ワズル Wazuru
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Cipher Admin
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD
Member of Cipher
Rank Admin

Snattle (Japanese: ワズル Wazuru) is a major antagonist who appears Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

In the games

Snattle is a Cipher Admin whose ultimate goal is to be inserted as the Governor of Orre, presumably to grant Cipher political control over the region through him. He appears to be a very self-absorbed and egotistical man who doesn't take challengers to his authority lightly.

When XD001 dropped the S.S. Libra in the desert north of Phenac City, Snattle and a team of Cipher Peons entered the city and locked all the citizens in the basement of the Pre Gym. The Peons then dressed up as the citizens to maintain appearances and deter outside visitors while they went to the S.S. Libra to retrieve the Pokémon from the shipwreck for Shadow Pokémon transformation.

Initially arriving to find Marcia, news reporter for ONBS, Michael exposed the fake townsfolk and forced them to leave. He then found Snattle holed up in the now-abandoned Phenac Stadium, where he held Marcia hostage and tried to force her into giving him the videotapes she made on Cipher's activities. After being defeated, Snattle fled town. Michael and Snattle later had a rematch on Citadark Isle, but Snattle lost again. He continues to appear in Orre Colosseum as the final opponent of the second round. After being defeated, Snattle grows to respect Michael and grants him the title Orre's Governor Secretary Candidate, stating he will appoint him as his secretary when he becomes governor of Orre.

Snattle's Shadow Pokémon consists of Pokémon shaped like celestial bodies: Lunatone, Solrock, and Starmie. He also favors use of self-destructing attacks like Explosion in Orre Colosseum along with the use of Protect and Endure to combat it. Uniquely, he is the only opponent Michael will face that uses Shadow Sky in combination with Weather Ball, making the latter move typeless.


First battle

Second battle

Orre Colosseum battles

Snattle will use four of these Pokémon per battle.


Phenac Stadium
"For a prisoner, you're rather hard-nosed, I must say. But it just wouldn't do to have those tapes broadcast to the public. I have been promised the position of Orre's Governor by none other than Master Greevil. So, you must understand, it wouldn't do to have it be known that I have muzzled the citizens of Phenac. If that got out, imagine what harm it would bring to my pristine political record. Now, hand over the videotapes, please."
"It's so sad that you won't listen to reason. Very well, I suppose you leave me with no option…"
"Oh! You! Are you the dastardly child who won't stop fooling in our affairs?"
"Egrog! What were you doing? Get rid of this pest!"
  • After defeating Egrog, to Marcia
"Cut! Cut! If Master Greevil were to see this, he would be most displeased!"
  • Before battle, to Michael
"I have no mercy for anyone in my way, even for a child like you! You answer to me now!"
  • Being defeated
"Duh! No!"
  • After being defeated
"How is this possible?! I've never seen a child so strong! But, no matter! Surely I've bought Gorigan enough time. His precious recovery operation must be finished by now. Today, we will leave quietly. But don't you forget us!"
Citadark Isle
  • Before battle
"Mufwofwo! So, we meet again. My plan was perfect. The only problems were the utterly useless Lovrina and Gorigan, and… You. You spoiled the brilliant plan I had deviced for Phenac City. And thanks to that terrible, hard-nosed woman, I suffered the humiliation of having my worst moment broadcast all over Orre… To gain Master Greevil's forgiveness, and for me to assume my rightful postion as the Governor of Orre, I must defeat you. This time, I won't be shy about revealing to you the full extent of my power."
  • Before battle (if lost before)
"Mufwofwo! My planning is perfection. I shall be happy to battle with you as often as you wish."
  • Being defeated
"My plan! It was supposed to be perfect!"
  • After being defeated
"Urggggh! My plan! My perfect plan! Master Greevil, forgive me!"
Orre Colosseum
  • Before battle
"I haven't given up on my dream of becoming Orre's governor. Come on, let us battle again!"
  • Being defeated
"My dream! My dream of becoming Orre's governor!"
  • If the player is defeated
"I'm number one! The Orre governor's seat is mine!"
  • Post-defeat message
"In the near future, when I become the Governor of Orre, I shall appoint you as my official secretary. Let that be a motivation for you to constantly better your skills.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Vamper
  German Sif
  Italian Arpagone
  Spanish Arroganto

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