Lily (XD)

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リリア Lilia
Lily as seen in Pokémon XD
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Relatives Michael, Jovi, unnamed husband (deceased)
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD

Lily (Japanese: リリア Lilia) is the mother of the main character, Michael, in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Lily in Pokémon XD

She lives at Professor Krane's lab with her two children, Michael and his younger sister Jovi.

Lily works at the Pokémon HQ Lab in Orre. While there, she works on one of the main projects, the Purify Chamber. At the start of the game, she will send the player to find Jovi, who's run off to Kaminko's House. After Jovi is found, Lily sends Michael and Jovi to Gateon Port to get the Machine Part to finish the machine. After Professor Krane is kidnapped by Naps, she pushes to finish the Purify Chamber. After the chamber is finished, she will remain in the room supporting the chamber for the remainder of the game.

According to an NPC, Lily was considered to be a very popular student in the past, and many boys competed to impress her, including Professor Krane and the man who would eventually win her heart and become Michael's father.


Pokémon HQ Lab
  • Starting the game
"Hi, <player>. Have you finished training? <player>, this is the Director's Office. Did you want to pay a visit to Prof. Krane?"
"But... I wish everyone wouldn't drown them with such gushing praise all the time. My son and daughter will become spoiled rotten."
"By the way, I don't think I've seen Jovi since lunchtime. <player>, I hate to bother you, but could you go find Jovi for me? <player>, I think you already know, but several research projects are in their critical phases in this Lab."
"That's why your mother can't afford to take any time off right this instant. So please, honey, will you go find Jovi for me?"
No: "Oh, don't be so rebellious. Please, will you go find Jovi?"
"Thank you. I'm counting on you. I don't think she could have wandered off too far, but just in case, check outside, too."
"Jovi's been so rambunctious lately... She's such a spirited girl. She thinks that she can do everything that you can, <player>. Even though, of course, she's still just a baby. I don't think she's wandered off too far, but please find her, <player>."
  • Returning with Jovi
"Oh, Jovi! Haven't I told you not to wander away by yourself?"
"Oh, my, my! Jovi, you are such a brave and resourceful girl! But that's quite enough for today. Besides, Adon must be tired of waiting for you."
"<player>, thanks for finding Jovi for me. Oh, yes. Prof. Krane wanted yo see you, <player>. Go see him right away, please."
  • After Prof. Krane is kidnapped
"Don't cry, Jovi. I'm sure Prof. Krane will be okay."
"Prof. Krane predicted that someone will again try making Shadow Pokémon. His prediction was on the mark."
"Let's complete it! We'll finish the Purify Chamber ourselves!"
"You're on the verge of finishing! This isn't the time to feel sorry for yourself. The Purify Chamber project got this far not just because Prof. Krane was here. We got here because we all worked as a team. Having come this far, it would be wrong to stop now. Our pride as scientists is on the line. Let's finish the project as one! Things will get very busy around here! I'll go upstairs and check how the data processing is progressing."
  • Datan's office
"This basic data should be fine now. Keep going with it."
"<player>, you came at the right time. May I get you to run an errand for me in Gateon Port? We've ordered a special Machine Part for the Purify Chamber from the Parts Shop."
"Gateon Port is due south from here. It's not far, but be careful."
"Jovi, I appreciate your offer. I know you want to help. But, it's an important component... ...okay. Jovi, you're a member of the Lab's staff, too. You may go if you take <player> with you. Dear, would you mind going with Jovi?"
"<player>, JOVI, both of you, be very careful, please."
  • Returning to the Pokémon HQ Lab
"Welcome back, <player>. Was Jovi well behaved?"
"Oh, no! Really?! ...I'll get the details later. What about the Machine Part?"
"Thank you. With this component, we can get down to the finishing touches on the Purify Chamber. I should take this down to the Purify Chamber on the ground floor now."
"Jovi, are you sure? Don't drop it."
"<player>, how is your Shadow Pokémon doing?"
"Purification progresses if a Shadow Pokémon spends time together with its Trainer. Has the Heart Gauge fallen to zero? No? Oh. But by the time the Purify Chamber is completed, the Heart Gauge should be down to zero. If the Heart Gauge has fallen to zero, that Shadow Pokémon is ready to open its heart. But that alone isn't enough. To complete the process, the Pokémon needs to go through a purification ceremony. It's basically a ritual for it to return to its natural state."
"If the Purify Chamber were ready, it could go through the ceremony there, but... It looks like we'll need a little more time to get finished."
"Because of that, I think your Shadow Pokémon should go through the purification ceremony using a different process. There is a village called Agate Village. In the village is the Relic Stone which has the power to restore Shadow Pokémon to their natural state. It worries me to send you to such a far-off place by yourself, dear. But I also think it's something that only you can do. Well, dear? Will you go to Agate Village? Thank you. You know, <player>, I'm so proud of how you're becoming more and more dependable."
"Agate is southeast from here, but it's not very close. Go see a man named Eagun there."
"The Relic Stone, which is used for the purification ceremony, is under the care of a man named Eagun."
"I will get in touch with him so that he knows you're coming, <player>. I will do my best to get the Purify Chamber finished while you're gone. Please be careful, <player>."
  • When Prof. Krane returns
"Oh, my! Let's!"
  • Purify Chamber
"Oh, yes, I've asked Datan to analyze the contents of that Data ROM. It should be ready soon. <player>, could you go upstairs and ask Datan how he's doing? Datan is the man in the room next to the Director's office. Remember? He was compiling the basic data."
"Oh, Jovi, it's okay! This is for work!"
"Oh, Jovi. There's no stopping you. Please, <player>. Go ask Datan how he's doing in his office upstairs."

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Lily
  German Yolanda
  Italian Lily
  European Spanish Magda

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