Officer Johnson

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Officer Johnson
ユイト Yuito
Officer Johnson.png
Officer Johnson in Colosseum
Gender Male
Hometown Pyrite Town
Region Orre
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Officer Johnson (Japanese: ユイト Yuito) is a bumbling and hyperactive though determined police officer who patrols Pyrite Town, under the command of Chief Sherles. Despite his efforts, he is not very bright or effective, and he often ends his sentences with the word "Pow".

Throughout the Shadow Pokémon incident in Orre, Officer Johnson would dash into the Police Station, usually smacking into Wes and Rui while they discussed some urgent matter with Chief Sherles. Johnson would then proceed to tell Wes, Rui, and the Chief something they already knew.

During the events of the game, Chief Sherles eventually puts Johnson to guard the Cipher members that Duking arrested. However, they manage to escape when Johnson is not paying attention.

In Pokémon XD, Johnson is still obsessing over his duty and his plan to get Chief Sherles's position which doesn't go well. Johnson was supposed to keep an eye on a Chaser and a Team Snagem Member locked up in the jail cells, but fails his task, resulting in the Team Snagem member escaping the cell. Sherles, being done letting Johnson mess things up, locked him up in a cell as his punishment. Johnson has not left the cell since. No matter how much he begs Sherles to let him out, Sherles ignores him.


Pokémon Colosseum

Pyrite Town
  • Talking to Cail
"That better be true, Cail. If you're trying to con me, I'll know about it!"
"All right, fine. I'll let you off easy today. See you!"
  • Pyrite Jail
"I'm Johnson. I'm the law around here. It's my job to uphold the peace in this town!"
  • Windmill Shed
"Huh?! But isn't Silva Duking's trusted lieutenant? What's his motive for doing this?"
  • After defeating Miror B.
"Owowowow... I'm sorry, Chief. But there's big news! You see, Chief, Miror B. and his underlings have left the town... ...Huh? Chief? ...You're not the Chief... I beg your pardon!"
"Oh! Oh, Chief, there you are! You're such a kidder! Ahaha."
"I'm pretty sure that Miror B. hightailed it out of fear of me."
  • After defeating Dakim
"Owowowow... I'm sorry, Chief. But there's big news! You see, Chief, there's talk that there's a mysterious syndicate poised to take over the world... ...Huh? Chief? ...You're not the Chief... I beg your pardon!"
"Oh! Oh, Chief, there you are! You're such a kidder! Ahaha."
"I wonder what exactly this mysterious syndicate is... Oh! If we knew that, then it wouldn't be much of a mystery, now, would it? Ahaha."
  • After Reath and Ferma are arrested
"Listen, listen! Chief Sherles and I, we caught two more suspects!"
"They came back to that creaky old building, and we nabbed them on the spot. Ehehe."

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Pyrite Town
"All right, then! What have we here? What have we here? Well, if it isn't Trudly and Folly! What do you think you're up to?"
"Now don't you lie to me! I know about the likes of you. You're up to no good, aren't you?"
"No, no, no! That doesn't wash with me, no sir, it doesn't! I won't have you lot walking around the streets as if you owned the place!"
"Those two that just ran off--they're named Folly and Trudly. They once belonged to Cipher, but just as mere grunts."
"Back in those days, they wreaked havoc as if they owned the place. But I caught up with them and put them straight! I cut quite the dashing figure, don't I? It's my job to uphold the peace in Pyrite! Pow!"
  • After Cipher attack ONBS
"Ohh... Am I in trouble... I was distracted for just a minute, and a prisoner gave me the slip and escaped."
"The Chief will be furious with me, yet again... Pow."

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Clément
  German Pierrot
  Italian Assistente
  European Spanish Roque

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