Blake Hall

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Blake Hall
ブラック・ホール Black Hole
Blake Hall.png
Art from Shadows of Almia
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Almia
Relatives Brighton Hall (Father), Doyle M. Hall (Grandfather), Unnamed mother
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Member of Team Dim Sun
Rank President

Blake Hall (Japanese: ブラック・ホール Black Hole) is the third, current, and youngest president of Altru Inc.; and the leader of Team Dim Sun.

In the games

He is first seen during a guided tour of the Altru Building. He is then again seen in a practice of the Go-Rock Quads when he made a speech. He also apparently made a song for them to sing during Altru's seventieth anniversary called Dream Energy, which was hated by the Quads.

When the player confronts him at the top of Altru Tower, he shows the power of the Incredible Machine by summoning a Dusknoir from the Hippowdon Temple. After the Dusknoir is captured, he summons a Darkrai to suck the player into a Dark Void. This fails when the player is rescued by Keith. After this, he increases the power of the Incredible Machine from the stable Level 3 to the unstable Level Dark, despite having said himself that it was impossible to know what kind of consequences it could have. With this, he loses control of Darkrai, who then pulls him and Wheeler into a Dark Void.

After Darkrai is captured, he is freed from the Dark Void. Professor Hastings reveals from Brighton Hall's diary that Blake Hall's real name is actually Wyatt Hall (Japanese: ホワイト・ホール White Hole). During his name changing ceremony, which was against his mother's wishes, he was offered to the Shadow Crystal with the desire for it to help Blake as he grows. However, Brighton realized far too late that he had made a mistake doing so, as the Shadow Crystal was also feeding him darkness. Blake eventually drove him from Altru on his sixteenth birthday, rendering it impossible for Brighton to do anything about his son.

It is not directly known what happens to him after the game, but an NPC states that he has gone to a faraway land for the crimes he has done, despite his change from evil to good. Even after he is gone, Team Dim Sun still tries to carry out operations.

He is shown to be a bit self-centered, and hardly any respect for his minions/employees, as evidenced by his attitude to Wheeler, who he even tries to push off Altru Tower in the game. Despite this, he relies on his minions a lot, as he gets a bit frightened when he is left to deal with Darkrai and the player by himself, after Wheeler is pulled into the Dark Void and Heath goes back to his country, and even pleads for the player to save him when he is being pulled into the Dark Void himself. Other people have said they get a "dark" feeling off him.




  • He also had control of all uncaptured Pokémon in Almia.

In the manga

Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic

Blake Hall appeared in a fantasy in PRV2.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブラック・ホール Black Hole
ホワイト・ホール White Hole
From black hole.
From white and possibly white hole.
English Blake Hall
Wyatt Hall
From black hole.
From white and possibly white hole.
French Anoir Rayor
Alban Rayor
From noir, black, and rayon, beam.
From blanc, white.
German Nubilus Strahlemann
Lucidus Strahlemann
From Latin nubilus, cloudy, and Strahl, beam.
From Latin lux, light.
Italian Nereo Raggiani
Niveo Raggiani
From nero, black, and raggio, beam.
From neve, snow.
Spanish Bruno Haz
Albo Haz
From bruno, dark brown, and haz, beam.
From alba, dawn.

Boss: Blake Hall
Subordinates: KincaidSinis Trio (Ice, Lavana, Heath) • Wheeler
Locations: Altru BuildingCargo Ship
Oil Field HideoutAltru Tower
Objects: Gigaremo unitsMiniremo units
Tears of Princes and Shadow Crystal
Incredible Machine
Other: Altru Inc.Team Debonairs

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