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マナ Mana
Jovi XD.png
Jovi, as seen in Pokémon XD
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Relatives Michael (brother), Lily (mom)
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD

Jovi (Japanese: マナ Mana) is the younger sister of Michael, the protagonist of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, and the daughter of Lily.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Jovi often refers to herself in the third-person and can also be condescending towards her brother at times, such as when Michael comes to find her at Kaminko's manor and bring her back to the lab, only for Jovi to claim that Michael is the one who's lost and needs her to get back home.

In the beginning of the game, Jovi is playing hide-and-seek with a man named Adon. However, Jovi seems to forget and runs away to Dr. Kaminko's house at the beginning. After Michael defeats Chobin, he goes inside the doctor's manor and Jovi will join Michael's party.

When Michael and Jovi get back to the Pokémon Lab, Professor Krane is kidnapped. The scientists still want to build the Purify Chamber. Michael and Jovi head to Gateon Port to get a machine part.

At Gateon Port, Jovi bumps into Zook. Zook then threatens her with his Shadow Zangoose, but Mr. Verich tells one of his bodyguards to protect the girl. Ardos KOs the Zangoose with his Alakazam.

Jovi leaves after Michael returns to the Pokémon Lab with the Machine Part. She'll take it and bring it to her mom. Afterwards Jovi will stay in the lab and play with her Pokémon for the rest of the game.




Kaminko's House
"Oh! Big brother! What are you doing here?"
"Oh! Jovi gets it! Big brother, you got lost, didn't you?"
"Uh-uh-uh! There's no hiding stuff from Jovi! Because Jovi knows!"
"This big house is Dr. Kaminko's. Dr. Kaminko's job is to make incredible inventions. There's a whole bunch of neat machines like they have at the Pokémon HQ Lab. You should come in too, big brother."
"Hi, Doctor! What kind of funny machine are you making this time? Jovi wants to know."
"...Huh? Are you going home already, big brother? But you just got here! Oh... Jovi gets it! Jovi has to show you how to go home, right? Okay! That's what Jovi will do! Jovi will take you home! Mimi! Let's go home with big brother!"
"Okay! Let's move out! Jovi will visit again, Doctor! Bye-bye!"
"That's how Dr. Kaminko is all the time. Chobin said that a genius has different sensibilities from ordinary people. Does "sensibilities" mean you're kind of absentminded and in a fog? Don't people say Prof. Krane is a genius?"
"Jovi will take big brother home today, so Jovi has to go, too! Bye-bye! Next time Jovi comes, please let Jovi try these googly glasses! Promise!"
"What is it? What is it? E-mail from the Professor? He wants you to come home quickly?"
"Jovi is worried about letting you go by yourself, big brother. So Jovi will go home, too! Let's go right now!"
Pokémon HQ Lab
"Oh, hi, Mommy!"
"No, Mommy, you don't understand! Big brother was lost, so Jovi brought him here! If Jovi weren't there, Jovi bets he'd be crying by now saying he can't go home! Right, big brother?"
"Oh, my gosh! I was in the middle of hide-and-seek! Okay, big brother, I'll see you later! Bye-bye!"
  • After Prof. Krane is kidnapped
"Waaah! They took the Professor away! Sniff..."
"Sniff... Jovi hopes the Professor is okay... Jovi hopes he isn't hurt... Will he wait until Jovi gets bigger and goes to rescue him?"
"Jovi knows the Parts Shop! It's next door to Emili's house!"
"Mommy, can Jovi go? Jovi wants to help everyone!"
"Okay, Mommy! Big brother is Jovi's assistant! You have to listen to Jovi, big brother! Off we go to Gateon Port!"
"Jovi is on an important trip to Gateon Port! Big brother is Jovi's assistant!"
Gateon Port
"Wow, big brother! Look, look! It's the sea! The sea! It's so big!"
"Listen, listen! The Parts Shop is over there! Hurry, big brother! This way, this way!"
"Ouchies! Jovi fell down!"
"Oh, sorry! Jovi is sorry! It wasn't on purpose!"
"Uh... thank you!"
"Oh! Emili and Acri!"
"Yup, strong people helped us. Big brother was there, too, so nothing bad happened. Jovi came here on an important visit. Big brother is Jovi's assistant today!"
"Yup. See you, Emili!"
"Umm... big brother can't run errands by himself without Jovi, so Jovi might not be able to play for a while."
"Bridge repair? That bridge over the sea? That bridge moves when you step on a button in the middle."
  • Krabby Klub
"Thank you, Mr. Cool Man. Jovi thanks you for saving Jovi earlier."
  • Parts Shop
"You're so lucky, big brother! Jovi wants something, too!"
"Wrong! Today, we went to Gateon Port on a very important job. Big brother is Jovi's assistant!"
Pokémon HQ Lab
"We ran the errand like you wanted, Mommy. A bad guy tried to stop us, but a nice person helped us!"
"Oh! Jovi will take it!"
"Jovi can do it!"
"The Purify Chamber was very pretty, with things spinning around."
"Jovi wishes she could ride, too. Will the Professor let Jovi go on it if Jovi asks nicely?"
"Big brother's tired, so Jovi will go!"
  • Datan's office
"Oh? Isn't Datan the man who's always fooling around with his computer here?"
"This is strange. Jovi wonders where he went."
Kaminko's House
  • Jovi's Random Diary 1
"Top secret!"
"The Pokémon HQ Lab has a secret room somewhere."
"It doesn't look like anybody knows where it is. Jovi will find it first and make it a secret base!"
  • Jovi's Random Diary 2
"The robots under this room are made to look like a red Pokemon and a blue one."
"And they're supposed to work!"
"But Jovi's not sure if that's true."
"Because Chobin says that Jovi can't take a ride."
"Jovi bets Chobin won't let Jovi take a ride because they don't work."
"Chobin's a cheapskate!"
  • Jovi's Random Diary 3
"(This entry is written in a different style than Jovi's.)"
"Robo Groudon is splendorous!"
"No making fun of its greatness!"
  • Jovi's Random Diary 4
"This is Jovi's diary!"
"Chobin's not allowed to write in this!"
  • Jovi's Random Diary 5
"Kandee's a good singer, and she's really pretty."
"Jovi wishes Jovi could be a star like that, too."
"Jovi knows! Jovi will get big brother to take me to ONBS!"
"When people at ONBS see Jovi, they'll try to recruit Jovi for sure."
"When is big brother coming home?"
  • Jovi's Random Diary 6
"Big brother seems to be relaxed."
"Jovi thinks the adventure is not so hard anymore."
"Maybe it's Jovi's turn for adventure."
"Jovi should ask Mommy."

In other languages

Language Title
  French Lilas
  German Sina
  Italian Giovi
  Spanish Zulita

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