Pokémon HQ Lab

If you were looking for the location in Detective Pikachu with the same Japanese name, see Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory.

Pokémon HQ Lab ポケモン総合研究所
Pokémon Coordination Lab
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
HQ Lab Exterior.png
Map description: The Orre Region's top research lab that studies Pokémon comprehensively.
Location: Northwestern Orre
Region: Orre
Generations: III
Orre Pokémon HQ Lab Map.png
Location of Pokémon HQ Lab in Orre.
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Pokémon HQ Lab (Japanese: ポケモン総合研究所 Pokémon Coordination Lab) is a location in Orre found in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, northwest of most other Orre landmarks. It is the home to some of most of the important characters in the game, most notably the player character, Michael, as well as their little sister Jovi, their mother Lily, and Professor Krane.

The lab researches various aspects of Pokémon, such as their ecosystems and battling. For the latter purpose, the lab houses a Battle Simulator, where the player can experience several tutorial battles against Sim Trainers. The most notable feature of the lab, however, is the Purify Chamber, which Professor Krane created in case Shadow Pokémon were ever to resurface. This device, once completed, allows the player to purify Shadow Pokémon much more effectively than in Pokémon Colosseum. Krane also developed the Aura Reader and a new Snag Machine as tools to recognize and snag Shadow Pokémon.


Item Location Games
  P★DA Residential Wing 1F, inside the player's room  XD 
  Potion ×3 Residential Wing 1F, inside the player's room  XD 
  Antidote ×2 Exterior, behind the building  XD 
  Snag Machine Laboratory Wing 1F, inside the main lobby after returning home with Jovi from Kaminko's House  XD 
  Shadow Monitor Laboratory Wing 1F, received from Aidan after obtaining the Snag Machine  XD 
  Poké Ball ×5 Laboratory Wing 1F, received from Aidan after obtaining the Snag Machine  XD 
  Poké Ball Exterior, automatically obtained if the player has no Poké Balls in their Bag while battling Naps  XD 
  Krane Memos 1 and 2 Exterior, received from Aidan once Gateon Port is marked on the map  XD 
  Krane Memos 3, 4, and 5 Exterior, received from Aidan after getting the Machine Part from Gateon Port  XD 
  National Ribbon Laboratory Wing 1F, given to a Pokémon upon its purification  XD 
  Data ROM Exterior, retrieved from Datan after clearing out Cipher Lab  XD 
  Master Ball Secret Wing, received from Professor Krane after clearing the Cipher Key Lair  XD 
  Battle CD 33 Residential Wing 1F, in a bookshelf in the room with a female Cooltrainer and a Kirlia after saving Phenac City  XD 


Pokémon Level Rate
  Eevee 10 First


Aferd won't battle the player while Professor Krane is at Cipher Lab or while the Snag Machine is stolen.

Trainer Pokémon
Supertrainer Aferd
アスリン Asurin
Reward: $250
  Sentret Lv.5
No item
Supertrainer Aferd
アスリン Asurin
Reward: $1,700
After arriving at Pyrite Town
  Furret Lv.17
No item
  Hoothoot Lv.17
No item
Supertrainer Aferd
アスリン Asurin
Reward: $1,800
Once Cave Poké Spot is marked on map
  Furret Lv.18
No item
  Hoothoot Lv.18
No item
  Nincada Lv.18
No item
Supertrainer Aferd
アスリン Asurin
Reward: $2,800
After defeating Gonzap
  Furret Lv.28
No item
  Noctowl Lv.28
No item
  Ninjask Lv.28
No item
  Shedinja Lv.28
No item
Supertrainer Aferd
アスリン Asurin
Reward: $5,000
After defeating Greevil
  Furret Lv.50
No item
  Noctowl Lv.50
No item
  Ninjask Lv.50
No item
  Shedinja Lv.50
No item
Trainers with a Poké Ball by their names may be challenged for a rematch after defeating certain bosses. In a rematch they may have higher-level Pokémon, and any Shadow Pokémon previously caught will be replaced.

After obtaining the Snag Machine

After defeating Greevil

Battle Sims

Main article: Battle Sims → Pokémon HQ Lab Battle Sims


Exterior, Secret Wing, and 1F

Game Exterior Secret Wing Laboratory Wing 1F Residential Wing 1F


Game Laboratory Wing 2F Residential Wing 2F


  • A Kecleon is hiding on the table close to where Adon is hiding.
  • Early in the game, the player can talk to the receptionist in the east wing about previous Shadow Pokémon incidents; there is a typographical error in one of her explanations, with two dots ("..") appearing where an ellipsis ("...") would be expected.
  • The player's Eevee starts with 1,250 Experience Points.

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Laboratoire Pokémon
  German Pokémon-Hauptlabor
  Italian Istituto Pokémon
  European Spanish Laboratorio Pokémon

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