Infin (Japanese: ムゲンサイ Mugensai) is the Mt.BtlMaster of the Mt. Battle VS. 100 Single Battle Battle Mode in Pokémon Colosseum.

As per the rules of the Mt. Battle VS. 100, Infin's levels are fought on an Open Level scheme, where his Pokémon's levels match that of the player's highest-leveled Pokémon but do not go below level 50.


Mt. Battle

Orre Colosseum


Mt. Battle
  • Before battle
"Oh, good job! So good of you to come! Let me show you a battle of mythical proportions!"
  • Being defeated
"You've become a new legend!"
  • If the player is defeated
"You've some way to go before thinking about making any legends of your own."
Orre Colosseum
  • Before battle
"I am your opponent! Are you prepared for your fate?"
  • Being defeated
"What astounding power! Fantastic!"
  • If the player is defeated
"Hmm... Unhappily for you, defeating me was too much of a task."


  • Infin's name is the first part of a pun on the word "infinity." His Double Battle counterpart, Inity, completes the pun.

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Akronus
  German Murgol
  Italian Ernesto
  European Spanish Gerardo

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