Hexagon Brothers

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The Hexagon Brothers (Japanese: 六つ子ブラザーズ Sextuplet Brothers) are a team of six Cipher Peons in Pokémon XD. They are named Resix (Japanese: モノル Monol), Blusix (Japanese: ジレル Direl), Browsix (Japanese: トリル Trill), Yellosix (Japanese: テトル Tetol), Purpsix (Japanese: ペタル Petal), and Greesix (Japanese: ヘキル Hekil). They are dressed in the colors of their names, specialize in a different type of Pokémon, and have a Shadow Pokémon of the corresponding type. The types are Fire, Water, Ground, Electric, Poison, and Grass, and the Shadow Pokémon are Houndour, Spheal, Baltoy, Mareep, Gulpin, and Seedot, accordingly.

Hexagon Brothers artwork in Pokémon XD

The Hexagon Brothers have their own motto, in which they count off. However, they always mess up their counting (e.g. forgetting to count the first person, or counting an extra time after six). They appear at the Cipher Lab and at Phenac City (disguised as the "Justy Gang"). They can be rebattled at the Cipher Lab at any time.


Cipher Lab (Before Snagging)

Cipher Lab (After Snagging)

Phenac City

Cipher Lab (after visiting Citadark Isle)


Shadow Pokémon Lab
  • First visit
"We are sextuplets! We are! We are! We strike terror throughout the land! For we are the Hexagon Brothers! Sound off!"
"Sound off!"
"One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! ...wait. Eight? Now there's too many of us!"
"Hmm! Brothers, beware! There may be spies among us!"
Browsix : "One! Two! Three! Four! Five!"
Resix : "Five! ...see! What did I say again? There is someone missing! But anyway, enough. He'll return soon enough, I'm sure. What we need to do, Brothers, is this: lock and load on this suspicious kid!"
"Hey, you brat! This is no kiddie playground!"
"We've been away a while, but this here real estate's belonged to CIPHER for many a year! If you don't quit scurrying about, we'll have to tell your mommy. If you don't want that to happen, then run along home!"
"That look on your face... It says you're not about to listen and go home obediently. All right, then. I'll play with you to while away the time if you want. All right! Bring it on!"
Being defeated : "What the--? You're not supposed to be tough!"
After battle : "I guess it helped to while away some time."
Blusix : "Go on home already! Or are you maybe looking to have a battle with me?"
"Let's do it, then!"
Being defeated : "Uppity brat!"
After battle : "When I get serious, the consequences can be really bad. That's why I took it easy on you!"
Browsix : "Didn't I tell you to go home?!"
Being defeated : "Now you've done it!"
After battle : "Isn't that enough already? Go play somewhere else."
Yellosix : "We might not look it, but we are busy! But, do you want to play anyway?"
"Well, then, this is what I'll do!"
Being defeated : "I hate brats!"
After battle : "We try to look busy, but actually, we have nothing to do. It's not like we need to worry about any enemies in this desert."
Purpsix : "A little kid like you should run on home to Mommy. That's the best!"
Being defeated : "Oh, Mama, I've lost!"
After battle : "You're just a brat! Why are you so strong?"
Greesix :"We brothers are bound by brotherly love sixfold! Our solidarity is sixfold! And our food bill is sixfold, too!"
"Come on, kid. I'll take you with my sixfold power!"
Being defeated : "I feel crushing defeat sixfold!"
After battle : "This is nothing! Our brotherly love is nothing like this!"
Phenac City
"We are all Justy! We are! We are! People look up to us! For we are the Justy Gang!"
"Count off!"
"Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!"
"...that's it! Perfect! When we all look this much alike, even I, your own brother, can't tell any of us apart..."
"Everyone knows why we're here? Our job is to confound any enemies that stumble onto us here. We'll all scatter and deflect attention away from the Pre Gym. If my plan works, we may be in line for an Admin position! ...maybe."
"Brothers! May you undertake your order with pride and diligence! To your positions!"
Greesix : "I'm Justy! My fellowship is six! So there are also six Justys!"
"There are six of us, so our sense of presence is sixfold! Our appeal is sixfold, too! We're not just bit players!"
"Come on, kid. I'll take you with my sixfold power!"
Being defeated : "I feel crushing defeat sixfold!"
After battle : "You haven't seen anything of our brotherly love yet!"
Resix :"Oh! I've seen that kid before... Wasn't that at the desert Lab?"
"...No, my mistake! I'm Justy now, hahaha! I couldn't have seen him!"
"Hi, there! I'm Justy and I brawl for justice! If it's advice you need, I'm here for you, my friend! Huh? A Lab? In the desert, you say? I don't have the faintest idea. ...you don't believe me."
"You little snoop! Why can't you just let certain things slide by?"
Being defeated : "You're our worst nightmare!"
After battle : "Bleah! Don't you forget this!"
Purpsix : "You're too young to understand this, but women, they like snooty kinds of cool guys."
"So I figured by impersonating Justy, I'd be a homing beacon to the ladies, but..."
"All the women here and my comrades in arms! They all know me! There's no point in chatting them up!"
Being defeated : "Oh, Mama, I've lost!"
After battle : "You're just a kid! You're too strong for one!"
Blusix : "Yeah, I'm Justy. I'm the toughest of the toughs, and the most popular guy in all Phenac besides!"
"In other words, I look just like Justy even without putting on a disguise!"
"Look at me! I look cool like Justy, eh? Come on, I'll take you on!"
Being defeated : "Uppity brat!"
After battle : "When I get serious, the consequences could be really bad. That's why I took it easy on you!"
  • Mayor's House
Browsix : "Hey, you nitwit. There's no point having two Justys hanging around here together. Go somewhere else."
"Nonsense! For someone as elegant and gorgeous as I, only a setting this plush is worthy."
"What the... what are you looking at? You think we're putting on a show or something?"
"Humph. You're just a kid, but you're good at battling. I hate battling. I wish you'd leave me alone."
"Buzz off, already. I'm trying to project myself as a cool and intellectual Justy."
"A cool and smart guy doesn't waste his time battling. However... It's a different story when it comes to pests!"
Being defeated : "Now you've done it!"
After battle : "Haven't you had enough? Go somewhere and play."
Yellosix : "Yeah, but... I found this place first! You go find your own place."
"You... don't use that condescending tone on me. I'm older than you! And besides, we're both JUSTY now."
"But, what's been seen can be used as witness testimony. You can curse your luck, but we can't let you walk away!"
Being defeated : "I hate brats!"
After battle : "You're tough enough that I'm willing to let you become my little brother. Think it over, okay?"
Shadow Pokémon Lab
Greesix : "Eighteen!"
Resix : "Nineteen! ...Wait. Wait! Why aren't the numbers working?"
"Maybe... maybe there aren't just six of us? Hey, look there. It's that kid again."


  • Interestingly, their colors are the same as the colors of the TCG's original six Basic Energy cards, and each of their Pokémon falls into a TCG type represented by one of these types (Gulpin, however, being a Poison-type, was a Grass-type in the TCG before Diamond & Pearl).
  • Unlike the rest of the Hexagon Brothers, Greesix does not replace his Shadow Pokémon after it is snagged.
  • During Cipher's invasion of Phenac City, Greesix, Blusix, and Resix stand in the same areas that Verde, Bluno, and Rosso stood in in Colosseum.
  • Resix, Browsix, and Purpsix have a different defeated animation unlike other Cipher Peons in the game.
  • Oddly, Browsix doesn't appear to specialize in Ground-types at all, as his only Ground-type Pokémon is his Shadow Baltoy; after that, he uses Normal-type Pokémon.
  • The Hexagon Brothers are the only Cipher Peons that can be rematched after beating the game.
    • While Naps and Smarton are battled more than once, they are fought twice as part of the main storyline and after being defeated are never seen again.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Frères Hexagone
  German Hexagon-Brüder
  Italian Sestetto Iride
  Spanish Hermanos del Hexágono


Language Title
  French Sirouj
  German Rubex
  Italian Carmine
  Spanish Rosexto


Language Title
  French Sibleux
  German Azurex
  Italian Celestino
  Spanish Azusexto


Language Title
  French Sibrin
  German Kastanex
  Italian Bruno
  Spanish Narasexto


Language Title
  French Sijone
  German Flavex
  Italian Dorino
  Spanish Amasexto


Language Title
  French Siviolé
  German Purpex
  Italian Violantino
  Spanish Morasexto


Language Title
  French Sivère
  German Verdex
  Italian Verdiano
  Spanish Versexto

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