But once it's activated, the item itself is lost!"
"*sigh* I'd never hear the end of it from Nanu if I let anything happen to the chief. My new partner isn't very strong, but it looks like I have to go to the Battle Tree, regardless! But only as a bodyguard, of course. Well then, alola!"