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チョビン Chobin
Chobin XD.png
Art from Pokémon XD
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Kaminko Aide,
Robo Groudon
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD

Chobin (Japanese: チョビン Chobin) is the eager assistant of Dr. Kaminko in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Chobin speaks very highly of Dr. Kaminko and takes great pride in being his assistant, even though he is perfectly aware of the lack of practicality and ill effects of Kaminko's many questionable inventions. He also has a tendency to battle anyone who steps foot on Dr. Kaminko's property, including Michael, as he mistakes them for robbers. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer classes Kaminko Aide (Japanese: カミンコの助手 Kaminko's Assistant) and Robo Groudon (Japanese: メカ・グラードン Mecha Groudon).

He is first battled upon arriving at Kaminko's House to get Jovi, then battled a second time following Professor Krane's abduction. Later in the game, Chobin picks a third fight with Michael when he arrives to find Makan and get an upgrade for his scooter. After being defeated, Chobin summons one of Dr. Kaminko's inventions, the Robo Groudon, and continues the battle. He continues to use the Robo Groudon in all later rematches, including those in Orre Colosseum, though this bears no impact on his actual skills as a Trainer.

At the Orre Colosseum, Chobin's strategy involves using status moves to increase his Pokémon's stats such as Swords Dance and Psych Up in conjunction with Speed Boost, ending with a Baton Pass to transfer the increased stats to an ally with powerful attacking moves.


First battle

Second battle (optional)

Third battle

Fourth battle

Fifth battle (optional)

Sixth battle (optional)

Orre Colosseum battles

Chobin will use four of these Pokémon per battle:


Kaminko's House
  • Outside
"Wait! Who goes there?! You must be a burglar! Chobin will put you straight! Don't you move!"
"Chobin is the name! And Chobin is the number-one assistant to Dr. Kaminko! Chobin is the only assistant, so Chobin has to be the number-one assistant!"
  • After battle
"You've made Chobin angry now! Even though Chobin lost, you're still not going past Chobin!"
"Huh? Closer observation reveals that the subject is a child. Ergo, the subject is not a burglar! Ahaha! Chobin wishes you spoke up right away. You're <player>? Chobin apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion."
"<player>, you are that girl's younger brother? Sometimes she comes here."
"She wanders around everywhere. Chobin finds it hard keeping an eye on her so that she does not bother the Doctor. Oh, yes! <player>, you will have a look at Dr. Kaminko's inventions? You will, yes? Okay, this way, please! Follow Chobin!"
  • Inside
"Okay! Chobin will now show you the inventions of the inestimable Dr. Kaminko."
"Dr. Kaminko's inventions, it needs to be said, are number one in the world. Chobin is full of admiration!"
"Oh? Why does Chobin know that they are number one worldwide? That needs explaining? In the whole wide world, no one but Dr. Kaminko would invent such inventions! Therefore, they are number one in the world without question! Our Dr. Kaminko, who is verily great, is inventing in that room there."
"Uh-oh! That girl is at Dr. Kaminko's side again! Chobin hopes she is causing no disturbance."
"Anyway, let Chobin acquaint you with just some of Dr. Kaminko's greatest inventions. Let the VCR roll!"
"Ahaha! Incredible, is it not? There is much more than that, too."
"The Doctor's inventions, which are fantastic, can be seen on this monitor. Chobin gives you permission to use this anytime you like."
"Chobin cannot possibly make that sort of promise. She is your sister? Do something about her, please. She never listens to what Chobin says, ever."
Second visit
"Wait! Who goes there?!"
"You must be another burglar! Chobin will put you straight! Don't you move! Chobin is the name! And Chobin is the number-one assistant to Dr. Kaminko!"
"Chobin is still the only assistant, so Chobin has to be the number-one assistant!"
  • Being defeated
"Chobin lost! Chobin lost!"
  • After battle
"Huh? Oh, you're that boy from before?! Chobin wishes you spoke up right away."
"Is that so. But you being here in person now, do have a look at Dr. Kaminko's inventions. You may say anything, but Dr. Kaminko's inventions are number one in the whole wide world! Chobin is full of admiration! The Doctor's inventions, which are quite fantastic, Chobin here has compiled and edited. The video can be viewed anytime on the monitor in the entrance. Stop by and look."
"Well? You may say anything, but Dr. Kaminko's inventions are number one in the whole wide world!"
"Th-these are strictly off-limits. Chobin cannot function without them. Extremely, absolutely not."
Looking for Makan
"Wait! Who goes there?!"
"You must be yet another burglar! Why are there so many burglars? Chobin will put you straight! Don't you move!"
"Chobin am I! And Chobin is the number-one assistant to Dr. Kaminko! Chobin is still the only assistant, so Chobin has to be the number-one assistant!"
  • Being defeated
"Chobin lost! Chobin lost! Chobin lost!"
  • Chobin battle
"Chobin lost! Oh, this is devastating to Chobin! Chobin demands a rematch!"
"Oh! Dr. Kaminko! Chobin was trying to teach this burglar a lesson..."
"Doctor, you don't mean... it?"
"Chobin understands! It, it is! You wait! You are going to get it!"
  • Before battling Robo Groudon
"Gawoooh! This is who you battle! You've been warned!"
  • Being defeated
"Chobin lost! Lost with Robo Kyogre! Chobin lost!"
  • After battle
"Huh? Oh! On closer inspection... it's <player>! A while it's been!"
"Hah? We're dropping development of the Robo Kyogre?"
"Doctor, wait! Please, Chobin would like to keep the Robo Kyogre at least."
"Sigh... After all we did to bring it so close to completion..."
"Chobin wants to know what brought you here today. ...Chobin sees, you wanted to see the Parts Shop man."
"Makan is in the manor. Chobin suggests you go in and have a look. In the meantime, Chobin must put away the Robo Kyogre... Oh, yes! <player>, Chobin would like your P★DA number, if you will be so kind. Chobin will modify the Robo Kyogre. Chobin would like a rematch when the work is done."
"Hello, Chobin needs your help! Do something about that little girl, please."
"She keeps taking things from the manor and hiding them under Chobin's room."
"Of course, the things she takes are not needed, so that in itself is not a problem for Chobin. But that space is open to below, so it could be dangerous if anything were to fall. Chobin asks if you would say something to her. However, Chobin realizes perhaps she is not likely to listen to you anyway. Oh, yes. May Chobin ask if you would inspect the Crane Room on occasion from now on? Oh! Wow, you're a livesaver! Chobin is no friend of high places. If you find anything, Chobin won't know if you took it, so take it. But don't take Chobin's treasures! Okay, <player>, Chobin is counting on you."
After the scooter is converted
"Wait! Who goes there?! "
"And yet another burglar! Chobin will put you straight! Don't you move!"
"Chobin is the name! And Chobin is the number-one assistant to Dr. Kaminko! Chobin is forever the only assistant, so Chobin has to be the number-one assistant!"
"Huh? Oh, it's you, <player>."
"Is it possible that you came for a battle with my Robo Groudon? Chobin sadly must announce that the modification work is not yet done. Chobin suggests you curb your enthusiasm. An E-Mail will be sent when Robo Groudon is ready, so wait for that eagerly."
Orre Colosseum
  • Before battle
"Chobin attack! Gawrooooar!"
  • Being defeated
"Chobin lost!"
  • If the player is defeated
"Chobin did it! Chobin won!"
  • Post-defeat message
"<Player>! Chobin admits defeat! Even Chobin's Robo Groudon could not defeat <player>! So Chobin wishes to confer on you a very special title. It is "Defeater of Chobin!" What do you think? Chobin thinks it is a very enriching title you would be proud to say. Chobin is certain that you will like it.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Darius
  German Calvin
  Italian Ugo
  Spanish Asisto

Kaminko Aide

Language Title
  French Ass. Barjok
  German Abakus-Assi.
  Italian AiutoKaminko
  Spanish Adte. Mecán

Robo Groudon

Language Title
  French Robo-Groudon
  German Robo-Groudon
  Italian Groudon Robot
  Spanish Robo Groudon

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