Reath (Japanese: ブレス Breath) is a Miror B.Peon. In Pokémon Colosseum, she is never seen without her partner Ferma. They are first seen in a cinema sequence with Miror B., who exits and leaves Pyrite Bldg in their guard. Wes arrives at the building and defeats Reath, snagging her shadow Remoraid in the process; he then defeats Ferma and snags her Mantine, saving Silva, who Reath and Ferma had been holding captive.

Reath and Ferma show up again in Pyrite Town's jail, Folly and Trudly having moved to separate cells nearby. Wes gets the Jail Key and steals the Elevator Key from Reath, who is lying on the cell's bed, asleep.

Once Wes has beaten Evice, all four prisoners escape. Reath and Ferma both flee to the room in Pyrite Cave where Miror B. is fought. They battle with Wes and then remain there.

Their actual status as members of Cipher is foggy; they may not know the entire plan, but only what Miror B. tells them.


First battle

Second battle

If Remoraid was not snagged during the first battle, it will replace Seaking. This battle can be repeated until Remoraid is snagged.


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Pyrite Bldg
"Darling, aren't you one of Duking's people? What made you think that you could simply waltz in here? Such a silly boy."
"Take him down? After the beating you took? That's too funny! Ahahah!"
"Ahahah! Ooh, such a feisty boy! Don't tell me we have to take your Pokémon hostage to make you settle down. Like we did with Duking."
  • Before battle
"Oh? We seem to be getting a lot of unexpected company today. But that’s no excuse for being a bad host!"
  • Being defeated
"How did that happen? Unbelievable!"
  • After being defeated
"My Pokémon couldn't muster a thing! You’re no ordinary trainer!"
"Righto, Ferma! Ultra-super fire dash!"

Pyrite Town (Jail)

(While sleeping)"Zzz...Mutter...Elevator going down..."

In other languages

Language Title
  French Cary
  German Bless
  Italian Sofia
  Spanish Rena

Members of Cipher
Grand Master: Greevil
Head: Evice
Chief Executive: Nascour
Admins: Miror B.DakimVenusEin
Commander: Exol
Other Members: BlunoVerdeRossoSkrubMirakle B.
NapsExinnHexagon BrothersZook
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