Fateen (Japanese: ビーディ Beedy) is an old woman who runs a fortunetelling business at the very entrance of Pyrite Town in Orre. She does this by scrying in a crystal ball in order to give advice to others and tell their fortunes. She is known as the "Mother of Pyrite Town". She gets almost as much respect from the town's citizens as Duking. Everyone in town knows her and has asked for her advice at one time or another. Many Pokémon Trainers ask her if they will win battles or tournaments; others ask about romance.

Fateen in Colosseum

Although Fateen appears at first the stereotypical trickster, she does possess actual psychic talent. She is the one who gives Wes and Rui the first clue about how to purify Shadow Pokémon and directs them to Agate Village. Furthermore, she later points them in the direction of The Under. She may also be approached many times throughout the game in order to receive clues as to what to do next that are from what she sees in the crystal ball.

Fateen appears again in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, this time playing no role other than giving Michael clues as to where to go next. Once 82 Shadow Pokémon have been snagged, Fateen will exclaim that there is "something beyond even [her] sight", which she can only describe as "[a]n immense round thing" "[a]top a lighthouse".


Pokémon Colosseum

  • First visit
"Find what you seek, be it an object, person, or luck. Welcome to Fateen's Fortune-Telling Chamber."
"You appear to be outsiders. You had best beware. There are many ne'er-do-well sorts here. Whatever your problem may be, my fortune-telling shall lead to the solution. Fwofwofwo."
  • Second visit
"Fwofwofwo. You seek what is missing before you enter the Colosseum, yes? Or, have you sought me to have your fortune read?"
Yes: "However, you've come at a most inconvenient time. I am busy with this customer, as you can see. This time, you must find what you seek yourself. Fwofwofwo."
No: "Good, good, that's the spirit. I'll leave you to your own devices to find what you seek. Fwofwofwo."
  • After winning at Pyrite Colosseum
"My. I see you've found what you sought without my help. Well done!"
  • After defeating Miror B.
"Ahhhhh... I might be imaging it, but the town's air feels somewhat less dirty. But not all is well. I can feel the presence of black auras coming from Shadow Pokémon."
"There is but nothing that elude the notice of my fortune-telling. Fwofwofwo. The key to freeing Pokémon from that black aura... It is in the north."
"Fwofwofwo. That being north may be no more coincidence. Your answer may be there."
  • Before visiting Agate Village
"Have you visited Agate Village?"
Yes: "Agate is now home to many former trainers who were skilled in their heyday. Come to think of it... A man once considered the mythical trainer now lives there."
No: "Agate is now home to many former trainers who were skilled in their heyday. It is best to confer with the experts when it comes to Pokémon."
  • After defeating Dakim
"I see... I see it... Deep under the ground... A swirling black cloud... I see it clearly! That black whirlpool of smoke is a new enemy. Go with caution. This one won't be easy."

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

  • First visit
"Find what you seek, be it an object, person, or luck. Welcome to Fateen's Fortune-Telling Chamber."
"I am Fateen. If ever a problem clouds your brow, you shall come to me. Mr. Duking, this town's leader, took my fortune-telling to heart. He searched high and low for the wild Pokémon I had foretold. His search has been rewarded. He appears to have found several locations where wild Pokémon appear."

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Mira
  German Divina
  Italian Fransin
  European Spanish Fortunata

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