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デスゴルド Deathgold
Verich artwork.png
Greevil as he appears in Pokémon XD
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Relatives Ardos and Eldes (sons)
Trainer class Grand Master
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD
Member of Cipher
Rank Grand Master

Greevil (Japanese: デスゴルド Deathgold) is the leader of the criminal group Cipher. He is the only character in the game to have the Trainer class Grand Master (Japanese: シャドー総帥 Shadow Leader).

In the games

When Wes defeated Evice at the end of Colosseum, it was believed that Cipher had been destroyed. However, the organization returned five years later despite Evice still being in prison, and Sherles uncovered evidence that he was only a regional boss, with Cipher's true leader still at large.

The resurgent Cipher's first action was to hijack the S.S. Libra utilizing their newly created weapon, codenamed XD001, but this operation failed when XD001 dropped the ship in the Orre desert. Infuriated by this failure, Greevil, Cipher's Grand Master, traveled from his base of operations on Citadark Isle to personally tour Cipher facilities on the mainland. He conducted these tours using Gateon Port as a hub, and assumed the identity of a wealthy merchant named Mr. Verich to conceal his activity. By buying unlimited food and drink for the Sailors at the Krabby Club, he won the town's favor; one resident has a romantic interest in him, while the novelist Acri finds him fascinating and wants to write a novel about him, speculating that his true identity could be a "swashbuckling thief."

Early in the game's story, Greevil - as Mr. Verich - encounters Michael and Jovi while they are in the middle of a confrontation with a thug named Zook. When Zook threatens Greevil for interfering, one of his bodyguards, Ardos, steps in and defeats Zook's Shadow Zangoose. Zook flees after being chastised for his actions by Greevil, who then introduces himself to Michael and Jovi as his Mr. Verich alias. He then takes up residence in the VIP room of the Krabby Club with Ardos and Eldes until he leaves to conduct business elsewhere.

During Michael's infiltration of the Cipher Lab, two Cipher R&D researchers are found in the break room discussing Greevil's recent visit, describing him as being terrifying to encounter in person. Although Greevil's real name is used during this conversation, his identity is not fully revealed at this time.

After ONBS broadcasts Michael's heroic deeds in saving Phenac City by defeating Snattle, Greevil, Ardos and Eldes again cross paths with him in Gateon Port. Greevil, still posing as Verich, praises Michael for his accomplishments in Phenac City before boarding his Luxo Cruiser and departing, leaving the locals disappointed by his absence.

At the Cipher Key Lair, Michael again encounters Zook, who is revealed to be a member of Cipher. Zook claims that he was demoted to guard duty as a result of his public use of a Shadow Pokémon before Cipher was ready to reveal itself, but cannot understand how Greevil found out about what he did, not realizing "Mr. Verich's" true identity. Later Michael permanently ends the production of Shadow Pokémon by shutting down the Cipher Key Lair's machinery and deleting its program software. He then defeats the factory's chief, Gorigan, who reacts to his defeat by threatening to blow up the building and kill Michael in retaliation. Before he can do so, Greevil appears on the video monitor in Gorigan's office to intervene. Finally revealing that he and Mr. Verich were one and the same all along, Greevil challenges Michael to come to him on Citadark Isle, though he mocks this idea as impossible due to the constant storms around the island. While Michael makes his way to Citadark Isle using the Robo Kyogre, Greevil is seen marching past a large battalion of Cipher Peons assembled to defend the island against Michael's pending intrusion.

Greevil fortifies himself inside the facility's command center, but Michael defeats all the guards, including Ardos. He manages to hold Michael at bay by erecting a wall of glass, but Michael finds an alternate route into the command center. Growing furious that his subordinates have failed so thoroughly, Greevil sends Eldes into battle against Michael and leaves. Michael defeats Eldes and pursues Greevil into the hangar on the next floor, where Greevil decides to deal with Michael once and for all by summoning XD001, a Lugia corrupted into the ultimate Shadow Pokémon. Greevil describes XD001 as the first of a line of unpurifiable Shadow Pokémon he plans to mass produce and put into use as weapons loyal only to himself, allowing him to take over the world without having to rely on other humans. However, when Greevil sends XD001 into battle, Michael is able to defeat or snag it. Greevil then flies into a rage and personally engages Michael, utilizing a full team of six Shadow Pokémon that includes Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

Michael overcomes Greevil's team, leaving him mentally broken and unable to comprehend his defeat. Ardos arrives in the hangar and urges Greevil to kill Michael by blowing up Citadark Isle, while they leave aboard a helicopter Ardos has prepared. Greevil expresses concern at the Cipher members and research data that would be lost, which Ardos disregards, claiming that Cipher's survival is most important. Greevil agrees to the plan and apologizes to Michael, but Eldes appears and stops him, claiming that Cipher is already doomed and that Michael's victory over XD001 proves that taking over the world with Shadow Pokémon is not possible. Ardos and Eldes descend into an argument, and it comes out that they are actually Greevil's twin sons. Eldes manages to convince Greevil to stand down by appealing to his humanity, and Greevil accepts his defeat, deciding to turn himself in to the police and face punishment for his crimes.

Greevil is not seen in any further scenes after this point, although the battle against him can be replayed and the ending viewed as much as the player wishes by returning to the hangar on Citadark Isle. XD001 can be rematched until it is snagged, while Greevil's Shadow Pokémon will be replaced by ordinary Pokémon as they are snagged.



After Shadow Lugia is dealt with

After others are snagged

If a Shadow Pokémon was not snagged in the first battle, it will replace the corresponding Pokémon in this team.


For the quotes as Mr. Verich, see Mr. Verich → Quotes
Cipher Key Lair (TV monitor)
"Gorigan. That is quite enough. Accept that you have lost."
"Hohoho. We meet again. You do remember me, don't you? Yes, indeed. I am Mr. Verich. Or perhaps I should say Greevil, the Grand Master of Cipher. I must say I am taken aback. I never once imagined that you would destroy our factory. But that's not important. Even though the mass output of Shadow Pokémon has ended, our plan itself is unharmed. We have already completed XD001's final tuning. It now rests with me."
"Now, I shall prepare our final plan to activate XD001. Do you honestly think you can stop me? I shall be at Cipher's HQ. It is on Citadark Isle off the coast of Gateon Port. It is an inpregnable fortress that repels all with cruel waves and thick clouds. No one can reach it! Come if you dare. I'll enjoy waiting for you. Hohohoho!"
Citadark Isle
  • Upon first entering the dome
"Hohoho! Now this is quite a surprise. You managed to defeat Ardos. Of course, you have also beaten so many of my followers. Perhaps it's no surprise you won."
"I must say that I haven't been this excited in a long time. I do have an appreciation for the strong, you see. However, I also cannot allow your interference. My Shadow Pokémon plan is nearing completion."
"So, for the time being, I think I will have you securely out of the way right where you are now."
  • Upon re-entering the dome through B1F
"Who allowed this child to penetrate our defenses so deeply?! What is the meaning of this?! The others can't be counted on at all. I am giving you the responsibility of dealing with this child."
  • Upon entering the dome's second floor
"Hohoho. So, you have even come this far. I had no idea that a mere child like you would pursue me this long."
"Prof. Krane, Data ROMs, and the Lair… You alone derailed every one of our well-laid plans. Well, perhaps not just you. The news broadcast by ONBS did not help Cipher's cause at all. However, my Shadow Pokémon plan isn't finished yet. The final act is about to unfold. Having come this far, I think you've earned the right to know what I have planned."
"The creation of Shadow Pokémon that permanently resist purification. That was the first step. Next, I plan to create an army of Shadow Pokémon that work independently on my orders alone. When this second step is done, I will take over the world without having to rely on bothersome people. And now…"
"Let me introduce you to my faithful servant. The one that shall become the central figure in my Shadow Pokémon army."
"Come forth, XD001!"
  • Before battling Shadow Lugia
"Code name XD001… Now freed of all adjustments, I present to you Shadow Lugia! This Lugia is the first of the Shadow Pokémon that cannot be purified. Now, let us celebrate the completion of my Shadow Pokémon plan in advance! Fall prey to Shadow Lugia!"
  • If lost before to Lugia
"Hohoho! My Lugia is delighted to see new prey arrive!"
  • After dealing with Lugia, before battle
"How dare you, child! How dare you defeat/snag my Shadow Lugia! My one loyal subject! There's nothing left! But I will personally see to the total destruction of your Pokémon!"
  • After snagging Lugia, if lost before
"Hohoho! Return as often as you wish! The more you rebel, the happier my Pokémon become!"
  • Being defeated
  • After being defeated
"How… A mere child… A mere child crushed my cherished plan?"
"But… If I did that, our Shadow Pokémon data and our subordinates would be lost as well…"
"Y-You're right…"
"Y-yes… For Cipher's sake, sacrifices must be endured…"
"…Yes. It can't be helped. Don't begrudge us, child."
"Oh… Everything I did… All of it was a mistake…"
"Now, let us celebrate the completion of my Shadow Pokémon plan in advance. I will personally see to the destruction of your Pokémon."


  • Greevil's name is a combination of greedy and evil.
  • Grand Masters also exist in the Pokémon Trading Card Game game for the Game Boy, though they have a different Japanese title, グランドマスター Grand Master.
  • Four of the Pokémon used by Greevil in his rematch with Michael are used by the Cipher Admins on Citadark Isle.
  • Greevil uses the legendary birds, and Lugia is often viewed as their leader. Interestingly, the Legendary beasts and its counterpart Ho-Oh are also obtainable in Pokémon Colosseum.
  • If the player fights Greevil after purifying every Shadow Pokémon in the game, an alternate ending will play where Michael puts away the Snag Machine as he no longer needs it.
  • In Pokémon Colosseum, a resident of The Under speaks of a man who made a fortune in the city's mines that he hopes used his money for good. This originally appeared to be referring to Evice, but may have been referring all along to Greevil instead. As a result, it is unclear if Greevil always was intended to be the supreme leader of Cipher or if his rank over Evice was a retcon introduced in XD.
  • Despite being the ultimate leader of Cipher, Greevil's team is significantly lower-leveled than Evice's.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Malafid
  German Phrenos
  Italian Malvaro
  Spanish Avavil

Grand Master

Language Title
  French Grand Maître
  German Großmeister
  Italian Granmaestro
  Spanish Gran Maestro

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