Adon in XD

Adon (Japanese: ハイド Hide) is a minor character in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He plays a role in the start of the game, where he is playing hide-and-seek with Michael's sister Jovi. He helps Michael discover where Jovi is: Dr. Kaminko's house. Upon returning from finding Jovi, he's asleep. When Michael gives a closer inspection, he makes an observation that Jovi had attempted to put makeup on his face.


"Wah! You startled me! Oh, hi, it's you, <player>. It's me, Adon."
"You're looking for Jovi? We're supposed to be playing hide-and-seek right now, but isn't she around anywhere? Well, maybe she's gone off to Dr. Kaminko's manor."
"It's a big, weird house southeast of here."
"Jovi's "it" in our game of hide-and-seek. I wish she'd find me soon. My back is starting to hurt."

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Gwendal
  German Karl
  Italian Adon
  European Spanish Adon

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