ONBS Building
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Location: Pyrite Town
Region: Orre
Generations: III
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Location of ONBS in Orre.
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ONBS (Japanese: ONBS) is a news station run by the former members of Kids Grid in Pokémon XD. Their headquarters are in Pyrite Town. It was founded by Secc and Nett and is the biggest information network in the region of Orre. The ONBS Building used to be the Pyrite Bldg in Pokémon Colosseum, but the Kids Grid cleaned up the building and sealed up the Pyrite Cave. Nett's office is located on the top of the ONBS Building. Inside of the ONBS, the player can take a girl to her mother, discovering that she is actually a talented singer. Gateon Port's own Razell and Dazell appear here, leaving Gateon Port, much to the dismay of the sailors there. They later return to the city, however. A Bonsly can also be returned here after being found on the S.S. Libra.


A typical broadcast

Right outside of the ONBS Building is a bodyguard and a Vending Machine. When one first enters the ONBS, they are greeted by Megg, the official guide and secretary. After walking down a small corridor, there will be a table. Going right will lead one to another hallway. About halfway through the hallway, there will be an automatic door, which will lead a person into a room with lockers and a bookcase. Going through the other door in the room will lead to a room with two conjoined tables, a white board, and several bookcases. If one then goes back into the hallway and keeps going right, they will find an elevator, as well as another door. Going through the door leads a person to a room with a stage and cameras.

Going through the elevator will take a person to the next floor. If one walks ahead after that, they will go into an office. If they go left, they will soon see yet another forked path. Walking to the left path will take the person to the elevator leading to the third floor. Walking down will take show on the right, a locker room with an item, and on the left, the room where news broadcasts are filmed and another basic room. At the end of the room is a door to another office.

On the third floor, there is a forked path just outside of the elevator. If one walks ahead, a basic room is shown. To the right is a healing machine, as well as two forked paths. Down the first forked path, there is yet another basic room. The other forked path is shown to the right. Going down on this forked path will lead to the storage room for sets and props. Going right on the second forked path will go to the stairs, which lead to the fourth floor, as well as a room with two bookcases.

On the fourth floor, going to the right will lead to the sealed cave which was formerly Pyrite Cave. Going left will lead to Nett's office. Inside Nett's office is a TV, as well as a table, two couches and several bookcases. Much like other buildings of Orre, there are pictures of Pokémon inside of much of the ONBS.

ONBS is invaded by Cipher when they find out that the player has given them a Data ROM to decode. Though Cipher is defeated, they still manage to reobtain the Data ROM and delete the data ONBS had copied from it.


Item Location Games
  Battle CD 24 1F, in a bookshelf in the bottom left room after clearing the Cipher Key Lair  XD 
  Ether 2F, in a locker room which is unlocked during and after Cipher's attack  XD 
  Battle CD 21 2F, in northern bookshelf in Secc's office after clearing the Cipher Key Lair  XD 
  Soothe Bell 3F, from Kandee's mother for bringing her daughter back from 2F (missable)  XD 
  Revive 3F, in the room across the elevator after meeting Nett for the first time  XD 
  HP Up 3F, in the room with a Worker during and after Cipher's attack  XD 
  Battle CD 38 3F, in a bookshelf across from the HP Up's item chest after the Snag Machine is stolen  XD 
  Battle CD 36 4F, in a bookshelf behind Nett's desk after the Snag Machine is stolen  XD 
  Bonsly Card 4F, from Bonsly's owner for finding it at one of the Poké Spots  XD 


NOTE: These Trainers only appear here during Cipher's invasion.

Trainer Pokémon
Cipher Peon Rett
シアン Sian
Reward: $720
  Carvanha Lv.18
No item
  Barboach Lv.17
No item
Cipher Peon Mocor
ギャルド Garde
Reward: $720
  Corphish Lv.18
No item
  Electrike Lv.17
No item
  Grimer Lv.18
No item
Cipher Peon Torkin
ゴルス Gorusu
Reward: $840
  Kecleon Lv.19
No item
  Surskit Lv.21
No item
No item
Cipher Peon Elox
ランダー Lander
Reward: $800
  Doduo Lv.20
No item
  Tentacool Lv.18
No item
  Chimecho Lv.20
No item
Cipher Peon Rixor
ローザード Rozado
Reward: $800
  Qwilfish Lv.19
No item
  Rhyhorn Lv.20
No item
  Chinchou Lv.20
No item
  Koffing Lv.20
No item
Cipher Peon Mesin
フェレス Feresu
Reward: $840
  Spinarak Lv.20
No item
  Beautifly Lv.19
No item
  Dustox Lv.20
No item
No item
Cipher Peon Dilly
カルティ Karuti
Reward: $840
  Gulpin Lv.19
No item
  Mareep Lv.18
No item
  Luvdisc Lv.20
No item
  Bellossom Lv.21
No item
Cipher Peon Edlos
エラン Herent
Reward: $840
  Furret Lv.19
No item
  Zigzagoon Lv.20
No item
  Togetic Lv.19
No item
  Delibird Lv.21
No item
Cipher Peon Lobar
サイアム Siam
Reward: $880
  Sneasel Lv.20
No item
  Yanma Lv.19
No item
  Misdreavus Lv.20
No item
No item
Cipher Peon Feldas
フォルス Forusu
Reward: $920
  Kadabra Lv.22
No item
  Flaaffy Lv.22
No item
  Vigoroth Lv.21
No item
Trainers with a Poké Ball by their names may be challenged for a rematch after defeating certain bosses. In a rematch they may have higher-level Pokémon, and any Shadow Pokémon previously caught will be replaced.


Game 1F 2F 3F Roof 4F


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  German ONBS
  Italian ONBS
  European Spanish ONBS

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