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Officer Johnson (Japanese: ユイト Yuito) is a bumbling and hyperactive though determined police officer who patrols Pyrite Town. Despite his efforts, he is not very bright or effective, which probably accounts for the levels of crime in Pyrite Town. He often ends his sentences with the word "Pow".

Throughout the Shadow Pokémon incident in Orre, he was even more high strung. Officer Johnson would dash into the Police Station, usually smacking into Wes and Rui while they discussed some urgent matter with Chief Sherles. Johnson would then proceed to tell Wes, Rui, and the Chief something they already knew.

Chief Sherles finally put Johnson on a job he couldn't possibly screw up: all he had to do was guard the Cipher members that Duking arrested. After they escaped, Johnson was offended.

In Pokémon XD, Johnson is still obsessing over his duty and his plan to get Chief Sherles's position which doesn't go well. Johnson was supposed to keep an eye on a Chaser and a Team Snagem Member locked up in the jail cells, but fails his task, resulting in the Team Snagem member escaping the cell. Sherles, being done letting Johnson mess things up, he locked him up in a cell as his punishment. Johnson has not left the cell since. No matter how much he begs Sherles to let him out, Sherles ignores him.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Clément
Germany Flag.png German Pierrot
Italy Flag.png Italian Assistente
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Roque

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